1. Gleekzorp

    Switching off head lights (or: where is this instrument panel connector)

    Hi all, On my 2016 Roadster I'd like to put a switch in the head lights ground wire, to be able to completely switch them off (instead of pulling the fuse every time using Tuneecu). Studying the wiring diagram, it must be the Black wire on pin 10 of the instrument panel connector. But: where do...
  2. Russ Penner

    2012 RR3 Randomly blowing ignition fuse #2

    Sure could use some advice trouble shooting fuse #2. I have blown this 15 amp fuse on back-to-back rides last week; both times after about 20 minutes of mixed street/hwy riding and both times while waiting at a signal light. After replacing the fuse, I continued the ride home for another...
  3. RazMan

    Fuel gauge wiring

    As part of my new Koso RXF install, I am trying to figure out the fuel gauge part and which wire is the right one to get the level reading from. As far as I can tell, the wires go as follows: RU = +12V GR = ? B = Earth BG = ? So which one is it - BG or GR ? Any help appreciated as always.
  4. Antek

    Rear brake light wiring, which one?

    Folks, anyone know which of the three wires going to the rear light is for the brake light? I took a volt meter yesterday and found the black center to be the negative wire no problem, and I believe the yellow wire to be the running rear light, however the green wire which I’d gue to be the...
  5. DarkRocket

    side stand switch wiring

    A strange thing indeed. My side stand switch has been occasionally playing up, so I have decided to by pass it. You can't take the old switch off without cutting the cable which isn't really a problem as it is defective anyway. Also, you have to take the side stand itself off and the rubber...
  6. ps915

    2014 R3 Touring battery reinstallation

    Having successfully removed the battery and trickled charged it for 2 continuous days , I am now under confusion regarding wiring . There are two black wires along with earthing cable that connect to negative terminal and a red wire plug that connects to the positive terminal along with earthing...
  7. leatal

    Regulator wiring question

    Looking at making an extension harness for the regulator so I can install a series regulator beneath the engine (next to the starter). Does anyone know what gauge wire is used in the five wires going to/from the regulator? Thanks. .
  8. R3 2004 clock wiring

    Hi there I am new to all this but wondered if anyone can help I have a 2004 roadster I have changed my clocks to a koso clock I have completed most of the wiring but I struggling with a couple of connection to finish off 1.fuel light 2.temp light 3.rev counter Does anyone know what colour the...
  9. Lanivdw

    R3T Turn Signal Wiring

    On a R3T what is the wiring colour for Front Left and Right turn signals. I have Green/White and Green/Red wired.
  10. cootertwo

    Wiring Nightmare

    Hi all, I'm still trying to get my wrecked 2013 engine running. Ignition switch and some other items were severed in the crash. I've done hours of searching here. Anyone have advice as to which wires to connect at the ignition harness? And do I need to have the tip sensor plugged in? I can get...
  11. cootertwo

    Wiring Goodies!

    Wozers, got some good stuff from Amazon. Will make up a headlight by-pass, among other things. Just whipped me up a Homer simpson Bevertail bypass! Separated the two terminals of the headlight fuse. Now the one side that comes from the ignition switch, goes to one side of the closing relay coil...
  12. cootertwo

    Wiring... YUCK

    Hi all. I've been trying to fire up my latest acquisition, the wrecked 2013 I bought. I wanted to make it run, before I store it away. Problem is, a lot of stuff is missing. Can't find the tip over switch, but from what I've read, it can be disconnected, and not effect anything? No voltage...
  13. Wiring diagram

    Can anyone show me the wiring diagram for a 2016 roadster? I've looked at the ones in the threads but only found older ones. Having issues with turn signal switch. Has 4 wires going to it. Touring doesn't have a relay and classic has 3 wires.
  14. Doc Roc

    Wiring diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 2007 Roadster as I have a workshop manual for my 05 with a diagram but I have purchased an instrument loom for an 07 which has some wire colours that do not match my diagram [yellow and Grey]
  15. Main wiring harness removal

    2011 Roadster. Working on the removal of the main wiring harness that runs on the right side. It appears there is no disconnect between this harness and the two gauges. Is this really the case? Are there disconnect plugs within the gauges? Hard to imagine they are permanently attached to the...
  16. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Wiring loom

    Hi. Would any of you knowledgeable rocketeers know if a 2015 wiring loom would fit our 2004? SC re arching my head and trying everything.
  17. TXtriple

    Calling All Electrical Gurus...Saddlebag Light Wiring Help

    Ok...I don't need ALL Electrical Gurus...just one with the right answer. :confused: When adding saddlebags with lights (1157 bulbs), how would I wire them so they share turn signal and brake function? In other words...three 1157s in a row. Center (stock taillight) would be running and brake...
  18. accessory wiring help please

    I would like to add a relay and wire some accessories thru it. I want the relay to only be active when the bike is on, running, or in accessory mode on the ignition switch. What is a good place to tap into that? I have some speakers on my handle bars as well as a usb charger, but even with...
  19. Rkarlstad

    Wiring harness

    Previously I posted about a no start condition on my new 2017 Roadster (delivered in August 2017) and was offered advice as to the need for a good battery etc., all good advice. I did put in a new battery assuming the original was weak and attempted to start. Now, I have been on bikes for...