1. minoru

    BATT7.5A fuse

    先日、自転車を点検してもらいました。 ホーンの絶縁が悪い BATT7.5Aのヒューズが切れていることが分かりました。 同じ症状になった人はいますか?
  2. SonOfJorEl

    TIFU: Swapping out stock headlight for LED headlight

    Hi all, seems I did a bit of a faux pas and need some assistance I tried to swap out the halogen headlight unit with an LED unit. I connected the green H4 plug to the bikes black H4 socket and tried to test the lamp. Worked great. Nice and bright light too! Then (i assumed the little bulb with...
  3. I did electronics measurement and battery drain calculation for rocket3R 2022 - Battery, Turn signals

    Hello All, Hope it helps someone - Stock blinkers are 2watts 12V LED Array in each blinker/turn signal so they are consuming 167Milliamps per blinker. - When bike is completely OFF and Key Fob is ON and in range then motorcycle drains battery at 80Milliamps. - When bike is completely OFF and...
  4. Russ Penner

    2012 RR3 Randomly blowing ignition fuse #2

    Sure could use some advice trouble shooting fuse #2. I have blown this 15 amp fuse on back-to-back rides last week; both times after about 20 minutes of mixed street/hwy riding and both times while waiting at a signal light. After replacing the fuse, I continued the ride home for another...
  5. Prestaged

    Main Fuse Issue

    Recently my trusty ’08 R3T started blowing the main fuse. I could replace the fuse, but after 10 miles or so it would go again. I am not too good with things electrical, so, after having a look-see and finding nothing suspect, I decided to do a search here. What I found was an almost...
  6. Son_Of_Dog

    Fuse box below relays?

    Alright, I'm stumped. I've been scouring the service manual for the last hour and a half trying to figure out what this fuse holder is... it appears to be stock on the bike 08 r3t. Does anyone know what this circuit is? Why is it disconnected? The bike seems to run fine without a fuse in the...
  7. HIM57

    Fuse for anything attached direct to battery

    Just purchased a cellphone holder that connects to the battery. I notice it has a inline fuse. Is this something you should do with anthing attached direct to battery?
  8. phar2slo

    Popping fuses.

    Hi all, Had bike all loaded up to head away for a few days on the beast. Two Kids at mother in-laws and wife and youngest to violin camp all I had to do was meet wife at the place set up the tent and I was free for a few days. Wife was backing out of the garage while I put a moblie phone...
  9. RockOn

    Fuse Block Location

    I bought a cheap(15 bucks)Chinese 6 position fuse block that seems fairly compact...3.5 by 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches high including cover.....but I'll be darned if I can fit it under the right side cover.....the left side is already filled with the Suzuki regulator/rectifier upgrade per Decosse's...
  10. Bob spruce

    I have a 05 Rocket. I am chasing a short. Brake/turn signal/horn.

    the fuse blows when my wife rides with me. Hit a dip in the road and blows the fuse. I took the rear wheel off went over each wire and shrink tubed them all. Then it still did it. The rear brake light switch seems to be not working. When I test the switch it reads open,not touching the brake...
  11. RockOn

    Fuse Size

    Size matters? I'm shopping for spare fuses and don't know the difference between, "mini", "maxi", "standard", "medium", etc. What size do our Rockets use? I'm guessing they are normal 'standard' size blade type fuses. Is that right? Thanks. :confused:
  12. Colin Shorrock

    No Turn signals

    Guys, im on a trip and i found my turn signal horn and rear light are not functioning, I'm on a 2005 R3. I checked the fuse and it's ok, what other place can I look to fix this? Anyone had this issue??
  13. Starmanut

    Fuse Block Installed

    FYI for those interested. I got the idea from this forum of a fuse block to get all the accessory connections off of the battery posts. So after thinking about it for a few months I went and did it now that the the cold weather has set in. Bought a fuse kit from Ebay, and some battery cables...
  14. Blackthou

    Headlamp Fuse

    I've just changed my lights to LED and they look great. I wondered about putting a lower rated fuse in, say 5A to replace the 20A but I believe the stater solenoid is on the same circuit. Has anyone else thought about and addressed this?
  15. 420ponies

    blowing fuse for rear brake light?

    The only thing I have changed are the headlights to LED's , and rear tail light and rear license plate to shorten up turn signals. I ride, Hi beam indicator comes on then goes out, get to destination, no tail light, no plate light. I have brake light(GOOD) just no tail light or plate light...
  16. struddy

    Leds front headlight causing fuse to blow

    Does anyone know how to stop my taillight and number plate light fuse to stop blowing. I put leds in front and shop said its causing it
  17. Paul Bryant

    Clock fuse ?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a separate fuse for the Triumph Clock ? Mine was working just fine but after the battery was disconnected for a bit, then reconnected the clock doesn't work, there's no instrument light either, checked that with two different bulbs.
  18. Joesmoe

    New member in Japan: 30A fuse blowing (horn, turn signals)

    @Lee PM'd me (don't know how I got picked - but with someone who has never posted, anything can happen) and wrote: "My 30a fuse that is connected to my horn and turn signals shorted out and did so again within ten minutes of being replaced. I'm on tour now and need to repair it prior to my...
  19. Dan Thurber

    2012-No Headlights, tail running light, all fuses good...Now what?

    Bike runs fine and starts fine. Installed new LED headlights, worked fine for 20 minutes and quit, no tail light. Brake lights and everything else works, pulled every fuse and checked out ok. Ia there a relay somewhere that I am missing
  20. Turn signals/horn/brake light fuse issue

    Hi y'all, New Rocket owner here. Just picked up an '09 with less than 3K miles on it this weekend. It was missing the left front turn signal bulb and glass; dealer has one on order and will be fixing that. As I left the dealership, my wife following in the car, the first time I used the turn...