1. G-Force Junkie

    LED lights / Air horn / HID projector headlights

    Check out the media section for some pics too.
  2. Frans

    Horn/brake light/turn indicators not working all the time

    No problems with the brake/horn/indicators before starting, it starts without any problems, at 2000rpm the voltage is 14.5v (neutral) but when riding the horn does not work. The brake light and the turn indicators might or might not work while riding. Hard to pinpoint a condition that will...
  3. Antek

    A properly loud horn for the bike

    The stock horn on the R3 leaves much to be desired to say the least when it comes to the sound volume it produces. 😞 So I got the DENALI SoundBomb Mini (Amazon.com: SoundBomb Mini Electromagnetic Low Tone Horn: Automotive) and installed it in place of the stock horn. Couldn’t fit it on the...
  4. Mr G

    Which colour wire is the positive to the horn , roadster 2014

    Hey guys I am fitting a Denali sound bomb split , I am nearly done buy wonder if you can tell me which wire is the positive which attaches to the horn . Just want to make sure before I connect up . See picture below .
  5. Jetag93

    Replaced stock horn (2.5L)

    I installed the Denali mini soundbomb today. You have to bend the supplied bracket just right to get about 1/2 inch clearance from engine case in stock location. It is much louder than stock horn.
  6. technoguppy

    Replacement horn for R3GT/R

    Has anyone replaced the stock horn with say a Denali car horn on a Rocket 3 GT / R? I agree with The Boog's post about the horn needing to be replaced but before I make a virtual trip to Amazon for a new horn, I was wondering if anyone else has fitted a horn to this bike. If you did replace...
  7. Son_Of_Dog

    Horn doesn't work; How to not be an idiot in 10 easy steps

    Well, like most new things that I get, I've begun the disassembly of the Skunk. The horn did not work when I got the bike and we assumed it was due to the horn being filled with mud dobber nests. The steps taken for the repair are below (happy ending included): Horn does not work. Clear...
  8. TRath

    Help: Signals, horn, brake gone

    Need help because I do not know electrical. My ignition finally crapped out on my 2009 Classic so I went with a keyless bypass. (Digital Guard Dog) Worked fine for a week then died. A friend and I traced it to a bad connector in the new kit and at the advice of DGD we cut the connector out and...
  9. Hemi_Guy

    Help for a newbie :)

    Hey all, Now that I have my R3T home, I could use help with the following: A blank Triumph key (dealer only had one key). An owners manual (dealer didn't have it). Other typical newbie questions such as: Oil / filter recommendations Fuel Octane - Do these engines have any preferences or run...
  10. Jallen3.14

    Want to Buy Chrome horn cover

    Discovered my horn cover is cracked. PO painted it black and it's starting to chip, so it's time to replace it with a chrome one. Thought I'd check here and see if anyone had one they wanted to get rid of before I call the dealer tomorrow.
  11. Jallen3.14

    Screaming Banshee install.

    Just got a Screaming Banshee to replace the anemic mouse fart of the OEM horn. Was able to fit it under the left side cover. I replaced the M6 bolt that holds the fuse box and battery tray with a longer one and double nutted it on the back with the supplied bracket. Quite an improvement!
  12. Dedaaru

    Hella Horn - Yay / Nay / Whatever

    Folks, installed a pair of Hella twin tones (Cager Wake Up Alarm) @118db. Love the music but not totally sold on the placement. Take a quick peek at the pic and lemme know what you think of the looks / ideas for alternate placement are welcome too. Thx in advance for you time. Cheers
  13. atjurhs

    need some Denali Sound Bomb install pics

    hey guys, i bought a Denali Sound Bomb with the split compressor so the two parts can be mounted on two separate areas of the bike. can some of you post some pics of how you installed yours? thanks! Todd
  14. Jag

    Electrical issue Denali soundbomb horn help!

    Gentlemen, Need to pick your brains on a electrical issue I’m having with my brand new install on said horn, relay PDM60 and compressor!! Here the story: Programmed the PDM60 circuit #5 to 20amps. Wired the relay as pictured above. Purple/black from oem horn location to #85 on relay...
  15. Allan S

    Need a bit of help wiring a screaming banshee air horn please?

    I installed a screaming Banshee horn in the spot where air cleaner was pre Ramair. The instructions are clear and tell you to run the 2 blue wires to the horn location and connect the" two blue wires to the existing horn wires - it doesn't matter which one goes to which" . I'm not sure how to...
  16. atjurhs

    looking for a "manly" horn

    hey guys, i'm embarrassed to "toot" my horn in traffic when a horn needs to be used. can't believe for a such a testosterone fill bike Triumph gave it a kiddie horn! i need to get this ***** a manly horn! what horn have you replaced the stock with? Todd
  17. atjurhs

    looking for a chrome horn cover for my 2017

    hi guys, i'm looking for a source for a chrome horn cover that'll fit my 2017. i didn't see one on the Triumph World nor on at Pure Triumph webpage. anyone know of another source? thanks! Todd
  18. Mini Beast horn

    new Rocket owner and shocked at squeaky horn on such a monster! Anyone ever installed a Mini Beast horn on an R3? If so where'd you mount it?
  19. Dark_Element

    Help Needed!!!

    Hi Guys, I am new to the R3 world, still learning and would like to learn more from you guys. I own a 2010 R3T, purchased it almost 10 months ago. I don't own a car and use the motorcycle to commute daily to work and other places. I am planning to perform a regular maintenance on my...
  20. eugene

    better HORN

    Morning Folks! Just wondering what has been the REPLACEMENT horn of choice? I honked this thing, and I don't think it would scare a fly.