1. Whowahtey

    Aftermarket LED lights (All+)

    Hello everyone, I bought an R3 a few weeks ago and the previous owner has put a lot of $ into it but not properly. This bike has all kinds of LED’s but the guy never put any resistors in. Not sure if they are called that but my lights blink too fast because of this. Does any1 know if they make...
  2. leatal

    LED turn signals TR2T for Rocket 3

    Has anyone in US ordered and installed these? They are from Wunderkind in Germany.
  3. azmerlin

    Problem with LED indicators and burnt fuse

    Hi, I have been playing with my almost 2 month old (well to me, it's a 2016) R3 and one of the last things I am trying to do before the insurance kicks in on April 1st and I am ready to take it out is to replace the indicator bulbs with LED's. I started with replacing the rear bulbs and...
  4. Frenchy1964

    Uk legal led headlights

    Can any1 suggest a set of led headlights that will pass a uk mot . These failed
  5. FISH22

    Rizoma Club led indicator install (w/pics)

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Wanted to share this led project on my '21 R3R with anyone interested in swapping out the giant indicators (US market). It's a very straight forward job, and with the right parts, it's 100% plug n play. I shared some of these pictures on the Facebook page, and I've...
  6. AJ1

    Installing 10 inch LED slim light bars on the Rocket III Roadster

    I wanted to install a pair for 10 inch slim LED spot light bars stacked below the headlights. Has anybody installed similar light bars ? Trying to figure out options to mount it to the fork. Any options other than trying two clamps from the front end fixing kit (SKU: A9738051) ? Many thanks, AJ
  7. bernard

    Quick LED upgrade

    During the 2020 West RAA, I noticed it was hard to see the rear turn signals on the older incandescent Rockets, especially in the day time. The new Rocket LED turn signals 'pop' and it's easy to tell if the rider is going to turn. So I decided to upgrade my 2014 R3R rear turn signals on the...
  8. MrBaldylocks

    LED Headlights

    Hi Everyone Couple of questions, can you get heated seats because the wife was use to this on the Explorer and what LED headlights are people using? Cheers👍🏼
  9. barbagris

    Proper LED indicator conversion.

    A proper indicator LED conversion. This is just the idea and concept. I did this for my 2009 and I did make two other unfinished sets which went to Roadster owners. But I don't honestly know if they were ever fitted. Really it's not hard to do, but you need some basic soldering and wiring...
  10. Kojack1970

    Amber LED bulbs for clear indicators

    Switched out my indicators/ turn signals to clear lenses and wanted a brighter LED bulb which was not orange/ amber behind the clear lens. Bought a pair of these from Amazon as a test and tried in the rear indicators. Not only are they significantly brighter, but the fill out the entire...
  11. vindex1963

    LED turn signal relay

    Anyone use this? I like the fact you don't have to cut anything, my only concern is going from three pin to two pin....does it matter? LED Turn Signal Flasher Relay for Triumph Rocket III Roadster and Classic Models (on Amazon)
  12. Kevin frazier

    LED turn signals

    I’ve bought some like this and they fit the touring models and have worked flawless. You need to add resistors for led flashers but they are otherwise plug and play I believe as the housings are the same size Harley uses. Just thought I would post in case someone is looking for something like...
  13. AJ1

    LED light bar

    Currently I have LED headlights which draw 90W (45Wx2) and Rigid LED spot lights that draw 94W (47x2). I am thinking of adding a LED light bar. What's the max wattage I can add?. Will a 310W light kill the battery ?:( . I will be using dedicated switch, relay and fuse for the light bar. All the...
  14. Prestaged

    LED Headlight: Stupid Question

    I bought a 7" LED headlight for the 2008 R3T. It will plug right in and seems to work fine. But it came with what looks like an adapter or relay that has LED/CANBUS stamped on it. Do I need to use this as well?
  15. Darron1117

    LED turn signals

    Hey guy's, Will be adding smoked turn signal lenses to 2012 Roadster and LED signal bulbs. Looking for correct flasher relay that connects under the cover on the right side of bike. Found a few but you hear about having to switch the wires around on the relay and such. Whether it's two or three...
  16. R-III-R Turbo

    Triumph LED Headlights anyone?

    Was wondering if the Rocket 3 TFC headlights would fit our buckets - seems the Bobber ones do, and appear the same as the TFC ones Thanks to Stephen cotter for being the Guinea pig Triumph part number A9830104 But at $620...... each....... Triumph Motorcycles | Part Search |...
  17. Skelton Hogs

    Success with LED

    Hi y'all just wanted to update you guys and gals that when switching over to LED brake lamps from OEM, the converter thing that they say is required to trick the ECU that more voltage is there when it's not in order to have it function properly is not actually required. I apologise I don't know...
  18. Ishrub

    Groovy Quick detach LED turn signal blinkers.

    CLICKnRIDE Quick Release Turn Signals - RevZilla
  19. Skelton Hogs

    CAN Bus LED Bulbs or Regular??

    Hi y'all. Looking to.brighten up the indicators to LED. When ordering it's asking if I want CAN Bus LED Bulb Or regular LED bulbs Which one does the rocket T take? Mine is a 2013. Thanks