1. Wisamic Led lights

    Hello Rocketeers, Anybody with experience fitting the Amazon Wisamic LED 5.75 in headlights for the 2015 Roadster? Is it a direct fit or modifications are needed? The finishing ring for example. Thanks
  2. Rocketrottie


  3. SonOfJorEl

    TIFU: Swapping out stock headlight for LED headlight

    Hi all, seems I did a bit of a faux pas and need some assistance I tried to swap out the halogen headlight unit with an LED unit. I connected the green H4 plug to the bikes black H4 socket and tried to test the lamp. Worked great. Nice and bright light too! Then (i assumed the little bulb with...
  4. BlackSails

    Another LED Turn Signals Post

    Having seen Jake Shaw's beautiful King Pack that he added to his 2014 Touring, along with my long time desire vision of adding a hard trunk had inspired me to do the same. My wife got me a XFMT King Tour Pack Trunk w rear speakers, LED Turn Run Brake light bar, luggage rack etc. It came in...
  5. Hughzee

    LED tail light

    Just added a new Radiantz Flexible Turn and Brake LED Tail Light from Revival cycles. Loving it so far the job now is to remove the old tail light the last owner super glued it on lol.
  6. 2008 Rocket

    2008 Rocket with LED headlights

    I had a 2006 Rocket SE and the ignition wires got hot and the solder melted causing the wires to separate from their posts. I know this was a common problem on the early Rockets up to I think about 2010 model year. The ignition switch was replaced at that time. Fast forward now to present and...
  7. Bow

    Nano led in headlight

    I received today my nano led bulb , it's really nice how this fit. The same size as original bulbs. And much more light
  8. RockyTop Ty

    LED lights for 2008 Classic

    Hi everyone, Would like to replace my halogens with LEDs. Local shop guys referred me to an owner's forum, as they had no answers. It's a 2008 Classic, so just unsure how to replace all halogens on the bike with brighter LEDs. Cheers, Trey
  9. 20R3GT

    Aftermarket led turnsignals

    Hi guys in this weekend I finished my first mod on R3 and finally get rid of ugly stock beacons!! Bought LED turn signals small size but strong light and replaced stock on! On my opinion is good but not perfect so I’m in process how to relocate them on rear fender I hate the license plate...
  10. G-Force Junkie

    LED lights / Air horn / HID projector headlights

    Check out the media section for some pics too.
  11. Whowahtey

    Aftermarket LED lights (All+)

    Hello everyone, I bought an R3 a few weeks ago and the previous owner has put a lot of $ into it but not properly. This bike has all kinds of LED’s but the guy never put any resistors in. Not sure if they are called that but my lights blink too fast because of this. Does any1 know if they make...
  12. leatal

    LED turn signals TR2T for Rocket 3

    Has anyone in US ordered and installed these? They are from Wunderkind in Germany.
  13. azmerlin

    Problem with LED indicators and burnt fuse

    Hi, I have been playing with my almost 2 month old (well to me, it's a 2016) R3 and one of the last things I am trying to do before the insurance kicks in on April 1st and I am ready to take it out is to replace the indicator bulbs with LED's. I started with replacing the rear bulbs and...
  14. Frenchy1964

    Uk legal led headlights

    Can any1 suggest a set of led headlights that will pass a uk mot . These failed
  15. FISH22

    Rizoma Club led indicator install (w/pics)

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Wanted to share this led project on my '21 R3R with anyone interested in swapping out the giant indicators (US market). It's a very straight forward job, and with the right parts, it's 100% plug n play. I shared some of these pictures on the Facebook page, and I've...
  16. AJ1

    Installing 10 inch LED slim light bars on the Rocket III Roadster

    I wanted to install a pair for 10 inch slim LED spot light bars stacked below the headlights. Has anybody installed similar light bars ? Trying to figure out options to mount it to the fork. Any options other than trying two clamps from the front end fixing kit (SKU: A9738051) ? Many thanks, AJ
  17. bernard

    Quick LED upgrade

    During the 2020 West RAA, I noticed it was hard to see the rear turn signals on the older incandescent Rockets, especially in the day time. The new Rocket LED turn signals 'pop' and it's easy to tell if the rider is going to turn. So I decided to upgrade my 2014 R3R rear turn signals on the...
  18. MrBaldylocks

    LED Headlights

    Hi Everyone Couple of questions, can you get heated seats because the wife was use to this on the Explorer and what LED headlights are people using? Cheers👍🏼
  19. barbagris

    Proper LED indicator conversion.

    A proper indicator LED conversion. This is just the idea and concept. I did this for my 2009 and I did make two other unfinished sets which went to Roadster owners. But I don't honestly know if they were ever fitted. Really it's not hard to do, but you need some basic soldering and wiring...