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  • I would greatly appreciate it if you could spare 2 minutes.
    Sorry have to be brief (420 character restriction)
    Do I need to remove timing chain to remove tranny. it chewed itself out and have the engine out.
    Installed a Dain delete cat back pipe
    Bike has not run great since remapping computer still header glows red fast and shutters down low ? Stuck in fla now oh well afraid if burning up piston
    Dealer said this is normal I disagree
    I spoke with Dave..Bloody Scotsman....He mentioned your situation coming back from the Blessing this year Sorry to here about that So to the point I have an 12 Roadster, I have purchased Carpenter's Sidewinder. I would like to talk with you about working on my bike....I am more than willing to pay you...This would be a great help to me.Feel free to speak to Dave if you have questions about me Thanks Mike
    Still no roar from the Rocket. Pulled the plugs and checked the gaps and all were close. All cyl.firing
    Interested in any rocket 111 logo t shirt you might have available mens medium. If not can I reproduce one you've made before?
    hello grand Poobah

    I may have to do the same repairs as you have done on your bike. I was told by another member a special castlened tool is required for doing part of the job would you have that tool? and can you assist me with advices when I get to the core of the repairs???
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