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  • Hello from Mike.......I hope you and yours are well.....I have a question....How did in install of your crash bars go, with the Sidewinder header....Also what is the manufacturers name of the bars....I am having a bit of a time finding the proper set of bars....As always Thanks Mike
    Hey Scott, I believe I have a simpler rocket set up as you and in serious need of a appropriate tune for it. I am hoping you can help me out to quite the popping.
    Hey Scott,
    I was on the old site, got back on here a few months ago. Do you know the whereabouts of Skip, XHDSKIP?
    I know he’s from Poteau OK, my nephew lived there for a while. Skip bought his Rocket from the dealer here in Hattiesburg MS. He and I spoke on the phone a few times.
    It’s good to hear from the old gang again.
    Sir Mitzy,
    My first service is due, i wanna change oil and i get these following two options,
    1 MObil 1 Racing 4T - 0W40
    2 FUCHS Silkolene Super 4-- 10W40

    The Lowest temperature at any point of the year is 18-20 Deg celsius and the highest is 35- 38 Deg celsius.

    Which one should i do? Pls ?
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