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  • By the Hard Rock Seminole Casino
    Well we live here in the Cutler Bay area... but are headed back to Las Vegas this fall to start a new chapter in our lives. I head to work in...
  • By the Hard Rock Seminole Casino
    The guitar building is very cool in design, but yes, nothing like Las Vegas... just one of the local casinos here...
  • By the Hard Rock Seminole Casino
    We've recently been to the new Hard Rock for the first time. A little anti-climatic after living in Las Vegas... but still cool. Nice shot! -MIG
  • P_20201025_081017a.jpg
    Ahh Okay... a little added flair. Most EXCELLENT!! -MIG
  • P_20201025_081017a.jpg
    Thank you for your comment! This is the front shock cover. Just for looks...

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