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  • Hi
    My name is Asbjørn and i live in Norway, I just wonder ,how come that Australian companies dont want to ship parts internationally?
    The only place on earth where i could find a used speedo for a 05 rocket ,wont ship to Norway even if i pre fact they even wont give me the price...
    Do you know why? Have a nice day ,and my apologies for my poor English, only learned it school in middel of the eighties
    CanberaR3 , Gid aye Mate Subtle(Glen) from Bendigo here. Ive got an old 04 with triple k&N 4040s original headers with 57 cm Diameter single muffler. ign fuel mapped to suit .I am happy with the K&n s however I interested in your intake set up. If you would, was it a one off or is it available to buy one ?Also what is the Air cleaner used?. .
    Sir Canberra,
    My first service is due, i wanna change oil and i get these following two options,
    1 MObil 1 Racing 4T - 0W40
    2 FUCHS Silkolene Super 4-- 10W40

    The Lowest temperature at any point of the year is 18-20 Deg celsius and the highest is 35- 38 Deg celsius.

    Which one should i do? Pls ?
    Richard the part arrived thanks mate .could you please let me have your bsb and account number please for the part and postage . Mate this looks brand new .all goes well we should be down your way in a couple of weeks.looking forward to catchin up with you and Amanda
    Hey how's Amanda coming along haven't seen you post anything about her recovery for some time is running or at least stretching and loosening up yet
    She's coming along slowly thanks. Still not walking without crutches but at least taking weight on her leg. Will be a long before she's running anywhere but she's a very determined lady and will get there.
    Say hi to Ann.
    Aww mate. I see Cantartica in living up to its name. -3deg this morn. How the hell do you do it.
    Was a bit fresh on the way to work. Bike runs well though!
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