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Jul 3, 1957 (Age: 60)
Batemans Bay, NSW, Aus
Aged Care Nurse


Not Taking Life Too Seriously, Male, 60, from Batemans Bay, NSW, Aus

Please Use Conversation s to contact me for help or tunes as I rarely visit my Profile page Aug 10, 2017

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    1. Jdon317
      Hi, just got a 2014 Roadster putting the DP OUTLAWS on can you please help with any mapping or suggestions. I’m a complete novice at tuning so all a big learning curve. Cheers
    2. Littleleelong
      Hi HansO......I have a 2010 TR3t ..... I have installed ramair .... everything else is stock ..........is there a map out there ... for this set up .... could really do with your help to open her up abit .... thank you HansO ..... I know your probably unendated with lots of requests ....... if you could help would really appreciate it ..... thankyou so much Sir ... kind regards ... lee
    3. Colin_m_timms
      Hey hans0, I have a rocket 3 roadster 2011, I am looking for a suitable map for the Dave Platt silencers and collector replaced by link pipe. I have linkecu app and lead thanks Colin.
    4. Landstar
      Welll you come recommended by @Ishrub, I bought TORS, Ramair, windshield fixing brackets, 140 cubic inch embellisher, all from him, he is one stop shopping ,and
      @Ishrub said you were the man to see about a map for a 2015 Roadster. Thank you for any and all help. And Merry Christmas
    5. r53123
      HansO, I am going to get a Dain exhaust for my 2015 Touring Rocket 3 , Dain has said I need to get a tune from you for it and a USB wire, how would I know how to install this tune?thanks please let me know I am going to get the exhaust very soon
    6. Delaware rider
      Delaware rider
      Hanso , I have a 2013 rocket Turing I currently have DND exhaust and an underseat KNN filter with the D restriction tune for the touring model and this team is absolutely amazing bike runs great. I’m currently installing a ram air filter on it and didn’t know if I would be running lean with the ram air on and if so do you have a better tune for it ?
    7. Tbone
      Hi Hanso, need some advice please. I just purchased a 3 into 1 slip on pipe from Dain/Triple D Racing, I have K&N underseat filter but am thinking about airbox mods and tune. What do you suggest? My bike is 2014 Roadster and had stock exhaust until last weekend when pipe was installed. Bike seems to run fine but have not been able to test ride because I have a broken leg at the moment. Thanks!
    8. PlatinumRocket
      Hi Hanso, After reading hundreds of posts it is obvious you are the master tuner for Rocket owners. If I might use your vast knowledge: I have a 2006 Rocket with a Zard exhaust and the cat removed. It backfires a little on decel so I am sure it needs a tune. Would you have a tune you recommend? I would like to open up the first 3 gears also .
      Thank you in advance for all you do for this group!
    9. roadster
      Hanso sorry to bug you but i need some help.can you tell me if you can tuneecu on a 2015 r111r I have done ramair & a custom cross over pipe & tors pipes. Also was thinking about putting on a dyno?.im manly concerned about A/F ratio.we have spoken some time ago about other things hope you can steer me in the right direction cheers mate
    10. Grumpy Ole Codger
      Grumpy Ole Codger
      Hi HansO, I am a new to the forum and to the Rocket 111. The bike is second hand and came with the Zard exhaust system. I will be adding the Ramair air filter system and using Tune Ecu to check and remap the bike. It has been suggested that if I were to ask you nicely, XxxxxX (is that nice enough) you might be able to assist with a new map. My bike is a 2007 Rocket 111, VIN Number is SMTTLC10356260250
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    Jul 3, 1957 (Age: 60)
    Batemans Bay, NSW, Aus
    Aged Care Nurse
    08 Rocket III R.I.P now TEX Triumph Explorer
    Bikes, Tinkering
    08 Rockett III std, minor mods and still loving it on the DarkSide



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