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Jul 3, 1957 (Age: 62)
Batemans Bay, NSW, Aus
Aged Care Nurse


Not Taking Life Too Seriously, Male, 62, from Batemans Bay, NSW, Aus

Please Use Conversation s to contact me for help or tunes as I rarely visit my Profile page Aug 10, 2017

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    1. Ken Attwood
      Ken Attwood
      Hiya. I have a 2012 R3 Touring which is stock. I have Ramair and Tors ready to fit. I have TuneEcu and cable ready too. Please point me at a suitable map. Thanks in advance. Need to unleash the beast within
      1. Webbo
        SNAP - I'm looking for the same, I hear there a kind gent around here called HansO who can help us ????
        May 3, 2019
    2. Emtscott54
      Hello from Pennsylvania USA. I bought the outlaw shorty exhaust and the ram air intake. Do you have a map that would work for this setup? I know I will need to buy the tune program and cable to upload it but the $450 for the software and cable are worth it to me to not blow up my 2018 roadster.
    3. BrokenSkyV
      Hello from Arizona. I have a 2010 Roadster that has a Supertrapp muffler (open end cap)/stock header, deleted secondary throttle plates, triple K&N filters. Is there a map that you'd recommend for my setup using Tuneecu? Thanks!
      dmc101290@aol.com is my email.

    4. JimH
      Hi HansO, i have a rocket 3 2005, cat bypass and TORs, RAMAIR filters with bear claw over the top. I would appreciate it if you could provide the necessary tune (for use with TuneECU). thanks in advance. Jim
    5. Billy Barton
      Billy Barton
      Hi Hans0, i have a rocket 3 05, cat removed, ram air and TORS pipes, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send me the tune to liven things up :) i'll have to buy you a beer, next time i'm passing your way.
    6. xlur8
      Gday HansO i just bought a Reband headers and CES muffler off Mitsy to go on my 08 classic and have the K&N filters hes said to give you a buzz and see if you would have a tune cheers Steve
    7. Floppermeister
      Hello HansO, I just installed outlaw shorty slip ons. I have a 2014 Roadster. No other mods (yet). I am not familiar with tune ECU, but I think I'm going to have to learn. I've seen in here several times that you may have a map I can install? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the sound of the new pipes, but I hate knowing that she's not running right.
      1. CrzystghndKC
        I like the look of those shorties. How much, if any, louder than stock?
        May 12, 2018
    8. Thedogsbollocks
      Hi HansO as requested
      have DP outlaws (2018) Rocket Roadster. no other mods.
      dealer installed map for the V&H exhaust they supply.improved but still pops like mad and slight flat spot 1500 rpm pulling away (slight hesitation)
      doesn’t seem as quick/ responsive as my last one.with stock

      can you help? Map FOR ROCKET ROADSTER -DP OUTLAWS. Rest all stock.
      Cheers email jestill001@outlook.com
    9. GarrisonMatt
      HansO, everyone says your man to talk to about a tune. I have a 2013 roadster with ram air and DP outlaw exhaust(stock header). Anyway i can get your suggestion on what is best to run. I am at around 6000 Feet in elevation in Colorado, USA. thanks man. I have the link cable and have never a tune.
    10. Delaware rider
      Delaware rider
      HansO I have a 2013 Turing I just purchased a crossover pipe from Viking and I just installed ram air I have D&D exhaust on I didn’t know if you could work your magic on a tune for me
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    Jul 3, 1957 (Age: 62)
    Batemans Bay, NSW, Aus
    Aged Care Nurse
    08 Rocket III R.I.P now TEX Triumph Explorer
    Bikes, Tinkering
    08 Rockett III std, minor mods and still loving it on the DarkSide

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