1. Paul Bryant

    New Turn Signals

    I fitted some new LED turn signals recently.
  2. I did electronics measurement and battery drain calculation for rocket3R 2022 - Battery, Turn signals

    Hello All, Hope it helps someone - Stock blinkers are 2watts 12V LED Array in each blinker/turn signal so they are consuming 167Milliamps per blinker. - When bike is completely OFF and Key Fob is ON and in range then motorcycle drains battery at 80Milliamps. - When bike is completely OFF and...
  3. BlackSails

    Another LED Turn Signals Post

    Having seen Jake Shaw's beautiful King Pack that he added to his 2014 Touring, along with my long time desire vision of adding a hard trunk had inspired me to do the same. My wife got me a XFMT King Tour Pack Trunk w rear speakers, LED Turn Run Brake light bar, luggage rack etc. It came in...
  4. leatal

    LED turn signals TR2T for Rocket 3

    Has anyone in US ordered and installed these? They are from Wunderkind in Germany.
  5. hnkirank76

    Crash Bar turn signals

    I am looking to add these to my 38mm crashguard for 2018 Rocket iii. I cant seem to find anything that matches this size. All of the come 32mm or 1-1/4 inch for harley davidson. Please advise Anybody know where i can find this for my 2018rocket iii ?
  6. sonny

    Small upgrade on turn signals.

    Got rid of the led clusters in the original purchase of the aftermarket turn signals. Took a bit but well worth it. Bright is a understatement. Nice fit after grinding a bit and waterproof. Cluster's cost a arm and a leg.
  7. Lamonster

    Euro turn signals

    For any of the US guys here that are looking for a set of the Euro lights let me know. I have a set of four that I bought that I'll let go at a loss.
  8. jack Arzoomanian

    ,fender n Signals windscreen

    This part done,what you think?
  9. jack Arzoomanian

    Different signals

    Hay all! Just got my 2020 R3. Unbelievable ride and handling. Wanna tighten the look a bit. Loose the rear fender bracket an the headlight size turn signals. The lights are controlled by the ECU. Any ideas UK will send me euro spec for a whoppin 230$ witch will work up front but the rear on a...
  10. Kevin frazier

    LED turn signals

    I’ve bought some like this and they fit the touring models and have worked flawless. You need to add resistors for led flashers but they are otherwise plug and play I believe as the housings are the same size Harley uses. Just thought I would post in case someone is looking for something like...
  11. Darron1117

    LED turn signals

    Hey guy's, Will be adding smoked turn signal lenses to 2012 Roadster and LED signal bulbs. Looking for correct flasher relay that connects under the cover on the right side of bike. Found a few but you hear about having to switch the wires around on the relay and such. Whether it's two or three...
  12. TRath

    Help: Signals, horn, brake gone

    Need help because I do not know electrical. My ignition finally crapped out on my 2009 Classic so I went with a keyless bypass. (Digital Guard Dog) Worked fine for a week then died. A friend and I traced it to a bad connector in the new kit and at the advice of DGD we cut the connector out and...
  13. BillyIndiana

    A little help please Turn signals 2015 R3T ABS

    So as I stated in my other thread my signals stopped working Saturday. Tonight I Checked the bulbs OK Checked the fuse OK (Brake light and horn are on same fuse and work) Got out the manual and stared working through the circuit. It seems whatever controls the indicators is in the...
  14. BillyIndiana

    Who needs turn signals anyway

    Went on a ride Saturday visiting a new Triumph Dealer in Elkhart Indiana. They had a great selection. Talked to the mechanic Marc. Kinda funny he is a Harley Master Tech and brand new to Triumph. It is a whole new world. Anyway my turn signals were working fine when we left, but buy the...
  15. BigNorm

    LED turn signals on touring.

    The wires that need to have the resistor spliced in between the two wires can be accessed through the right side panel. They are the two with the white connectors. I used solder, shrink tubing and electrical tape.
  16. Kevin frazier

    Led turn signals

    These plug in like a bulb, install two resistors at turn signal plugs and that’s it, they’re bright
  17. Joesmoe

    DEcosse to the rescue again - and the errant turn signals

    Last fall, the turn signals went haywire on my Touring. I was concerned - having just finished replacing the valve cover gasket for the third time (and it still leaks by the way) and in the process having tugged and pulled on the wiring harness for clearance - that I had really messed up...
  18. Colin Shorrock

    No Turn signals

    Guys, im on a trip and i found my turn signal horn and rear light are not functioning, I'm on a 2005 R3. I checked the fuse and it's ok, what other place can I look to fix this? Anyone had this issue??
  19. Lusiphur

    Self canceling turn signals from Touring on a Roadster, anyone do it? Tips?

    So I'm a HD transplant and got used to the self canceling turn signals on them. Was looking into various aftermarket options and don't love any of them. I know the Touring has them so I was wondering if it would be possible to move the assembly and electronics over. Any ideas would be greatly...
  20. R3Tex

    Front LED turn signals

    @scot in exile are these the fork wrap arounds you used? LED Motorcycle Fork Wrap Around