1. Jay

    Raboconda Tire Changer for 240 rear wheel?

    Looking at getting the Raboconda tire changer. I like how portable it is. Not sure how effective it is on the Rocket rear wheel or what spindle adapter to get for the rear hub size. Has anyone here tried to use it for their Rocket tires?
  2. Wheel Swap

    Im from the New England area of the United States and own a 2022 GT. Wondering if anyone that owns an R model bike would be interested in a wheel swap. My preference would be for the all black wheels on the R and would hope that someone that owns an R model would prefer the GT wheels. My GT...
  3. Bosco15

    Rear wheel. Is powder coat the only difference?

    I am on the hunt for a R3R. Doing my research and finding that the GT & R are the same bike with ancillary changes (bars, peg location, pillion backrest, rear wheel, etc) I much prefer the look of the GT rear wheel. Is it just that the R rear wheel is completely coated and the GT has machined...
  4. ArizonaKid

    Rear Wheel Roller Bearing Lube

    Listed on the maintenance schedule as part of the 10K service is lubing the "rear wheel roller bearing (left hand side outer)". Has anyone done that, or is there a YouTube video or any other resource, other than a shop manual, readily available that shows how to do that?
  5. 20R3GT

    Rear wheel bolt pattern and offset??

    Has someone swap rear wheel on new 2500cc rocket 3? Stock is 16x7.5 wide and 5 bolt!! Need to know offset and bolt pattern if someone did it ! I saw picture on fb left comment and guy never writes a specs on wheel!? Bolt pattern and offset please would be appreciated thx!!
  6. Cierzo

    Front wheel issue

    Hi fellas, first of all sorry for my English, it's not my first language and probably there will be a lot of mistakes! I have a doubt.: Is it possible that the front wheel of our motorcycle is not centered with respect to its longitudinal axis? Because I appreciate a deviation. A big one, and...
  7. Micksan

    Going with a 3rd wheel.

    Going with a 3rd wheel. I have decided to trike out my 2014 R3T. Motor Trike has a nice-looking setup, plus it has reverse. My wife is licking her chops. Our turn-in date at the shop will be the 7th. I will have a lot of take-off parts, which I will want to sell. I have the passenger...
  8. Rocket Scientist

    Rear wheel bearings, my take

    I recently removed my back wheel for tire replacement and low and behold my wheels bearing are bound up again. I've been reading about people shortening the spacer. I don't agree. I've attached a drawing from All Balls on bearing installation with spacer. In the drawing the "fully seated...

    wheel alignment on a 2016 Rocket 3 roadster

    There is an adjustment bolt on the right side back of motor. I know it has something to do with motor/ rear wheel alignment. Does anyone know how it works. No one knows!?
  10. hoopla

    remounting front wheel tire

    well I've been doing maintanance on the R3R and did the fork oil today. so am trying to replace the front wheel tire assembly and it's been difficult. seems to be binding on the inlet side, greased it up good but that did not solve the problem. Anybody got a good method for remounting the...
  11. Seabru

    Rear wheel

    Looking for advice on wether a 2008 rear wheel will fit a 2011 masks R3 Roadster
  12. Tbone

    Wheel Swap question

    Can you swap a 2017 Roadster rear wheel with a 2008 Classic?

    TFC 157HP --155 TQ GT 151 HP --152TRQ on the Dyno nice numbers
  14. Timbo

    Wheel coating - opinions please...

    I have taken the wheels off, tyres off and stripped the wheels down to just the rims ready for coating. I did my first rocket and went satin black, looked great and was on my 2009 Black Roadster, really set the bike off nice. Skipped the Phantom Blue 2011 Roadster. The Roadster I have now (I...
  15. buddazero

    Rear Tire Keeps Deflating!

    So here's the story. 3 months ago I thought I caught a nail on the rear because it kept deflating after a couple of days. I got new Cobra Tires...it took 3 months. My dealership installed them, everything was fine. I put the bike away, then today as I got on the bike, I felt the difference. I...
  16. CvSisinthehouse

    Front wheel from '08 fit my 2016?

    I am looking to get another front wheel, will a 2008 one fit my 2016 Roadster? Thanks.
  17. mstraub72

    2015 R3R Rear Wheel installation video

    Afternoon all! I received my new Avon Cobra rear tire yesterday, and the shop surprisingly got it installed on the rim for me in around an hour. I promised a follow-up video to my previous one documenting the entire removal process, so I took last night to film the entire installation of the...
  18. mstraub72

    Rear wheel removal video walkthrough

    Good morning all, I typed out a huge walkthrough guide on how to remove and replace the wheels on my 2015 Rocket 3 Roadster last year, but since it was my first time, and I had zero idea what I was doing, I didn't video my steps. Sadly, my Avon Cobra rear tire picked up a nail at only about...
  19. Rocket2500

    BikeGrab front wheel chock

    Anyone have any experience of these? Made in the UK, look very sturdy... [Note: also available in the US: Grab Bike Wheel Chock - $230 with reducer and quick release]
  20. Claviger

    Wheel Weight

    I wish I did, but I don't have a spare front wheel off a non-touring to weigh. If anyone has one with no tire mounted could you please weight it. Thanks!