1. stingray

    Rocket hauler

    Well I finally broke down and got a trailer to haul a bike. I've always ridden everywhere and had no use for a trailer unless I broke down and needed a lift. But I was younger too. And tolerated the heat better. Anyway, I wanted something small enough to tow behind the Jeep. I looked and looked...
  2. Jay

    Hitch Mounting Experience on Touring?

    So we bought a trailer to do motorcycle camping around the country this summer when travel restrictions lift and now I am looking for a hitch. I thought I would like something like the HitchDoc, but apparently that only fits the Roadster. I have a Touring and it seems the saddlebag mounting...
  3. scot in exile

    Trailer Question

    What is the minimum size trailer that two Rockets will fit into??????????
  4. RobWhi

    Am I going nuts? (Trailer + R3)

    I know I am nuts as I have the medical certificate that states I am but I cannot believe that I am thinking about towing a trailer behind my Rocket On my round Australia trip. Over my 44 years I always had road sport bikes fairing ,naked and dirt bikes buying a cruiser style Bike was never on...
  5. tripX

    trailer hitch tow bar

    Hi again just found a tow bar for sale from 07 standard. will it fit a classic 08. any help please
  6. tripX

    De tune

    Ok don't think I've gone mad but I would like to detune my 08 classic. for more mpg . Now you'll see my reasoning I am planning a lap of Australia with a trailer so speed is not what I'm after. Can info this with tuneecu. any help or suggestions please
  7. Tripps

    For Sale Cargomate trailer/ bushtec Touring hitch

    We don't motorcycle camp anymore, so it's not being used. Wired for lights, I can tow it to Maggie Valley and I'm sure someone there has tools to take the hitch off my bike, probably could take my wiring harness off too, trailer plugs into the bike. $500 firm
  8. BDClone

    Trailer Hitch/ Flag Mounts

    Does any make a trailer hitch for the Rocket 3 Roadster that mounts to the fender rail under the fender? I am wanting to use one or a dedicated mount with flag stands to fly flags for military funeral escorts (Patriot Guard), parades, and other events.
  9. albertaduke

    trailer revisited

    done ... finally .. I removed the center post and both individual horse doors and replaced them with a ramp door 13 inches from the ground and 5 feet long plywood and checker plates plus two steel stiffeners and to lift and lower I also mounted a winch inside controlled by remote that...
  10. albertaduke

    rocket trailer..

    a while ago some of us in the soon to be geriatric gang discussed the pro and con of trailering in the end to each his own whatever the reason ..and as I partaked in the discussion I posted the picture of the trailer I use it is a 2 horse trailer modified for 200 horsepower no piss...
  11. albertaduke

    trailer lockdown system

    some captain emailed me and asked what lockdown i use in place of straps to hold the rocket . pictures tell better story than words so for that captain ...sorry can't find your mail... here are two pics you can see how it hold the bike BY THE FRAME STEADY AS A ROCK( ET) PUN INTENTED...
  12. Bubz

    For Sale M/C Trailer Brisbane

    M/C trailer for sale, $2200 no swaps Great condition easy to tow Rocket didn’t know it was there. Austrack Trailer did have a camper on top so still has stabiliser bars and would be easy to convert back if that’s what you want. Or mount roof top tent on top Swivel hitch Electric brakes...
  13. albertaduke

    bike trailer

    I could not resist the deal ....being tired of getting the Rocket up on my truck bed and with a friend offering to sell the perfect trailer to me for a ridiculous amount of money ... had to buy the thing .. . It is actually a 2 horse trailer bumper puller as it is called, perfect for...
  14. One Norse

    R3T Trailer Wire Routing

    I'm going to be installing a hitch when it gets here (Bushtec says next week some time). I have the Kuryakyn 7671 trailer light relay set and a PDM60 to protect the bike. My question is this: How have other people routed the wiring harness to the back of the bike: tucked under the fender with...
  15. rocketrookie

    any rider backrest and trailer hitch available?

    Hi guys, it's me again, rocketrookie. Does anyone know of any rider (driver) backrest available for the 2007 Rocket III Classic? I have the one-piece dual seat. I already know my back will be aching on long rides, so I really need a backrest for the lower back support. Also I would like to...
  16. Pumbaa

    Bike Trailer - PERTH

    Calling all Perth Rocket Pilots, Does anyone have a trailer I can Beg, Borrow or Steal (on Friday 08/12/17) I need to get my Girl up to "Uncle Dave" in Toodyay and have done some damage to myself that will make the ride up there a bit dodgy.. Thanks in Advance (name your poison) Cheers