trailer hitch tow

  1. tripX

    trailer hitch tow bar

    Hi again just found a tow bar for sale from 07 standard. will it fit a classic 08. any help please
  2. BDClone

    Trailer Hitch/ Flag Mounts

    Does any make a trailer hitch for the Rocket 3 Roadster that mounts to the fender rail under the fender? I am wanting to use one or a dedicated mount with flag stands to fly flags for military funeral escorts (Patriot Guard), parades, and other events.
  3. Best Trailer Hitch?

    What experience have you all had with hitches? I've found one or two online but don't know much in the way of making an informed purchase. All I plan on towing is a small trailer, a mini camper, maybe a small atv. I'm looking for reviews, recommendations, etc. THANKS!