1. Journeyman

    Mounting an Exedra Max rear tire on the new 3R = Better Handling

    This is a DIY install of the Exedra Max on the new 3R. It requires minor modifications to the forward most rear fender and, if doing it yourself, a tire stand and Mojo Lever - I'd say about a two beer rating for time/difficulty. The result, in my opinion, is a less expensive tire that provides...
  2. Art

    AutoSwitch garage door opener installation

    I'd like to install this on my 2022 rocket. Autoswitch Model AS7G It can be wired into "the high beam wire, or the brake bulb wire or any wire that gets 12Volts when an existing button (for some other use) is activated." My most ideal installation would be the high beam button, triggered...
  3. Jay

    Hitch Mounting Experience on Touring?

    So we bought a trailer to do motorcycle camping around the country this summer when travel restrictions lift and now I am looking for a hitch. I thought I would like something like the HitchDoc, but apparently that only fits the Roadster. I have a Touring and it seems the saddlebag mounting...
  4. Pannier mounting kit

    Once you have installed the pannier mounts, is there a 'quick release' way of removing the mounts from the bike or do you have to remove the undertray etc to get them off?
  5. Mark Johnson

    Ideas to cover bear claw mounting tabs.

  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Triumph Windscreen with Mounting Kit and Laminar Lip

    Triumph Windscreen with mounting kit and Laminar Lip. USD $275 + Shipping. Good Condition. Clear.
  7. Vlan2k

    Want to Buy Flyscreen Mounting Kit

    I have EVERYTHING except the bolts to attach the screen to the mounting bracket. Anybody out there have the bits they'd like to part with?
  8. Hemi_Guy

    Want to Buy "One on the way" Quick Release Windshield Lower Mounting Assembly

    Hey gang, I have a missing piece on one of my lower mounting assemblies for the quick release windshield on my 2011 R3T. If someone has an extra assembly they can sell, it would be greatly appreciated. Pics below. Thank you, Paul.
  9. Markx

    Mounting pegs on the dresser bars question

    Should I use a rubber gasket or bicycle innertube piece under the clamp. It seems like just bolting those things right on the chrome bars would surely scratch them up or at least I probably would. Just getting the bike back on the road after a year (leg surgery), haven't been on here in awhile...
  10. Journeyman

    DIY Rear Tire Change

    Who does it and tell us how. This topic has been touched on in the past, but I'm not sure it's been fully explored. Just in the last week I'm reading about @sonny getting his rim manked (it's happened to me twice this year) at a shop and talk of a rear tire change demo at the Maggie Valley...