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  • HI Bill, I saw the thread you started about going to the drag strip and wondered how that turned out. Did you have a good day there and what was your best ET and terminal speed? I need more info.
    BTW, my brother and SIL signed and took possession of their new house on Declaration last weekend.
    Hey Idaho Red.
    I was hoping maybe you could help me find a tuner in the area? I'm getting a viking header and crossover pipe to meet with my tors. Everybody in salt lake wants to use a power commander.
    HI. Took a bit to figure out the PM stuff. I'd love that "hot rod" tune!! Thanks!
    My email is:
    I'll look up how to install it and get it going!!!!
    Hey Looks like you might have the corbin fairing and side bags?? If this is so, how was your experience with the products company so far?
    I am looking into getting the fairing and solo touring seat from corbin at the very least. I reached out to them they told me it would take a minimum of 8-10 weeks for the fairing and 2-3 weeks for the seat
    Any info would help!
    Idaho Red Rocket 3
    Idaho Red Rocket 3
    I got the bags new with the bike in August 2007. I got the Fairing a year later. Both have been wonderful to have and are still in great shape. No problems of any kind. People ask me all the time if the bike is new.
    Good morning! I don't even have my bike yet, but I'm already dreaming about what I would like to do with it. I am wondering how you like your fairing? Do you experience any wobble at higher speeds? Was it easy to install? Any other helpful hints? How 'bout those Beetle Bags, they look great -is there any helpful hints on these? Likes? Dislikes? Thanks, Bruce
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    Idaho Red Rocket 3
    Idaho Red Rocket 3
    Thanks. Love the Corbin products. Fairing is rock steady and easy to install. BBs are very nice and they were actually designed to match the Rockets line. Somewhat a little small but very usable.
    hi again
    question would it be possible to have a member(micksan) ship to your address a rear R3 fender that I am buying , I can then throw in my truck on my arrival that would save me custom duties
    if it is ok let me know . and maybe your name to complete the addrres .
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