1. Rocket 3 Windshields...or windscreens...or woodwinds...or whatever!!!

    Hello all... I just bought (...and by just I mean hours ago) a 2017 R3 Roadster and I'm getting TOTALY lost with regards to finding a decent windshield...I was hoping ya'll could help. The R3 I bought has no windshield/screen whatsoever. I really want something reasonably detachable so I can...
  2. lctrc

    Windshield Bracket Covers

    Removing the windshield and brackets from a GT leaves space where the brackets mount. There are decorative bits that fill that space on an R. I can't find the part number(s) for those covers. Anyone know?
  3. Lowkee

    Madstad windshield!

    So I'm Happy with the Madstad set up. Ordered the 24" and put about at least 500 miles on it. Its very sturdy. The bracket is the key. and the windshield is thick. I think its about as good as its going to get for our bikes. (other then a batwing) I'm 6ft1 and if I put it up all the way I can...
  4. Louballs

    California Scientific Windshield Review

    Hey Everyone, I got around to installing the California Scientific clear windshield last weekend on my GT. The install was extremely easy and took maybe 5 minutes. I DID use some blue locktite as some extra security since you are only supposed to hand tighten the screws. I did about 100 miles or...
  5. Pilotdude

    Madstad or Clearview windshield for 2016 Rocket

    Want upgrade my factory windscreen to a windshield. Do you prefer the Madstad or Clearview windshield? Has anybody tried both? I'm 6 ft even and the factory windscreen pushes the wind just below my neck and face.
  6. maurice

    PowerBronse windshield

    Moderator pls delete this dup.
  7. maurice

    Riding Without Windshield

    After a good amount of highway riding I realized the wind pressure is more annoying than with my prior bike with a windshield. Ordered shield from PowerBronze, UK company. Anyone not riding with windshield, hwy riding, and are not bothered by wind pressure? How about those who have a shield now...
  8. SJC

    Madstad Windshield

    Has anyone tried a Madstad windshield on the roadster? I saw an old thread with this same question, but not much feedback. They have a fly screen with quick release brackets for 169, and additional windshields for about 140. They are pretty popular in the dual sport world.
  9. windshield for Rocket 3

    I don't know how to do a search on this forum so hope this isn't a repeat but has anyone tried a handle bar mount windshield for the 2020 GT the factory one would be okay for a couple of hundred miles but would like something larger I cannot find one available from Triumph. I am guessing Triumph...
  10. Aftermarket windshield for 2.5L R3

    Powerbronze uk. 3 different sizes. This is the small
  11. Darron1117


    Hey Rocketeers, Thinking about buying the Roadster windshield (23in. wide-18in. tall) for my 2012. Any issues and does it protect well? Already have front fixing kit on bike because of having sports screen. Thanks,
  12. Darron1117

    Engine guards and windshield

    Hello all, Going to purchase engine guards for my 2012 Roadster and needing to know do they bolt right up to the bike with no issues. Also, are there any windshield options more cost effective than Triumph that gives good protection and is not huge either. Thanks in advance.
  13. Randy Whetton

    Want to Buy Need Windshield mount

    Just bought a 2016 R3Roadster. No windshield included. I have a bare R3 windshield with no hardware. Anything you've got wood be much appreciated.
  14. Kevin frazier

    For Sale Touring windshield

    I wanted to offer here first, 200.00 plus shipping, it has 2 small cracks I guess from speed, other than that it’s clean, penwalls has a summer windshield for 80 and on eBay a new windshield looks like 170,
  15. Kevin frazier

    For Sale Trade windshield bag

    my studded for your plain, triumph bag
  16. Hemi_Guy

    Want to Buy "One on the way" Quick Release Windshield Lower Mounting Assembly

    Hey gang, I have a missing piece on one of my lower mounting assemblies for the quick release windshield on my 2011 R3T. If someone has an extra assembly they can sell, it would be greatly appreciated. Pics below. Thank you, Paul.
  17. CrzystghndKC

    Windshield brackets

    So I have seen the advantage of the brackets some people have between the fixing kit and the brackets on the windscreen. Putting on my Roadster screen was a pain because multiple clearance issues. The additional bracket would take the pain away. Does anybody know where I can get some? Or if...
  18. Jay

    **Sold** Touring Windshield (16” Summer)

    Sold I have a spare OEM factory windshield from my 2013 Rocket Touring. This is the 16” summer shield so it allows more air; measured from the top of the light cutout to the top of the shield. I wanted a taller shield for two-up riding. This one has some signs of use (couple minor scratches...
  19. Hemi_Guy

    Want to Buy Windshield Lock

    Hi there, I know I am probably in line given these are no longer produced, but I would like to buy a windshield lock for my 2011 R3T with removable windshield. I believe the part number is: A9938030 Thank you, Paul.
  20. Ted Gross

    For Sale Sold