1. dagalmar

    Thread on side bag fixing bolts

    Hi. Got a papir of Alex Custom bags to fix to my 2015 R3, but one of the rear bolts to fix through the rear fender is dull or flawed. What is the thread, please? Need to sharpen or remake one.
  2. Phil Caron

    Fixing worn drive shaft and bevel box

    Greeting all, I've just finished a video about fixing my worn drive shaft and bevel box issue. While building this Rocket 3 bobber, I wanted to paint the bevel box. When I removed it, I found out that the splines were all worn beyond belief. I have bought a shaft from a 2009 Rocket, but the...
  3. Brackets and screen fixing kit for big Windshield in the UK for R111 roadster 2014

    Hello all I have got a magnificent Triumph rocket 3 roadster 2014 matte black with white stripes and I am looking to install a tall aftermarket windscreen either 7jurock or clear view but I'm really struggling to get the two below items fixing kit and brackets. Can anyone help me procure this...