bevel box

  1. Question about Rear Bevel box oil change

    I dont understand the logic here , can someone explain why they only ask for bevel box oil to be changed specifically at KM mentioned in manual below
  2. Rocketfrog

    Bevel Box Drain Bolt (ugh)

    Hey everyone. As the weather gets nicer over here in Ontario Canada, I started my maintenance checklist and got to the bevel box. Lo and behold, a few turns and a grinding sound and out came the top of the drain bolt. I can see the magnet sitting snugly in the hole, but it's so recessed I...
  3. Phil Caron

    Fixing worn drive shaft and bevel box

    Greeting all, I've just finished a video about fixing my worn drive shaft and bevel box issue. While building this Rocket 3 bobber, I wanted to paint the bevel box. When I removed it, I found out that the splines were all worn beyond belief. I have bought a shaft from a 2009 Rocket, but the...
  4. Journeyman

    Lube the splines...

    At a little over 8k miles I thought it time to lube the splines on the 3R. I'm one of the few who went through a final drive and drive shaft on the older models and have tried since then to do this with every rear tire change or, at least, every other, so every 4 -8,000 miles. Although there was...