final drive

  1. rocketbill

    Final drive oil

    Changed my final drive oil today and then noticed it should be fully synthetic. I have been using kawasaki 80w-90 mc gear oil. Changed it when I bought this bike 3k miles ago. Should I go buy the synthetic? Should be 75w-90 I figured 80w-90 was close enough but it was not synthetic. I changed it...
  2. Journeyman

    Lube the splines...

    At a little over 8k miles I thought it time to lube the splines on the 3R. I'm one of the few who went through a final drive and drive shaft on the older models and have tried since then to do this with every rear tire change or, at least, every other, so every 4 -8,000 miles. Although there was...
  3. markur

    Looking for Final Drive Unit for Rocket 2005

    Does anyone know of a good resource? I looked on eBay and not seeing any for my year, although I understand that mine would be compatible with up to 2007. After that, it's a different unit. I'm not completely sure yet that it isn't Universal Joint that may be affected. There is grinding in the...

    2020 Rocket 3R final drive leak

    Ridden 500+ lovely miles and bike booked for 1st service in 3 weeks. Went for a quick run at the weekend, approx. 50 miles and when i got home noticed oil on the final drive casting. On closer inspection it seems that at some point during the ride oil has vented out of the final drive relief...
  5. Mrbuickstage1

    Final drive unit

    Wondering if a final drive unit off a 2011-18 Off a roadster would work on my 2007 classic Standard dealer stated mine is gone no noise are issues just rusty shaft coupling Any suggestion can’t see spending $$$$ ebay new $899 any info would be greatly appreciated I believe my unit is good dealer...
  6. dbutton12

    R3T final drive splines

    My R3T has just turned 35K miles and I know I'm gonna have to do rear tire this winter. I service the splines on the final drive and trans output each time I do a rear tire which is usually every 6-8K miles. The splines have been getting steadily worse each time I service ( I always use the...
  7. MartyCA

    Quick final drive install question

    So I performed my first tire change and spline greasing. Used loctite 8012, thinking back, I may have applied a little too generously in the shaft but I dont imagine that causing a problem. My question is, would blue threadlocker suffice for the 4 nuts holding on the final drive unit? At least...
  8. Jetag93

    About to do 600 mile oil/filter change and final drive gear oil

    I've put 600 miles on my beautiful beast since picking it up a week ago. Anyone do the first service yet? I've read the manual and its pretty straight forward. Any tips?
  9. laraza

    Removing final drive housing

    My final drive housing is looking shabby so I thought I'd get it powder coated over the winter (along with a few other bits). Is it an easy job to remove? any tips or short cuts very welcome. Thanks guys
  10. 9Ball

    ** SOLD ** New never used Rocket 3 final drive

    2005 through 2010 Rocket 3 Standard...see the listed links for actual fitment info. I bought this final drive as a spare right after I bought my 2007 R3 standard. I read of numerous problems with premature final drive failure back in 2007 and had intentions of putting a lot of miles on my bike...
  11. GaryA

    Final drive - bevel box breather removal

    Would someone be able to tell how to remove and clean the breather at the top of the rear drive / bevel box? It is something I have to check to try and figure out what is going on and causing an oil leak.
  12. GaryA

    Leaky Final Drive

    Well, the saga continues. Had the seal replaced and all has been, sealed! Until yesterday, under the bike checking out the starter motor and what is involved in that, and the rear drive is leaking again. Not badly, yet. I am back to the shop that did the work but I don't think they...
  13. nivlek

    Final drive unit

    Hi has anyone ever split a final drive unit
  14. GaryA

    Final drive oil leak

    Noticed a small patch at the rear of the bike this morning and discovered that oil has leaked at the final drive onto the rear wheel rim, around the hub where it goes into the rear drive. Before pulling it to pieces, what can I expect when I remove the rear wheel? Is there a final seal that...
  15. Mike Rocket

    Final drive breather

    Has anyone out there managed to remove the breather from the final drive without destroying it?
  16. 2rockets

    For Sale Final Drive unit

    SOLD. I bought this on ebay around 2008 or 2009. I think the guy said it was off a 2007 Classic that was being converted to a trike. Its been sitting on a shelf in my garage all this time. Splines look excellent. It will NOT fit the single headlight R3 Touring model. It will only fit the...
  17. aprillakilla

    final drive -- dry !!!

    hi there just thort i should post this on here as it may be of some use to fellow rider's . i do realise i'm in the uk but i don't think this should happen to the rocket no matter where you are ! i took the final drive unit off to attend to 'peeling paint' on the unit when i did this i found...
  18. Kim Turner

    Final drive differences 2007 v 2014

    Apart from the finish what is the difference between the final drive on the 2007 Classic and 2014 Roadster? Thank you
  19. Kim Turner

    Final drive gear oil

    Running a 2007 Rocket 3 Classic. What are the recommendations on the type of final drive gear oil? I have heard everything from Royal Purple to Mobil 1??? Was going to go with the Royal Purple 75W90 synthetic, BUT, says on site NOT recommended for motorcycles? Thank you
  20. RooK

    How HOT is your final drive?

    I finally got her back together. Took her for a spin, everything seem to be fine. Looking for hot spots , (yes I'm talking about the rocket) touching the final drive it's hot! I only rode for 25 minutes at 20C, any warmer I wouldn't keep my hand on it. I changed the oil last year. Had no...