rocket 3

  1. jackrotten

    New Battery

    My old battery went to **** and I'm looking for an upgrade. I'm wanting to swap to a LiFePo4 battery (I live in an always warm/hot desert). Any recommendations? What are the minimum cold cranking amps required for this bike? I've found a few that will fit but they seem to be kind of in the low...
  2. Justdad

    My thoughts on crashing the Rocket 3 at Bonneville

    This crash at Bonneville has been haunting me for a few weeks, so I wanted to take one more look at it in this video. Honestly I'm still confused but I'll move on. Bottom line as an experienced Bonneville Salt Flats racer I should have not used up all the safety margin. Lesson learned about...
  3. IMG_2056.jpeg


    My Rocket 3 GT
  4. Shader

    '23 Rocket 3 GT - Parking Lot Tip Over - No Damage!

    Howdy, A while back a car was backing out of a parking space and didn't see me on my '23 Rocket and didn't stop until she had jackknifed my front tire and I had to set it down on the left side. I have a Verex 3 into 1 so there is no exhaust on the left, and I was able to set it down pretty...
  5. NE Ohio - Qualified & Experienced Rocket 3 Mechanic

    I have a 2013 Rocket 3 Touring Edition. In Northeastern Ohio. Looking for a qualified and experienced mechanic, working independent or through a dealer service organization. The uniqueness of the Rocket 3 can't simply be handed over to any Triumph Dealer. I am pretty sure that they are few...
  6. is this true? 2024 Rocket 3 RS coming with 200hp?

    can someone confirm this ? only info is this guy post on FB
  7. Cooperman51

    New paint fir Rocket 3 and gt

    I see Triumph have shown a photo of the new paint on the Rocket R Black with red and silver stripes. This comes out next year they must have seen my 2020 GT which ive had painted in those colours 6 months ago. So is Triumph copying me think i should get a comission hsha.
  8. Rocket 3 Quickshifter

    Hi, I recently had my GT foot controls moved from front to mid; since then my quickshifter hasn’t felt as smooth as it did when it was at the front. It has sort of a clunking into gear feeling when it fully actuates, I can make it smoother again by very lightly feathering the gear change...
  9. How is 2023 Rocket 3 in terms of riding that includes sudden maneuvers and sudden stops?

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to know does the weight of Rocket 3 hinder the bike from being agile enough for cruiser? On scale of 1 (not agile) to 10 (very agile) for cruisers where would you rate Rocket 3? Moreover, lets say someone comes in front you suddenly and you have to brake suddenly, or do a...
  10. Freddie-H

    Rocket 3 replacement handlebars

    Hi folks, currently have the older 2.3L Rocket 3 Roadster (2016) but I truly hate the original bars, and want a lower option that brings my 6' 3" frame a little out of the wind, say standard 22mm (flatter) road bars. Has anyone have recommendations on the best bars to get. Love the bike but any...
  11. Have you ever felt the need for steering dampers on the Rocket 3?

    Hi guys I'm thinking about purchasing 2023 Rocket 3, however, I wanted to know have you guys had any situation with Rocket 3 where you experienced death wobble/tank slapper due to lack of steering dampers?
  12. Professor

    Shop Manual for the 2023 Rocket 3

    Is there a free download anywhere out there for this manual. The Professor
  13. Professor

    New 2023 Rocket 3 GT

    I'm picking it up later this week and would like to know if it's going to be a mistake or a blessing. I'm the original owner of a 1983 Honda V-65 Magna which still screams and think will beat or still stay up with this machine. It's lighter and a lot more nimbler then this beast but it's old...
  14. talkriver

    Updated Rocket 3 be Released?

    Triumph CEO Nick Bloor and CCO(chief commercial officer) Paul Stroud took part in opening celemony of Triumph Matsumoto in Japan June15. CCO Stroud announceted they would unveil 6 brand new models and 6 major updates in 6 months. I guess two updated Rocket 3 modles are included according to...
  15. Deamonkiller

    Rocket 3

    FYI When I was cleaning and doing maintenance on the bike, I found this wire that needed to be rerouted because it was a little too tight. It was an easy fix, but I had to disconnect the safety switch for the kickstand. When taking the two screws out, which was a little harder than normal I...
  16. praxiboi

    05 Rocket 3.

    Hey y'all. I'm new to the Triumph market and I've left behind a 2012 Road Glide FLTRX, 02 Intruder LC1500, 19 Sportster, and a 1980 CB650. I got my rocket 3 for 3500 bucks, drove it home 200 miles from the guy I got it from. I recently had my speedometer burn out on me so I've been scrambling...
  17. 2022 Triumph Rocket 3 - INNOVV ThirdEYE Radar System Install

    The INNOVV ThirdEYE was a breeze to set up on my 2022 Triumph Rocket 3, and it's easily the best purchase I've ever made for my motorcycle. It operates seamlessly right out of the box, without any hiccups, and delivers consistent performance. I use it daily for my morning and evening commutes in...
  18. albertaduke

    2021 rocket 3 gt 12000 miles

    following a fall at speed on asphalt in a entry to a mall my GT WAS DEEMED A WRITE OFF anybody interested in the whole bike let me know damages are gas tank no left gear shifter left triumph panniers one headlight mount small crack on rad shroud bike had 12 000 miles lower...
  19. stingray

    TomTom to the Rocket 3GT

    I usually run 10 to 20 years behind any new tech so just now exploring gps devices. Being a skeptical owner with the limited fuel range it is reassuring to know where the next gas station is or the nearest repair shop. So looking for something motorcycle friendly I decided on trying the TomTom...
  20. rsgr3r

    Rocket 3 R Standard Key not recognized post delivery

    It's been two months since I got the bike but recently tried to check the standard key operating fine or not. Neither one of the two factory supplied keys are recognized by the bike! They open seat cover top and fuel tank though. Keyless FOB works pretty well. The rear mudguard left side swipe...