rocket 3

  1. Front brake pulsation on 2018 rocket 3

    From day 1- brand new- the front brakes seem to pulsate at all speeds, especially higher ones. Any thoughts?
  2. Zutt

    Rocket 3 R Videos

    Couple of vids I made yesterday, just for fun. 🤘 🤘
  3. Tyler81

    2016 Rocket 3 Roadster oil leak ???

    Noticed I've got a bit of a leak happening, I've been looking around for a schematic drawing that might explain what part is leaking so I can start trouble shooting but having no luck. Has anyone dealt with a leak coming from the bolts on the bottom left of the engine above the kick stand?
  4. hossman

    Exhaust Options Rocket 3 GT

    Any exhaust options out there yet for the GT or R to give it a more deeper sound? My 16 Rocket 3 Roadster had the aftermarket TORS exhaust and had a nice deep rumble to it. My only negative on my 20 Rocket 3 GT is it really has no sound.
  5. New rocket 3 roadster owner

    Hi Everyone, Just bought a rocket 3 roadster 2011 a couple of weeks ago. Happy to be part of this community :) I have a lot of work to do on the bike. Will probably be posting a lot of (probably silly) questions 😅 Cheers!
  6. Kendoville

    Rocket 3

    Hi, Guys ... Mate has a Rocket 3 classic that's been 'triked' and won't start. Was running OK before but won't now. No error codes show up on ECU and everything looks ok ... battery charged to 12.9v ... can you suggest anything?
  7. G-Force Junkie

    Modified 2013 Rocket 3 Touring going up for sale

    I just traded in my 2013 Rocket III Touring for a 2021 R3 GT. On the touring, the factory restricts the secondary throttle plates to approx 40% for smooth acceleration and fuel economy. Richmond Motorsports installed a custom MAP that brought it from 88HP to 120HP. I added D&D slip-ons and...
  8. kevin S

    How to adjust the Triumph Shift Assist (TSA) on Rocket 3?

    Does anyone know how to adjust the TSA? its seems that the shifter is hard to engage and requires me to force it whether ****ing up or down. Also it does not shift all the time it requires me to use the clutch! the gear shifter is too tight even when I use the clutch. Yes I can take it to the...
  9. Justdad

    Idaho Red Rocket 3 declares war on his GoPro on ride

    Well Mr. Bill kinda crushed the lense on this gopro in September during the Rocket Ride. I believe he might have finished this baby off today. Of course this is just my opinion 😄😄😄
  10. hnkirank76

    BLACK brake lever and clutch lever for 2018 Rocket iii

    I would to add BLACK brake lever and clutch lever for 2018 Rocket iii. Which ones are compatible ? Where can i find them in US ?
  11. greenturbobob

    2021 New Rocket 3 GT Triple Black Features and Benefits available!!!

    But only a 1000:( I wonder what the 3R will get??
  12. JLeather

    Bought my first Triumph ever... an '07 Rocket 3 with 100k on it and charging issues!

    Like the title says. Last night I'm browsing FB Marketplace trolling for deals on bikes (because there aren't enough projects in my garage already) and I spot an '07 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic with 100k miles and "needs a stator" for $2500. Probably a terrible idea, but long story short it's in...
  13. Moosef1970

    2012 Rocket 3

    Just joined yesterday. I am learning how to navigate this site and am looking for some parts for my bike. I am interested in a larger fairing, crash/engine guards, and any tips on making it more badass.
  14. pica

    Rocket 3... which aluminum parts are clear coated, which ones are not?

    Hi guys do you have an idea, I am terrible to recognize that. the gas cap have some bad smudges I guess from my glove or gasoline, but can't clean it right, and I don't want with an aluminum polisher if that is clear coated.... thank you and safe rides
  15. Ava8harrierusmc1

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring Floorboard problem to start with.

    I got it for $6000 with only 8,120 miles on it. Great bike but it is a heavy beast of a bike. But I do have a problem. I'm 6'2 long legs but when I put my feet down mainly on the left side my foot hits the floor board sometimes and I'm worried that I will drop this beast of a motorcycle. I just...
  16. Jack

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Touring single headlight.

    A single headlight from a R3 Touring. I will swap my pair of headlights for a single Touring headlight if anyone is interested.
  17. Zutt

    Rocket 3 Severice Manual?

    Anywhere I can download or access the R3 service manual? Thanks
  18. kevin S

    Rocket 3 GT Exhaust Mod from Meerkat!!!!

    I was in contact with Peter Herrington ( Meerkat Mufflers) and he sent me this info for DIY method.
  19. Rocket 3 Man

    Rocket 3 R 2020

    Hey fellow Rocket owners, I just traded my 2017 Rocket 3 Roadster for the 2020 Rocket 3 R. First service at 500 miles I’ll be doing myself with Rotella 15w 40 and using my reusable filter which I had on my old Rocket 3 which has a magnet to catch metal shavings. Wow I love this bike and I also...
  20. dbackfan638

    Thanks for the Add

    I'm new to the Rocket 3 world. Picking up a new to me '16 Roadster today. Thanks for the add!
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