rocket 3

  1. Rock Ape

    I love my Rocket 3 R but ......

    It must be close to 18 months or 2 years I have had it now. I might be exaggerating a little bit but it feels like for half the time I have owned it, it has been in the workshop. From the initial clutch issue which seemed to go for 4-6 months to various starting issues. The latest; I haven't...
  2. Slartibartfast

    How to carry wet weather gear on Rocket 3

    I'm the proud new owner of a Rocket 3 GT and while very impressed by the bike itself am a little underwhelmed by the luggage options available. In particular I'm wanting to work out a way to carry wet weather gear with me but am less that impressed with the options I can find. At present I'm...
  3. Caraqs

    Hi guys!New member here - Rocket 3 R

    Hello everyone! I´ve been following the forum and i think is time to be part of the comunitty. Very proud owner of a Rocket 3 R.Mine´s a red one.I heard they are faster. Bike is still stock other than the sports pillion seat but i just bought a Competition Werkes with the baffles.It arrives...
  4. 2020+ Rocket 3 - ECU Removal

    I just ordered and ECU tune from dnktuneworks. They suggested I send in the ECU. Has anyone removed their ECU yet? I assume it’s under the tank, I have yet to see any discussion on this. Any tricks to getting it out? These bikes are built so compact they aren’t exactly easy to tear down.
  5. Zutt

    Competition Werkes Exhaust, With or Without DB Killers?

    Hi all. I have the CW pipes and absolutely love the sound, it's intoxicating, but on longer rides it can get a little loud after a while, so considering the DB killers. Those who have Comp Werkes exhaust, are you running them with or without the DB Killers? Do they substantially "kill" the...
  6. charliek

    2022 Rocket 3 fairing

    Hello all new to the forum. Recently purchased a 2022Rocket 3 GT. I love the bike but have noticed a lot of wind buffeting on my chest. I installed a Madstad windshield. I have adjusted it and spoken with the company who are very helpful. I am still not satisfied and was looking at the Corbin...
  7. 5011man

    ODB port 2020 Rocket 3

    Hey team, Ive looked under the seat and I don't see the ODB port for my R3. I might just be over looking it but can someone give me a hint? I want to pull the code that Ive got set.
  8. Chariot

    Heated grips OEM for Rocket 3 2017

    Anyone know where I can get a new set. Nothing on Ebay. Thanks
  9. Gateway77

    Corbin Dual Tour Seat on Rocket 3 GT?

    Hi All - looking for some feedback on anyone who has the Corbin dual tour seat installed so a few thoughts to the collective. 1. Never ridden a bike with a rider back rest - I feel as though this might be good for comfort on longer runs / touring? 2. The larger Pillion sissy bar will clearly...
  10. 2014 Rocket 3 noise in final drive/large amount of metal particulate in oil

    Has anyone had a problem with the final drive on a 2014 Rocket 3? Is there a special tool available to remove the pinion housing and shaft? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. TJDay

    REAR Wheel Change out

    Hi I ride a 2013 Rocket III touring. I purchased a 2009 rear wheel to replace mine. It doesn't fit. Is there a way to install adaptors to do so? Help. Thanks TJ
  12. Ian

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Tourer 2010 Plastic Side Cover

    My side cover was stolen from the bike outside Myers Geelong. I am looking for a second hand one if possible? See picture of missing cover on the right sdie of bike. Regards Ian
  13. Van_R3Rider

    Did your 2020+ Rocket 3 Instrument Cluster glass crack?

    Just running a poll to see how many members faced this issue.
  14. tino19625

    White Pearl Rocket 3

    This was a nice paint job and thought I'd share it - Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎅 YouTube
  15. Aregg

    If you disconnect the battery "2021 Rocket 3"

    I had to disconnect the battery on my 2021 R3 to clean the battery terminals. When I reconnected I reset the clock but clean forgot (actually did not know) that I needed to correct the date also. Anyway I got the spanner in the display and the message "Service Due Today". Took me a while to...
  16. Aregg

    2021 Rocket 3 GT Will not crank

    Due to health issues I have not ridden the Rocket 3. It has under 1,200 miles and is garaged and connected to a battery tender, as all my other toys. Tried to go for a ride today and it would not start. The lights come on but as I try to start it makes a noise (solenoid trying to engage) then...
  17. Hi, Removed dead battery and thought I had four connectors on each terminal of my 2006 Triumph rocket 3. Now I see 5 - 6 Help with wiring pls!!

    Just want to be sure I don't plug into the wrong terminals..
  18. BigBoris

    Ray gun mufflers on Rocket 3

    Hi Will Campbell styled ray gun exhaust fit/ function well on 2013 Roadster?
  19. RebelHawk

    2020 Rocket 3 GT indicator swap for 2021 style

    While in my local shop last week I noticed on an in stock 2021 Rocket 3R that the front and rear indicators have changed. They went from the previous round multifunction LEDs to a much smaller triangle shaped LED. I went back this weekend and placed an order for a set for both front and rear...
  20. tino19625

    2020 Rocket 3 GT/R service manual

    I just added a post to resources for the service manual - it's a downloadable link and I'll keep it up for as long as I can; I didn't see it anywhere so hope the effort isn't duplicated.