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  1. tino19625

    2020 Rocket 3 GT/R service manual

    I just added a post to resources for the service manual - it's a downloadable link and I'll keep it up for as long as I can; I didn't see it anywhere so hope the effort isn't duplicated.
  2. tino19625

    Triumph Custom Parts - Rocket 3 R & GT Exhaust

    I searched for this Triumph Custom Parts exhaust and didn't find it, sorry if it's out there - but it's not so bad looking and pretty straight forward if anyone still in search of changing out their exhaust.
  3. Journeyman28778

    Heavyweight Battle: Rocket 3 R vs Diavel 1260 S
  4. Purchasing a used 2020 Rocket 3 GT - what to look out for?

    Hi; I am considering purchasing a used 2020 Rocket 3 GT with 1700 miles from a dealer. They do not have its service history and the service light is on. It is all stock. I do not have a feel on the reliability of this bike, what should I look for or ask them to check to make sure it will not...
  5. Doe70

    Coolant and overheating issues with 2014 Rocket 3

    Bought 2014 R3 roadster 200 miles ago from Triumph dealer and coolant light came on. Had a mechanic check issue after dealer told me it was because I rode on a hot day? Anyhow took bike to dealer to explain issue and show them that coolant was not at level handbook said and they sent me away...
  6. Aregg

    2021 Rocket 3 Standard Key Operation

    Tried searching to see if there was a thread already on the subject and could not locate one. Starting my 2021 Rocket 3 is a hit and miss situation with the standard key. I get a click indicating things are going to commence and then nothing. have to do this over and over again. It does not...
  7. Rocket 3 TFC with Competition Werkes Exhaust: RUNNING HOT!!!

    Greetings, I just had CW exhaust installed on my TFC (deleting the Cat), and holy crap its a totally different bike. Amazing sound and performance upgrade, albeit I think I lost some bottom end.. The problem is that now this mofo is running real hot, feels like I'm sitting on top of an oven...
  8. MonkeyMan

    Rocket 3, 2020 and later, Tank Removal

    When I do certain jobs, I never know when I'm coming back to them, and I easily can make mistakes. Especially if the job is new to me. I was scared to pull the tank off of my new Rocket, so i set out like I usually do, with my numbered baggies and went at it. I made a list of my steps, and my...
  9. MonkeyMan

    Wiring GPS, Lights, Powerlet

    I pulled the tank and wired the bike up w/ the above accessories. I used triumph's factory accessory outlet installed as triumph recommends at L of bike near airbox location, but chose to run my own "always on" leads to a FuzeBlock to be sure I had a steady source of power for battery charging...
  10. Tillsss

    2020 Rocket 3 GT shifting issue

    Hi guys I have a rocket 3 GT with 2777 klms on it and sometimes while accelerating it won’t shift usually between 4 to 5 sometimes to 6 it’s back at the dealer now to check it out they think it just may need some adjustments
  11. Rocket 3 Windshields...or windscreens...or woodwinds...or whatever!!!

    Hello all... I just bought (...and by just I mean hours ago) a 2017 R3 Roadster and I'm getting TOTALY lost with regards to finding a decent windshield...I was hoping ya'll could help. The R3 I bought has no windshield/screen whatsoever. I really want something reasonably detachable so I can...
  12. ArekDeBoss

    Another 2022 limited Rocket 3 GT

    So today I have picked up my new bike. My wife called her "Black Betty" After almost 600 km each way it's finally home. Now I just need to read the manual 😜
  13. Rocket 3 for moderately experienced rider?

    Hi everyone, I've been riding for 4 years now, with the first year being on a Honda Rebel and the past 3 on a Honda Shadow 750. I'm looking at upgrading to a more powerful bike, and have been enthralled by the Rocket 3. So I'm here to ask if you all think that the massive engine size is too big...
  14. Antek

    Triumph alarm system?

    Hi folks, I remember reading in some post about a connecter underneath the seat on our R3s that is used to connect the Triumph alarm system, is this correct or was I just imagining things? If it exists anyone have a link / part number for it?
  15. 06 Rocket 3 classic slipping

    Hello , i currently own a 06 rocket 3 classic and im having an issue that i cant figure out what the problem is.. when i take off in first gear and i get to around 3000 rpms the bike feels like its slipping when i shift to second its good until 3000 rpms and does the same but after second gear...
  16. Ziggiesden

    My new Rocket 3 R Black on the way back from Newcastle to The Scottish Borders

  17. johnseva

    Handle bar of the GT on a Rocket 3 R

    Hi all... thinking about changing handle bar in my 3 R. Not exactly due to posture but regarding arm to much extended ( I´m 5`8" or 1,70 m) specially in low speed turning to the right, too difficult to handle friction zone on the clutch with the arm fully extended... does it make sense or common...
  18. johnseva

    Shift Assist for the Rocket 3 R

    Hi all. I´m considering adding a shift assist on my rocket 3 R. I´ve been using shift assist on my Street Triple. On that bike it was only upshift and as far as I can remember it only works from 4000 RPM and higher. How does the Rocket 3 works regarding RPM´s ? Is there any particular diference...
  19. buddazero

    2018 Rocket 3 Roadster | Ram Air & Paul Viking Exhaust

    Hello, I have a 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster with Ram Air Filter Kit and Paul Viking Exhaust with the custom headers and Twin Muffler System (3 into 2). After the I installed these mods, the headers were running so hot my pants caught fire. Luckily Paul and his friend provided me with the Charles...