rocket 3

  1. Andyrock

    New here with a rocket 3 roadster

    Hi my name is Andy I have a triumph rocket 3 roadster 13 reg black and white matt paintwork love the bike
  2. eka

    New here with Rocket 3 R

    I bought a week ago slightly used (1500km) Rocket 3 R, which was registered 10/2021. Dealer said it has 4 years warranty, so i dared to buy my first second hand bike after almost 20 years. First i was a bit disappointed about performance, but after a bit researching i installed nonrestricted...
  3. Jagster

    Rocket 3 de-restriction & Dyno run - YouTube video

    Here's an interesting step by step video. Give the guy a 'like'........He might be encouraged to do more 'how to's on the Rocket3 :) I'm a bit clueless when it comes down to the nitty gritty of preset riding modes and the subject of tuning, so I found this video quite helpful as an initial...
  4. Jagster

    Rocket 3 GT - Breaking for parts - UK Ebay seller

    Just in case anyone needs anything...... James Sherlock Ltd | eBay Stores
  5. Majaste

    Sold my 2021 Rocket 3 GT

    It's been real owning a Rocket 3 but my time on the bike has come and gone. I enjoyed the extreme power of the machine and it was good to read the stories and good times everyone has/had on this bike in this forum. I have a few items for sale in the classifieds (OEM panniers/Powerbronze...
  6. AirbusFlieger

    Rocket 3 (2nd gen) cat delete

    Hi all, any resources for a full system and cat delete for the NG R3’s? Thanks! AF

    Not my video though very impressive on a GT

    Has anyone experienced the 'glass' covering over the instruments cracking without obvious cause? Is a repalcement OEM part susceptable to the same, or similar, failure? Does anyone have a soution to prevent this type of damage from occurring?
  9. Looking at Rocket 3 Touring to Buy

    Been riding for a LONG time.....currently ride a 2020 Indian Challenger Dark Horse, which I love (and have a whole shed full of HD's wearing out the kickstands!) but always seem to be looking for MORE power/torque. There are no real proven aftermarket performance mods for the 108 Powerplus...
  10. 1BigDog

    For Sale Rocket 3 button down shirts

    I have two Rocket button down shop type shirts that I have never worn. Size 5X. These were the custom ones made by a member in Australia a while back. They were tight on me then but since I now wear an XL shirt, well you get the picture. 100 for both plus shipping.
  11. Front brake reservoir leak on new Rocket 3

    Recently noticed a small drop of brake fluid on the bottom of the reservoir. Wiped it off and noticed another one a couple of days later. Not dripping on floor, just a drop forming on bottom of reservoir. Took it into the shop, they have been waiting on parts. Glad it’s under warranty.
  12. charliek

    For Sale Corbin Rocket 3 fairing with sound system

    This is the Corbin faring for the 2020 to 2023 rocket three. It took me four months after ordering to get this faring. I'm selling my 2022 rocket so the faring is available. It is $2500 new from Corbin and took approximately four months to get. It is beautiful and works great for wind reduction...
  13. Pdupps

    New Member, Interested in the Rocket 3

    Hey guys! New member. A little background. My first bike was an Honda XR 80 when I was kid. Ended up with Honda Shadow 750 in my late teens, early 20s. Got it practically for free, was gave to me after giving a friend some car parts. Started working off and sold the bike right before I got...
  14. jammybun

    my rocket 3 gt nightmare

    bought a used rocket 3 get here in Thailand almost a year ago.unfortunately for me,it turned out to have the infamous oil my next post,I will upload some horrendous pics. not a pretty sight.
  15. 2020 Rocket 3 R Passenger Pegs Fall Down

    I removed my stock passenger pegs and upon re-installing them, they fall down when I make semi-sharp corners. They have been properly tightened. I did notice two very small ball bearings (the size of a pen tip), but have not found anywhere associated with the pegs for them to fit. The way they...
  16. Hodge1974R3

    New Rocket 3 Gt

    A big thank you Brisan of Newcastle,Instrument panel cracked and replaced under warranty.They went above and beyond to get this though for me. Special mention to Dale. Thanks guys.
  17. Hughzee

    2015 rocket 3 top valve cover gasket replace

    Hello people I'm looking for a detailed video on how to replace the top cover valve gasket on my Rocket. All I have found is bits and pieces of videos nothing in detail. I'm sure everyone on here has had to do this job at one time.
  18. Hi. Currently carrying out modifications to a 2005 Rocket 3 to convert to a "Bobber" style bike

    Currently carrying out modifications to a 2005 Rocket 3 to convert to a "Bobber" style bike
  19. Thadorod

    New 2021 Rocket 3 GT Fuel Sensor Issue

    I've had my Rocket 3 GT for about a month and the fuel sensor always read the tank was empty. I brought it back to the dealership and after 3 weeks of testing the fuel sensor was replaced. Now after just getting it back the tank always reads full. I'm going to try running the tank empty a few...