1. Protonhound

    Front Accessory Socket No Power...Has Power!

    So as some of you pointed out the manual is lying about the front accessory socket being permanently live and not having anything to actually plug into it I was using my VOM to test for continuity which is pointless on a switched circuit which this definitely is. The fact that I was not getting...
  2. Protonhound

    Front Accessory Socket No Power

    My front accessory socket is dead, I've checked it with a meter and there is no continuity between fuse box and the center pin in the socket but fuse position gets 12V coming in, got continuity from the body of the socket to negative battery terminal and that's it. It's supposed to be live all...
  3. Hatata

    Can anyone recommend a power distribution unit ?

    I’m looking for something that connects to the battery and is smart enough to detect if the motorcycle is on or off and provide switched power to a GPS unit for example. I know quad lock has a smart charger that detects the battery output voltage and shuts off if it’s goes below a certain...
  4. Duck900

    2017 R3R LMS pipe, Ramair, Power commander tune

    I've searched the threads and have not found a tune or reference to this specific model. Anyone have any idea where to locate a baseline tune for 2017 R3R with ramair, LMS pipe and Power Commander? It was dyno/tuned at some point, but runs really hot and has significant decel pop, leading me...
  5. Vector

    Accessory power plug.

    The dash area power socket, is there a adapter with USB?
  6. 250 cc vs 2500 cc

    hi. https://www.zigwheels.com/newbikes/Bajaj/pulsar-250/specifications These South Asian Motorcycles 250 cc pulling out following numbers 23 hp and 15 lb / ft torque 21.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm 24.5 PS @ 8750 rpm Kerb weight of 250 cc motorcycle 164 Kg Rocket 2.5 L which is 10 times bigger engine...
  7. fastfun

    Power Commander 5 issue

    After about 7 years I 'm getting a serious issue now with Dynojet's PC V(5) and Autotune. (AT) Maybe one of the captains here is familiar with this issue : It started late this summer when the AT didn't make any changes/trimming anymore into the fueltablesettings. Normally when the engine is...
  8. BigBoris

    How can I get more power from my Roadster?

    I have a 2013 rocket roadster and I'm looking at some minor performance upgrades to make her run even better. I'm not looking to pull two seconds down to quarter-mile however I'm looking for some power improvement just to tweak her up a little.... Can anyone recommend some cost-effective and...
  9. RIchareno

    HELP!!! Hesitation, engine light, now no power.

    So today I was returning from visiting my sons at college. I was riding about 85-90 on the interstate and suddenly the speedo dropped from 90 to 20 and the bike started hesitating. I had just filled up. For the next 5 minutes or so the speedo would periodically jump back to 80+ and it would run...
  10. 1Steve

    What is the best way to cleanly install a USB power cord on a 2015 Rocket 3 Touring?

    I have seen comments on another thread that indicates the Touring might already have plug, I don't know where that is at? I'm guessing near the fuse box but unsure. Also, how do I get it cleanly routed to the handlebars without duct taping it to the side of the tank? It looks like one of the...
  11. Xsannz

    Power bronze Headlight protectors

    Previous incarnations of bikes , RC51, MT10, R1 ive always bought headlight protectors for With the R3 having the new LED units im worried about road debris cracking them and the potential price to replace them. anybody ordered or used a set of these, also their small screen looks pretty good...
  12. jwillride

    Power Commander vs TuneECU

    Hello all, I just bought a 2005 Rocket III that I piecing back together. I turns out I have a Power Commander unit installed. What is the difference between having this and just tuning the stock ECU. Thanks. Jason
  13. No power to the starter

    Had trouble turning over so I left it on charge, now nothing, no click, lights not dimming, nothing. I'm thinking starter solenoid, anyone had similar issues, and do I go to find it?
  14. torki pig

    Roadster Inlet camshaft Retard for more high RPM power

    Question for the people who have tried. Claviger Lush Warp etc. Anyone tried skipping one tooth( 9.5degrees) retard on the inlet cam only on a Roadster? Theory says peak HP and torque figures could occur about 400 rpm higher in the rev range with only 2 to three HP losses in the 2000 to 4000...
  15. RhinoOK

    Installed USA style cig lighter power port on 2020 R.

    I installed a USA style cigarette lighter power port on my 2020 Rocket 3R in the location for the Triumph DIN socket. Was able to remove the left panel and find the blue tape holding the OEM connector for the DIN socket. I cut the connector and soldered in terminal leads for the cig lighter I...
  16. NvisblMan

    Power Bronze Wind Screen

    I just bought and received the “Power Bronze” wind shield for my Rocket 3 GT. It’s not for me so I think I’m gonna sell it. Hit me up if anyone is interested in buying it. I’ll sell it for $100.00 plus shipping. I live in California in case it matters. Here is a link to the exact one I purchased
  17. zendeuce

    Once per hour or so, my engine seems to lose its power by half, starts making extra noises and rattles, and pops and backfires until I turn it off

    If I restart it goes away most of the time. Maybe I have to turn off for a minute or so. I just changed out the ignition due to the jiggle/off known issue. I also recently had it serviced at the dealership and now it drives crooked ever since I got new tires put on. This bike is posing more...
  18. Aldo B

    Dyno Jet Power Commander

    Has anyone had any experience with the new power commander 5 module for the R3? Apparently this unit is now available and ready to allow form throttle tuning on the new Rocket? Advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
  19. Wdugan9080

    Hi new here 08' R3T with TOR's and airbox K&N

    New to me 3 months ago, Looking for more power got got 20368.hex installed, Seem's rich, just adjusted TPS, and Secondary TPS, and Idle stepper motor, sprayed some cleaners in map sensor, and TB cleaning, and ran fuel injector cleaner thru 18 gal's of gas 1oz/gallon at a time, runs fine, just...
  20. leatal

    Aux power socket location

    On the Triumph site they sale the aux power socket for the second generation Rocket. Has anyone found where on the bike the wiring plug and body piece this thing goes in? Wanting to add one for connecting the Triumph battery maintainer. Thanks