1. steve mitchell

    TuneECU and power commander

    So, I just purchased a new (to me) 2015 rocket iii roadster. It has 3, K&N filters under the bear claw and carpenter, street rod exhaust with a PCV but no auto tune and he never had it dyno tuned. I'm assuming they just downloaded a map. My question is... if I change the ECU map with TuneECU...
  2. maurice

    Power loss

    So I am riding at 80-85 mph off an on for an hour or so, stopped a time or 2 briefly, and on the last leg home at mentioned speed I felt a loss of power. I don't recall if I twisted throttle much after feeling this, but I think I turned it a bit and not the normal response, and pulled off the...
  3. Telg1

    Power Bronze review of items

    Just received my order from Powerbronze, light tint powerblade screen, Headlamp protectors, Hugger, Front fender extender. The Powerblade screen was easy to fit and comes with low and high screen, i have fitted it with the high screen and it looks very nice have not ridden bike with it yet but...
  4. hoopla

    pressure vs tps for power commander v

    is this worth the effort ? any tips and how to? seems like pressure would be a much better control scheme, would look at all 3 cylinders too, I think please
  5. maurice

    No Power at Hella Plug

    So after plugging adapter to the hella socket, then compressor. No action. (All tests with motor on) Plugged known working garmin in cigarette lighter socket, no power. Got mutimeter (DISCLAIMER: I know little about electricity!) and put black probe on side of socket, red in center, no movement...
  6. Hatata

    Switched Power for GPS.

    Hello everyone its your favorite non mechanically inclined friend again. I wired my ZUMO XT the other day to the battery. Which is all fine and good except for that one time I forget to remove the GPS and not plug in my bike into the tender. My question is .. is there an easy way to tap into a...
  7. Cav Man

    Power Commander Issue

    I had my Power Commander apparently go out on me on a ride yesterday- the beginning was perfectly normal but after about a hundred miles or so the engine began running very rough. Thought maybe I had gotten some bad gas and put in some fresh, but no change. Took the seat off and removed the...
  8. Todd salive

    Hi does anyone out there have a good Power commanderV fuel Map for a 09 R3T with K&N , cat delete and D&D pipes

    Hi does anyone have a good fuel Map for a R3T with K@N , cat deleted and D&D pipes
  9. Tyler Bonser

    Power commander V for 2018 question.

    So getting upgrades for my 2018 rocket iii and I keep seeing the power commander V isn't compatible with 2018, only 2017 and older. Is this correct or will it still work with my 18?
  10. Steve Barnes

    Engine Light On, No power

    I was doing general maintenance when I replaced the shroud over the air cleaner. The screw caught a wire sitting just to the front of the opening and I saw a spark. Immediately pulled wire open (four wires in bundle) finding damage to the red wire. Fixed the wire, checked others and bike...
  11. Stan

    Power Commander and tune for 2.5L ?

    Anyone done a dyno tune and power commander install if they even exist on the bike.
  12. brsmits

    Power Commander shipment to California

    A rather specific issue here. Just got an invoice for a Carp Sidewinder. Need a fuel module. Dynojet can't sent a PCv or their AT units to California due to smog regulation things. Any non-California people willing to be a middle man or have any advise? I don't think dynojet would send something...
  13. technoguppy

    R3GT - Power Socket on Yoke

    There is a power socket on the yoke of the 2020 Rocket 3 GT (to the left of the TFT). Anyone know what the mating plug is or looks like? When I reference the Owner's manual, it says "See your dealer for the correct plug", when I go on Triumph there's no mention of it. I know someone on here...
  14. Troy

    Power commander 5

    I know there have been discussions on adding the PCV, but where I am there are no tuners that know our bikes. I think I want to go ahead and add it, and I guess the auto tuner so mike bike runs better. I am running triple K&N filters and open exhaust. The Tune Ecu pages do not have one that fits...
  15. Greg Chenier

    Hello from Montreal! Looking for some sound and power mods all :-)

    Bonjour from Montréal! 3 years in and still love turning heads with my R3R! Fresh off this year’s DGR, I was again the only Rocket in the herd of 300+. I’ve only seen 1 on the road in my travels, love riding this unique beast! I’m very eager to black out my R3R, and looking for a new louder...
  16. Kurt Straumoey

    installation of GPS and utility power

    Hi I'm a new owner of 2005 R3. I want to install power for GPS and utility power. I understand it shall be hooked up via Fuse no 1. is there an easy way to hook this up? Best regards¨ Kurt
  17. TXtriple

    Power Commander 5 Install Question

    Backstory...my first Rocket was a 2013 Roadster. I bought it used and it had a PCV and AT installed. After that bike got totaled, I removed both to put on my "new" Rocket (2012 Roadster). So I'm working on the install and trying to lay out the wires. I've got the main harness, power and...
  18. albertaduke

    more power..

    me think there are two way to improve acceleration and speed add power or lighten up the bike .. since I am close to 200hp as is and not wanting to shell out oodle of cash for HP I decided to remove 37 lbs from the bike and I am sure it will show when I accelerate . how did I found...
  19. Ishrub

    **SOLD** US $60.00 eBay 2004-2007-Triumph-Rocket-III-Dyno-jet-Power-Commander 2004-2007

    NEW on US eBay Triumph Rocket III Power Commander V 21-003 Free Map PC-V Fuel Moto 2004-2007 Triumph Rocket III Power Commander V 21-003 Free Map PC-V Fuel Moto | eBay
  20. Big Si

    Power outlet

    Forgive my ignorance folks but here goes. You know the power outlet lead (in front of the seat on the left, below the tank) I have removed the panel beneath which the outlet leads lurk. I want to run a usb charging lead from them to the handlebars rather than use the standard Triumph power...
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