1. Aldo B

    Dyno Jet Power Commander

    Has anyone had any experience with the new power commander 5 module for the R3? Apparently this unit is now available and ready to allow form throttle tuning on the new Rocket? Advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Wdugan9080

    Hi new here 08' R3T with TOR's and airbox K&N

    New to me 3 months ago, Looking for more power got got 20368.hex installed, Seem's rich, just adjusted TPS, and Secondary TPS, and Idle stepper motor, sprayed some cleaners in map sensor, and TB cleaning, and ran fuel injector cleaner thru 18 gal's of gas 1oz/gallon at a time, runs fine, just...
  3. leatal

    Aux power socket location

    On the Triumph site they sale the aux power socket for the second generation Rocket. Has anyone found where on the bike the wiring plug and body piece this thing goes in? Wanting to add one for connecting the Triumph battery maintainer. Thanks
  4. PeterM

    Power commander v download s

    Hi everyone. I’ve just bought a PCV for my classic 2006 rocket. Does anyone know a tune download for my criteria, l have tors exhaust, de-cated and ram air fitted.
  5. Break-in period/limited power?

    Probably a stupid question. Got my Rocket 3 GT last week, and have only been able to ride it for about 50 miles one day so far due to various reasons.....today being just too dang cold. That will change soon however! :) So my question is basically, is the performance/engine being limited...
  6. Penner

    Free Full Power custom map for Rocket GT

    You will find it at the bottom of this page https://tuneecu.net/Custom_Tune_list.html Cheers Ulf
  7. Zutt

    OEM Auxiliary power socket kit

    On another post I found this link: https://www.triumphinstructions.com/ProdDocs/A9820089-EN.pdf for instructions on how to install the OEM auxiliary power socket on the Rocket. I looked and can't find the auxiliary power socket wiring harness connector "which is taped to the main wiring...
  8. EskimoPie

    Power port to USB?

    Does anybody make a USB power port that goes directly in the accessory port above the gauges? What does everybody use to keep their electronics charged on trips?
  9. cmintegra

    Rocket 3 GT power port to a Battery charger/tender?

    Hello Folks, it's a pleasure to be here! I have one (maybe newbie's) question: can we use the port on the left of the windscreen's base to connect a battery charger/tender for storage of the Bike or should we go straight to the battery itself with the usual Industry standard 2-pole SAE...
  10. Msmitch459

    TuneECU and power commander

    So, I just purchased a new (to me) 2015 rocket iii roadster. It has 3, K&N filters under the bear claw and carpenter, street rod exhaust with a PCV but no auto tune and he never had it dyno tuned. I'm assuming they just downloaded a map. My question is... if I change the ECU map with TuneECU...
  11. maurice

    Power loss

    So I am riding at 80-85 mph off an on for an hour or so, stopped a time or 2 briefly, and on the last leg home at mentioned speed I felt a loss of power. I don't recall if I twisted throttle much after feeling this, but I think I turned it a bit and not the normal response, and pulled off the...
  12. Telg1

    Power Bronze review of items

    Just received my order from Powerbronze, light tint powerblade screen, Headlamp protectors, Hugger, Front fender extender. The Powerblade screen was easy to fit and comes with low and high screen, i have fitted it with the high screen and it looks very nice have not ridden bike with it yet but...
  13. hoopla

    pressure vs tps for power commander v

    is this worth the effort ? any tips and how to? seems like pressure would be a much better control scheme, would look at all 3 cylinders too, I think please
  14. maurice

    No Power at Hella Plug

    So after plugging adapter to the hella socket, then compressor. No action. (All tests with motor on) Plugged known working garmin in cigarette lighter socket, no power. Got mutimeter (DISCLAIMER: I know little about electricity!) and put black probe on side of socket, red in center, no movement...
  15. Hatata

    Switched Power for GPS.

    Hello everyone its your favorite non mechanically inclined friend again. I wired my ZUMO XT the other day to the battery. Which is all fine and good except for that one time I forget to remove the GPS and not plug in my bike into the tender. My question is .. is there an easy way to tap into a...
  16. Cav Man

    Power Commander Issue

    I had my Power Commander apparently go out on me on a ride yesterday- the beginning was perfectly normal but after about a hundred miles or so the engine began running very rough. Thought maybe I had gotten some bad gas and put in some fresh, but no change. Took the seat off and removed the...
  17. Todd salive

    Hi does anyone out there have a good Power commanderV fuel Map for a 09 R3T with K&N , cat delete and D&D pipes

    Hi does anyone have a good fuel Map for a R3T with K@N , cat deleted and D&D pipes
  18. Tyler Bonser

    Power commander V for 2018 question.

    So getting upgrades for my 2018 rocket iii and I keep seeing the power commander V isn't compatible with 2018, only 2017 and older. Is this correct or will it still work with my 18?
  19. Steve Barnes

    Engine Light On, No power

    I was doing general maintenance when I replaced the shroud over the air cleaner. The screw caught a wire sitting just to the front of the opening and I saw a spark. Immediately pulled wire open (four wires in bundle) finding damage to the red wire. Fixed the wire, checked others and bike...
  20. Stan

    Power Commander and tune for 2.5L ?

    Anyone done a dyno tune and power commander install if they even exist on the bike.