1. Hi, Removed dead battery and thought I had four connectors on each terminal of my 2006 Triumph rocket 3. Now I see 5 - 6 Help with wiring pls!!

    Just want to be sure I don't plug into the wrong terminals..
  2. sonny

    Brain Dead

    All last week I have been busy studying the manual. Yes I have a hard copy. Reading everything about breaking the bike down and pulling the engine. Then reading about breaking the engine down and what tools are required. Yes ordered every tool required as prescribed by the manual. I now have...
  3. Ishrub

    LiveWire dead flat

    Harley-Davidson Suspends LiveWire Production Harley suspends Livewire
  4. vindex1963

    bike is dead

    I pulled in the driveway yesterday and the motor died it immediately started back up no problem it's sat overnight, today I went out to start it I turn the ignition and there's absolutely nothing.
  5. Ishrub

    For Sale Going cheap - wonder why? Hugh's dead maybe

    Must be JUST the misspelling as BUNNYVILLE eh!;):D:whitstling: Radiator Grille Guard Cover Fit Triumph 2300 Rocket III 3 2006-2015 2007 2008 09 Radiator Grille Guard Cover Fit Triumph 2300 Rocket III 3 2006-2015 2007 2008 09 | eBay
  6. TRath

    Suddenly dead

    Please help the non-technical-minded numpty. I rode to work and back today, then to a meeting and home this evening without any incidents. When I shut it off after getting home, I accidentally turned the key the extra click to the parking lights, but noticed that they didn't come on. Flipped...
  7. Mouth

    Gauges dead while riding, now won't start

    While riding along the other day the gauges went off (needles froze in position and LCD went off) but it didn't affect the ride at all, 10 mins later they sprung back to life. Fast forward to today and the same thing happened except this time I had to stop before they came back on, now the bike...
  8. K&N

    Dead gas gauge post tuning..

    Apologies if this is a repeat, however, after an ECU update, the averaging circuit for the gas gauge can be discharged and take some time to ramp up. Don't worry, the gauge will start working again after driving a while. Cheers.
  9. Hillbilly

    Dead bike

    Hi rocketeers I’ve had my 2007 rocket roadster since new it’s only got 22000 ks on it and I’ve never had an issue. After putting modified catalytic converters different mufflers some extra chrome and an ignition relocation switch and that was about it ALL GOOD, until now. The problem being turn...
  10. mr hunt

    Thermo fan dead

    Gday punters...got the bike back on the road today. Took some encouragement to fire up and hunted for a while before finding idle (a few backfires and some throttle work). Did a couple of km's (2nd gear 3000rpm max) to prove she is fluid tight - so far so good. I thought the rad fan should have...
  11. laraza


    Once again leaning on you guys as I'm going crazy! I refurbished the starter motor solenoid last week as I'd been getting the intermittent click associated with it. Once back together the bike started on the button every time. Today it's totally refusing to start. , When I press the...
  12. AndrewK

    My turn to beat the (long) dead horse...

    How does Triumph get away with putting such a **** tire on their new bikes?? 5,600 miles.... That's all...
  13. Joesmoe

    Another dead from left turn in front of rider

    WTOP | Motorcyclist dead after Prince George’s Co. collision In the military, they used to announce about this time of year a safety campaign associated with the "100 deadly days of summer". Just a reminder, we'll be out more - most of us - and so will others. Please review regularly best...
  14. rocketjohn

    Bike down deer dead.

    Heading into Oak Island NC in the dark a deer jumped across leaving no chance for brake or swerve. R3T goes near as fast on it's side as on it's wheels. Pretty scuffed up. I have some road rash and sore bits, nephew got some rash but we will live. Hope the frame ain't tweaked.
  15. barbagris

    The King is dead - Long live the king?. (Geeky ATGATT stuff)

    Para-aramid fibers, such as Kevlar really are NOT that ideal for M/C gear. Yes it is better than cotton or Cordura - but has some shortfalls. Namely it's rapid degradation in sunlight and water absorption. I have seen 20% loss of protection in 2 hours quoted. Fine as a lining but not so good...

    Wanted dead or alive...

    Gray Mazda....call Sarasota County Florida Sheriffs office 941-861-4317. It seems every year it gets crazier and crazier.. Luckily the rider is recovering from his injuries...!!
  17. Seanii Plunkett

    Fuel pump died... then the next one too.

    Hello all, My fuel pump started making very loud under tank noises and died at the beginning of a ride just after I filled the tank. I had a spare one in the shed as I didn't like the noise the day before and had ordered one, so I replaced that and away she went. Next day I took it for a ride...
  18. barbagris

    Dead Clocks

    Guys - I have received a PM from a Spanish member @drctjcp who has a failing instrument cluster. On a 2006 Classic. But only 30K-kms. I've never suffered and he's a wee bit far away for a run down to see him. Especially with Storm Emma blasting us. He's trying to avoid the STEALER BLUES...
  19. HowardRoark

    Yet another Roadster with a dead transmission

    So, I'm posting this for a couple of reasons. One, to add mine to the list of Rockets with a failed transmission that was supposedly fixed after '10 and two, to see what guys who were successful in getting their claims covered said to corporate. I have 39,000 miles on her. I can't get it out...
  20. skydog1000

    2006 Roadster with a dead spot

    Working on a 2006 Roadster with a dead spot at about 4000 RPM. Does not matter if it's in 2nd or 3rd gear. The bike has three K & N air filters a carpenter Sidewinder exhaust and a HansO tune. I have already replaced the vacuum lines and tightened the low tension leads put new plugs in replace...