mr hunt
Apr 23, 2013
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Perth, WA
    1. SMLWNKR
      I've invited you to my discussion. Please add your inputs as you see fit. Thanks, Darin
    2. SMLWNKR
      Mr. Hunt, Warp 9.9 told me you had a video of a drill powering the gearbox and shifting through the gears so other could see how it operates. Can you direct me to it please?
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      2. mr hunt
        mr hunt
        Scot is correct...there is a video of that but it's not one of mine.

        If i remember who posted it I'll let you know. Do you have an issue with your trans?
        Aug 6, 2018
      3. SMLWNKR
        Yes I do. Hard to find neutral and difficult to shift. Throw of the lever feels restricted also and it jams trying to get beyond 2nd or 3rd when idling. Something is not moving smoothly inside. No broken bits or pieces in the sump. I've pulled the engine once to repair the detent spring so that job I got down. Cracking open the two halves is new territory for me.
        Aug 7, 2018
    3. markc
      mr hunt, I am going thru a tear down on my o7 classic. I see where you are talking about the second gear and dogs being 6 windows. I looked all over on different triumph part sites and cannot find where there is a six window gear for the second gear. the update kit I bought only has the 4 window gear and dog.
      Markc (ohio)
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