2nd gear

  1. Karam

    2nd gear issue

    I have 2011 roadster. All gears are working fine and Shifting up and down very smooth except when I hit the full throttle at 2nd gear only it's cuting off and on on!!
  2. Littleleelong

    Gear issues......

    Hi everyone..... would really appreciate any advice .... Have a R3t 2010 .... was out the other day and she jumped out of 2nd gear .... since this has happened I’m now finding sometimes it will go into second and other times it will not go into gear at all .......... kind regards to everyone
  3. HowardRoark

    Yet another Roadster with a dead transmission

    So, I'm posting this for a couple of reasons. One, to add mine to the list of Rockets with a failed transmission that was supposedly fixed after '10 and two, to see what guys who were successful in getting their claims covered said to corporate. I have 39,000 miles on her. I can't get it out...