1. Protonhound

    Battery Maintainer and Battery Disconnect Issues?

    As I am preparing for the arrival of my 2024 3R in April one of the potential problems I have read about in this forum is strange behavior after disconnecting the battery. This is one of the first things I plan on doing to install a Thunder Box and pigtail for my 1.25A Battery Tender that I'm...
  2. 09 Rocket 3 start issues.

    Just bought 09 Rocket 3 Roadster. Seems to run great. Though I haven't rode because of winter. Starts hard first start of day. In heated garage. Battery is charged. Seems to struggle for gas. Possibly acts flooded. Takes a couple cranks to fire then struggles a bit or dies then restart...
  3. DjsRkt

    Gearbox Issues

    Well, I am regretting buying my R3 2016, it only had 8500kms so I thought it couldnt have any issues but how wrong I was. In every gear under load I can feel something like a jutter. I dropped the sump and checked the filters nothing, dropped the oil in the diff and nothing. Spent a thousand...
  4. Canister

    Clutch slippage/4th gear issues

    I bought this bike back in May and have put almost 5000 miles on it and when I changed the oil I put high milage car oil in it about 2k miles ago I've changed the oil with mobile 1 racing 4t multiple times since then and my oil is still turning grey. When the barnett clutch was put in there were...
  5. Vladimir the Sinner

    Idle Issues

    Hello ppl, Been having some idle issues for some time now: the bike starts nice and runs nice till the moment I need to decelerate. Once I start decelerating and get ready to stop the bike, the lower the speed, the lower the idle, like they are connected. Sometimes it drops so low that the bike...
  6. Hi

    thanks for the add to the group, I'm an ex Triumph tech and still like to keep up with all of the latest info and solutions to any & all issues
  7. Mongler07

    2nd gear coming out issue

    Ever since I have had this rocket III it has had the following issue. It can sometimes pop into neutral from 2nd gear only when I'm giving her the beans, if I make sure I pulled back as hard as I should when shifting with my foot it usually did not happen. I suspect that its damage from when it...
  8. Journeyman

    What Your Clutch Fluid looks like at 20K - Also, Issues Restoring Pressure and Fixes

    Here's what your clutch fluid looks like at 20,000 miles.... There was sludge at the bottom. Replacing the fluid is part of the 20,000 mile service. Other information on that can be found here...
  9. Canister

    4th gear issues

    I've been having some issued with my 2011 rocket 3 roadster. It will kick me out of 4th when I am getting on it and banging through the gears, but if I shift and let it sit for 1 or 2 seconds before giving it power, it is perfectly fine. Also there is only an issue going from 3rd to 4th and...
  10. shapa

    Some fundamental issues, Triumph (as a company) need to be fixed. Failing indicators, etc.

    First of all, thanks a lot to the forum. Based on other members' posts and printed (~15 pages), I proved a generic safety issue with the bike. Quite a few reports here about failing LED advanced indicators. "Audi like" (per sales manager). The fix is some hidden bike computer setting commonly...
  11. Cor

    Neutral issues

    Hard to find neutral as well as shift out of it. Have read its a clutch cable issue, any adjustment i could do on the lower part of the clutch cable to fix?
  12. FittedBuckle

    Issues with bike starting

    Hey everyone. A couple months ago I had issues getting my Rocket to start. Someone suggested checking the battery which I did and the battery is fine so I'll try to better describe the problem. When I turn the key to the on position and flip the toggle switch, the fuel pump cycles like normal...
  13. Walking Tall

    Rivco Risers install issues

    What I thought was going to be an easy upgrade has apparently been incredibly difficult. My '18 R3R has been in the shop since I high sided it back in November of last year. I asked them to install the Rivco's for me while the bike was there. Yesterday I got a call from the Service Department...
  14. Ishrub

    Does Royal Enfield do Anniversary issues better than Triumph?

    My mate of 35 years just added his 5th bike to the stable ( 1 0f 480 -240 of each) and I must say it is a stunner. Continental GT 650 120 year Anniversary The tanks finished in a stunning Black Chrome, which sits atop a beautiful black paint scheme for the remainder of the body. Hand-painted...
  15. Magoo69

    Ignition issues, Ignition switch won't energize display

    So I was riding along today and for no reason whatsoever my 2020 R3 GT shut off as I was coasting along. I had pulled the clutch in to coast to a red light. I was able to restart the bike as I was coasting by pushing the starter button. Thought that was very strange but kept on my way for few...
  16. stingray

    New bike weird issues

    2021 Rocket 3GT with less than 300 miles and I'm starting to see some odd things like turn signal malfunctions. Then the headlight is strobing. What is going on?? I pull the seat off and check the battery terminals. Yikes! They were just hand tight and looked to be arcing with lots of corrosion...
  17. Thread deleted?

    I tried searching a lot on forum but couldnt find that separate thread where riders logged issues after flashing penner map, is that thread gone or still around? If yes, can you please share the link for that thread? Cheers!
  18. Mongler07

    (update on the rebuild and issues shifting) Under full load slips out of 2nd gear and issues downshifting into 1st

    Under full high rpm load WOT it will pop out of 2nd gear some times but it will not do this if i fully pull back on the shifter when i put it into 2nd. seems like its not fully seated? IDK Also she will NOT go into 1st unless i rev it up when downshifting. or am already at low speeds, otherwise...
  19. Doe70

    Coolant and overheating issues with 2014 Rocket 3

    Bought 2014 R3 roadster 200 miles ago from Triumph dealer and coolant light came on. Had a mechanic check issue after dealer told me it was because I rode on a hot day? Anyhow took bike to dealer to explain issue and show them that coolant was not at level handbook said and they sent me away...

    Clutch issues

    Anyone switch bars and have issues with clutch not engaging? How did you fix it short of changing out the whole cable assembley?