1. M.J

    Gearbox Problem

    My friend who was a Triumph tech wizard at Hinkley before he left to start up on his own,he now sells and deals with all Triumph bikes.Well he has just informed me that the gearbox on the new rockets are having problems,i have not had any probs with mine as yet,but saying that,the clutch tension...
  2. Mike Rocket

    When splitting engine cases for access to gearbox if there is a gasket between the jointing surfaces or is it only a sealant that is used?

    When splitting engine cases for access to gearbox can somebody tell me if there is a gasket between the jointing surfaces or is it only a sealant that is used? Thanks.
  3. Stuey

    06 gearbox problem

    Its jumping out of gear then back in just in second gear. How much to fix? Whats it worth to sell as is 06 12000 ks 160hp 170nm at wheel new rear tyre
  4. David Towe

    Gearbox issue

    On the ride last weekend I encountered my first ever mechanical issue whilst on a ride. The gear lever feels different and it's harder than usual to select gears and it now jumps out of gears when there is no load on the motor. Does anyone have any ideas what it is and how to fix it? 2008 R3C...
  5. Beastie

    Jumping second to Neutral at max rpm

    Hi guys R3r 2012 owned since 2017, with TORS and a remap. I've trolled all over for various clues, but most concerns are false neutrals or dropping out of random gears. My issue is when I crank her open at 6.5k rpm in second it jumps into Neutral. No other gear, no false neutrals, and it only...
  6. 2007 Rocket Help T/S!

    Hello all! Today I found myself the new owner of a gorgeous Rocket III... With a catch of course. Money was tight but I've been eyeing this bike for some time. I found one on CL near me with 20k miles on all original parts but last owner reports trans failure. Somewhere between 4th and 5th he...
  7. Kievit

    Gearbox blokking problem

    Guys, My friend and also rocket owner Jan was recently confronted with a shifting/gearboxproblem. While driving the bike the gearbox suddenly refused to shift into second gear. At first Jan succeeded in shifting back into neutral but after shifting to 1 again it seems to be impossible to get it...
  8. Bone crusher

    Gearbox lubrication

    Whats the story for the roadster. I can't find anything on fluid replacement for the gearbox. Is the gearbox lubricated with the engine oil? I can't find anything in the manual either. Probably a bumb question. Thanks
  9. scot in exile

    Reporting Gearbox Failure

    Are the guys who are having gearbox problems reporting it to NHTSA? If no one reports this safety issue no one except us will ever know about it www.nhtsa.gov
  10. Anomaly

    Annoyed with Triumph right now.

    So long story short, I bought my 2015 R3T about 4 months ago and am having transmission issues. It has ~5700 miles on it and I got it new, old stock. From day one it has always been a bit finicky about finding 1st gear from Neutral (almost exclusively on a cold start). About 1 out of every 10...
  11. Paul Bryant


    Hmmm, me too. Tho' I have pulled mine down once already to replace the 4th gear set. Now I need to do the 2nd gear set, this does have the later 2nd gear. This box is not a nice one, when I had it down last I did look closely at the whole unit, all "looked" O.K. but as I'm not experienced with...
  12. albertaduke

    strange gearbox occurance

    just returned from a wonderful trip , western canada to prince edward island( canadian east coast and return through the US " about 6000miles roughly . halfway westbound the bike developed a snapping/missing type of occurance I could not hear but I could feel it very strongly in the...
  13. jpool

    Gearbox cr*pped out

    OK, seems like my transmission just cr*pped out while riding back from work today. Symptoms: Bike is jerking violently (like going in and out of gear quickly) and making nasty mechanical noise when you open the throttle more than 1/3 way in 4th gear on the freeway If you just cruise along at...
  14. Triumph Rocket 3 stuck in gear HELP

    Can anyone help my Rocket is stuck in third gear and needs fixing. it has been sitting in th shed for two years gathering dust I started to strip it down but in order to get to the gearbox the engine has to come out. Has anyone else experienced this problem ? I am based in Essex near Romford...
  15. Alex K

    Gearbox Trouble with 2013 Rocket III Touring

    I bought a slightly used 2013 Rocket III with just about 1200 miles on it. Almost right away I started noticing that when I downshift from 2,3,4,5 gear I can not catch a neutral. So say when I need to stop at intersection, I have to downshift all the way to the first and then back to neutral...
  16. Sam

    Rocket stuck in top (5th) gear and now making grinding noise... 240HP

    Hey all, Just picked up a rocket here in Aus for a bargain price and it seems I have blown the box.... Only got 1000kms up the road before it went :( Note: The bike rev's to well over 8,000rpm , and develops around 240 HP.... An amazing piece of kit. It looks like I will have to overhaul it...
  17. subtle

    Gearbox fix required

    Hey Guys . just picked up a second Rocket 3 . My original 04 has 60,000 km on it problem free and runs well. The second girl I bought cheap also 04 with a spline that pivots without engaging a gear .Last owner replaced indent spring but no joy . I am assuming it is the retaining bolts on the...
  18. steelboss

    Gearbox Blues... :(

    So if you have not hear it before, I live in China and my options for maintenance and repair are seriously limited. I bought my 2008-R3T in 2012 and sold 3 other bikes the same year including my Ninja. The R3T is my commuter...my only way to get to work. 3 Months ago my clutch cable snapped and...

    Noise coming from gearbox

    Recently in the past 2 days I am getting a screeching noise which sounds like it's coming from the gearbox. As I pull away from a standstill it seems to happen. It's pretty loud. I have continued to ride as it doesn't seem to do it once I'm moving? Any help would be great as I don't want to do...
  20. Evil Mitch

    Gearbox trouble Help

    Hey guys most of you know my machine but for those that dont it is a 2009 standard and has had the gearbox upgrade at about 10,000 ks . Not sure how mutch of an upgrade it is though . This afternoon i went to pick my daughter up from school and the only gear i have is 1st now any other gear just...
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