1. Moff2300


    Hi, new to this site and hoping to find some guidance. I own a 2013 rocket 3 roadster. My dad bought it new and I have since bought it from him 2 years ago. The bike has been flawless, never had a issue. Its just hit 21K When shifting from 4th to 5th it would sometimes miss. It felt like it...
  2. Jeremy

    Gearing and shifting question

    Some friends of mine and I had a conversation going that got me thinking. I will not let you know which side of the fence i was on, but curious if there was a right or wrong answer. I am curious not really on what everyone else does, but is there a right or wrong way to not tax the bike with...
  3. PaddyO

    Shifting question with regard to transmission problems

    Having read many threads about the problems with the transmission and the detent spring, one of the suggestions has been holding the shifter up/down until the clutch is fully released in order to help diagnose the problem. My question is would this be a technique that could keep problems from...
  4. Oldwarrior

    Shifting issues

    Started with noise coming from the engine at first I thought it was my fan coming on. (not it) I noticed it was happening while I was using the clutch in the lower gears 1-3 it's really hard to shift have to hammer on it some times. I did a engine flush and changed the oil, seems to be worse...
  5. cbeaman22

    Upgrades cause problems?

    Ok gents, I am very puzzled on this. My roadster was fine all last riding season (first season owning it). Decided to use the winter slumber time to modify and do lots of changes to it (mostly blackout) while waiting for the warmth to come. After doing the neg and pos cable upgrade to the...