1. Goodbye Bobber, goodbye Speed Triple, hello R3GT!

    I traded in my 2021 Bobber and my 2015 Speed Triple this weekend and am now the proud owner of a beautiful Red Triumph Rocket 3 GT. Made the fatal error of taking a Rocket out for a test drive when my Bobber was in for a service a couple of weeks ago, after which the Bobber felt like jumping on...
  2. Azisbest

    No more speed shifter!!

    Well I went ahead and sent my ECU up to DNK for reprogramming and it does have more oomph! But for some reason when I enable the speed shifter I get an alert saying the transmission has an issue and the speed shifter still wont enable. As long as I dont try to enable the speed shifter...
  3. SpazOnaR3

    Hola! New (to me) R3 owner with a Land Speed problem...

    'Ello folks... figured I would start here.... been lurking for a few minutes and decided, "Why not?". I'm off and on a few other forums for other bikes I have, so hopefully I'm not to green here. :) Have a super clean, 20K mile '04 that landed in my lap... but I'm doing some things that I...
  4. Mis-firing at constant speed

    Bike runs fine under load,but on level road maintaning speed theleast amount of throttle bike skips and misses till i give it alittle more throttle. Any ideas?
  5. leatal

    Speedometer top speed?

    OK, kind of funny but fun story. Went riding with a couple of very young (21-22 year old) kids yesterday. You know the type, very little talking, just texting and bragging how fast their bikes were. Both riding tiny sport bikes, Ninja 300 and a Honda CBR 600. We all know what happened, off they...
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Joe Rocket Speed Master Leather Jacket - New Never Worn

    For Sale Joe Rocket Speed Master Leather Jacket New Never Worn. Size 48 US. USD $135 Delivered US Domestically. Make Offer. EDIT 12/03/19: The jacket has been SOLD. Excellent Condition Obviously as it has never been worn. Clean Smoke Free Home. Has armor in Shoulders, Elbow and Back...
  7. Ishrub

    Guy Martin's 830 HP Hayubusa UK speed record starting mile

    271 mph Guy Martin sets new UK speed record on route to 300mph!
  8. Rocket_Rider

    High Speed Weave

    Hi all, I think I need some knowledge from the more experienced rocket captains out there. Basic story, I’ve got a touring model (2018) with 4000s on the clock. For those who haven’t read some of my other posts I have a highside in April as a result of oil on a roadway. Bike has been repaired...
  9. Raising Idle Speed

    Afternoon guys Trawled the forum and posted in other threads but not had an answer yet so sorry if this has been done a thousand times before! My idle seems slow at 850 rpm and I would like a raise it in tune ecu, I can find the idle column on the left of the screen but...
  10. goncallf

    Consequenses of Increasing Speed Limit and RPM on OEM 20776Map

    What happens if i take the 20776 map (I have TORS and OEM Air filter) and change the speed limit to 299kph and increase 6900 Rpm?? It will work?
  11. Ishrub

    R3 Standard , Classic and Roadster Speed and Tach instruments

    These appear to cover all except Touring versions. Triumph Motorcycles | Parts Catalog | Triumph Parts | Triumph Clothing | Triumph Accessories Triumph Motorcycles | Parts Catalog | Triumph Parts | Triumph Clothing | Triumph Accessories Unfortunately These are World Of Triumph UK's own...
  12. Starmanut

    Correct Speed Adjust for R3T?

    I loaded a new tune last spring but my speedo is still off compared to the SpeedTracker app on my phone. This is the tune I used to replace the factory tune. (Factory tune was: 20367Map.hex) "Power-Tripp-R3T_stock_or_slip-on.hex" Rocket III Touring Aftermarket silencer Fuel up to E25 Minimum 91...
  13. instant

    New Triumph Speed Twin 2019

    As much as I am reserved towards hipsters, I must say I like the new 1200 Triumph Scrambler. I consider it The Ultimate Hipster Toy for 2019 :) Recently introduced Speed Twin tells me that Triumph is really on top of motorcycle design these days. At least in this category. Speed Twin:
  14. Spawn

    Top Speed

    Just wondering if anyone has actually taken the R3 to its limit? I've seen and heard the number 140mph tossed about but that seems rather exaggerated. Can someone confirm that?
  15. R-III-R Turbo

    2.5L Rocket Stroker Engine Kit with 6 Speed Transmission (R&D)

    Anyone fancy a 2500cc Rocket Stroker Engine Kit? And/or a 6 speed Rocket transmission? That is the vision. Step 1: Build an R&D testing engine from spare parts to run on a bench This is the construction of the R&D Test engine, which will be used to facilitate & test engine enhancements...
  16. WyldCFH

    Speed Adjust

    What's the in tune Speed Adjustment for the EMax? I'm thinking it is 0 but cannot remember and @Claviger CES+Ramair tun has it set at -5. The Avon and Emax can't be that different from one another.
  17. Journeyman

    Torque for rear speed sensor?

    Reinstalling rear wheel speed sensor disc. Had red loctite on it. Anyone know the torque setting on these little bolts? Also, torque for final drive flange ("driven flange" in the manual - the gear on wheel that mounts to hub). Blue loctite there.... I couldn't find anything in a search Many...
  18. Akbusa1

    For Sale Trottlemeister speed control bar ends

    Selling my Throttlemeister speed control bar ends. These are the heavy Black with silver milled. They are in great shape and worked well, comes with all hardware Price is $100.00 plus shipping, let me know if interestedPreview attachment 20171119_121605.jpg20171119_121605.jpg2.9 MB
  19. BillyIndiana

    LA Speed Story

    This has nothing to do with motorcycles, but a lot to do with speed.