1. Mark Johnson

    UK Rocket Roadster vs. USA Rocket Roadster comparison

    Can anyone tell me what the stock UK Rocket III Roadsters horsepower and torque is vs. the USA version? I would like facts if anyone has them. I hear stories of how the U.S. version is so detuned and choked down from the homeland version. Or can you point me to a thread that already addresses...
  2. Pumbaa

    Time for a Boost

    Have got a new CES system, 3 x K&N pods.. now it's time to add some more magic.. Do I go Tuneboy/ECU flash, Hanso or Power Commander ? Need some constructive advice please..
  3. Anomaly

    $1500 performance upgrade

    So, I'm still building out my R3T exactly how I want it, and seeking a bit more performance. Right now, I upgraded to a Dain 3-to-1 slip-on, PCV (no dyno tuners using TuneECU), and a RamAir kit. Right now I dyno'd 145hp, 151ft/lbs, not bad considering it's at the wheel and minimal upgrades, but...