1. Skelton Hogs

    Custom Wheels R3T ever seen these?

    Hi would anyone know if these wheels fit the R3T? Billet Wheels Thanks
  2. AwesomeDad

    Two wheels in TN

    I am noticing a trend. Alot of us on here gravitate to the same style bikes. I can almost guarantee we have had in our garage at one time or another a Honda Valkyrie or an M109R or similar "muscle" bike. I have ridden bikes for close to 30yrs and made the same transition as most. Dirtbike, sport...
  3. nolton

    Custom wheels available world wide

    I was at the Biker Blues and BBQ rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas and i found a business that will make custom wheels for Triumph but he needs enough of a demand to tool up for manufacturing. He will ship world wide. He is currently making wheels for some metric bikes but he has all American...
  4. Michael_G

    On Two Wheels 2019, Episode 2: Sampling Triumph’s Scrambler 1200

    Has anyone watched these? I've seen episode 1 and I know there are previous seasons... On Two Wheels 2019 Video Series, Episode 2 -MIG
  5. Ishrub

    For Sale Au$500 (US$355) Touring 2008 Front AND Rear wheels undamaged. NOT ABS.

    Front 1st 5 photos, Rear last 2 photos. Rear last 2 photos.
  6. Jan Aarberg

    For Sale LARGE batch of parts, including wheels, engine, 'Day Long' touring saddle, ++

    Selling a LOT of used parts for a 2004 Rocket III - see list. Items priced at > $17,000.- (new from supplier, engine not included!). Hoping to sell everything as a lot, starting as low as $1,500.-. Parts are located in Cathedral City (Palm Springs), CA. If I don't get a buyer on the lot, I'll...
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