1. Wheel Swap

    Im from the New England area of the United States and own a 2022 GT. Wondering if anyone that owns an R model bike would be interested in a wheel swap. My preference would be for the all black wheels on the R and would hope that someone that owns an R model would prefer the GT wheels. My GT...
  2. SleepyOwl

    Rear sub frame swap out

    Another question Im afraid! Anyone know if I can just easily swap these pieces (rear sub frame) out. Is it just a case of undoing the three bolts plus the rer footpeg and replaceing with a new one, or is there some actual load on the piece that will drop if I remove it. Thinking of changing them...
  3. Rocket Scientist

    Heavy Duty Battery Cable Install - Mittzy improved

    This past winter I bought an extraordinary set of battery cables from @Mittzy ! I finally got around to installing them. Paul said whoever installed first should make a tutorial. I must be first. So here goes. This is what I started with. First off unhook and remove the battery, and remove...
  4. brsmits

    Swapping your floorboards for pegs. It's easy.

    I have a touring but wasn't a fan of the floorboards. I'm too used to pegs. So I started swapping parts with another user, and I took my first ride today on them. It's great! Here's what you need to swap: Right side: Floorboard rail with three bolts up front and two in back. Master Cylinder...
  5. Tbone

    Wheel Swap question

    Can you swap a 2017 Roadster rear wheel with a 2008 Classic?
  6. R-III-R Turbo

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Figured having gone to the trouble of swapping engines, i might as well post up a thread about it with a few pics,, someone might enjoy it :) The manual has a section on engine removal and replace, so no need for any additional guidelines, maybe just a few tips here & there.
  7. Jeremy Holm

    Handlebar swap

    Im changing out my stock bars for a set of T bars. I've never been comfortable with the stock bars position and I love the feel and look of my new bars. Question for those that have changed out bars. Do you have to drill out holes for the locator pins or did you just file the pins down...
  8. BillyIndiana

    Swap Meet this Past Weekend

    Went to a metric swap meet this past weekend. Funny I find the bikes at these events so much more honest than all the glitter at the big shows. I love it when the bike looks like someone just jumped off of it. It was not a big event, but the quality was awesome.
  9. goncallf

    Swap Rocket Roadster 2010 to Rocket X 2015

    Hi, I'm debating if i should sell my 2010 Roadster to buy a very low milage Rocket X. This limited model was more expensive than the ordinary one? The differences are only cosmetic, isn't it? If i buy it i have to paint my crash bars to black. I would like to hear some opinions. Thanks
  10. Swap Powercomander ??

    Hello all, I have a question regarding power commander five. I will probably be trading in my 2014 Triumph Rocket roadster. Can I pull the power commander from it and use it on the newer bike? I reached out to power commander themselves sent them an email made calls and have gotten zero...
  11. Joesmoe

    New sub-forum: Engine swap

    Sign of a healthy organization is constructive change. Some members have suggested, and we agree, an engine swap is involved enough, particularly if the replacement engine is from a different model year; Shawn has established a new sub forum to cater to this topic. I will be moving some...
  12. Willyone

    ECU/Computer swap Roadster to Touring

    Still searching for a Rocket here. I'm kind'a wanting a Classic but haven't come across the right one yet. Question... I've seen a couple of decent deals on 2009 touring models. Can the ECU/Computer from a Roadster be put/used in a Touring, and get the Roadster hp/tq performance? Thanks
  13. Adam79

    For Sale 2011 Roadster swap/Trade

    Hi guys, Due to ****ty health I'm about done with the weight and harsh ride of my 2011 Roadster. Has tegans exhaust, removed air box and plumbing, pod filter install and after market radiator overflow, has mitzy quick release panniers and tall back rest, also has small ape hangers. I have spent...
  14. Adam79

    For Sale Reband Exhaust Swap

    Looking at swapping my Reband exhaust for something a little less hot and smaller, I have 1 7/8" primary headers (all single pipes) with the 3 into 1 long shot cannon. near new cost me near $2500.00, I did have a set of Jardine exhaust with twin cans on it and would like something similar to go...
  15. Claviger

    ECU swaps

    I want to swap to a pre-2014 roadster ECU so I can get the 9000 RPM map installed. I have looked through the parts sheets and the only change I can see are the speedometer listed with a different part number. The Tach is the same. All the sensors are the same. As far as I can tell the...
  16. franklarochesr

    Frame swap info

    Does anyone know of any video likes that would show engine swap for 06 triumph rocket iii Or if there is a easy way to swap frames
  17. BillyIndiana

    and there she was. What was I to do?

    I told my wife I was going to a classic motorcycle swap meet today. Shortly after walking through the door my ticket number was called and I won a door price. Bridgestone t-shirt and hat, some stickers, a few flyers, and key chains I will never use. I knew it was going to be my day. Then I...
  18. Skanska161

    Head light swap????? Help?

    Hey guys, I am looking into swapping my headlight out. I have the single R3T light set up now. I want to know if any one has swapped it for the duel headlight from an R3R. If so where did u get your new light, and will the windshield still fit??? Thanks.