1. NV-TurboRocketIII

    New owner of an 05 roadster w/ turbo

    Hey everybody, Just picked up a used 05 rocket III roadster this weekend with 15k miles and a turbo installed by the previous owner. This is the 7th bike I’ve owned (currently also own a 96 Vmax), but this is definitely my favorite. I’m working through a couple gremlins that the bike came...
  2. Tripps

    Turbo Diesel

    Interesting Motorcycle : Neander Motors
  3. lunatic

    Turbo size :updated, turbo installed now.

    What size turbo are we using on our bikes?I read a couple post on here, there is some good info. I didnt find what turbo size we are using.
  4. canecorso

    Turbo exhaust

    has any one herd of Turbo exhaust? You can buy different sizes the bigger you get more boost and they just fit in your exhaust. Do these really work? A simple solution for better sound and more power.
  5. flash

    Tune for turbo required.

    Hi i have just installed a turbo running at about 5 psi , I have fitted an innovate o2 gauge to monitor afr. I have a rising rate fpr fitted as well. Does anyone know of or can recommend best tune or tuning process . I have tunecu capability as well. Thanks.
  6. flash

    Time for turbo install

    Hi i havent posted for awhile but have recently scored a turbo and exhaust manifolds to suit the rocket 3. Its not in kit or anything so i was hoping if anyone can help me with the oil and water feed and return plumbing to the turbo. ? Thanks in advance.
  7. R-III-R Turbo

    Carpenter Racing Turbo Rocket

    Will it ever happen? I hope so. Looking at this pic, I'm wondering can that setup be fitted into a Rocket chassis. Yank out the stock air filter box and you might have room for the turbo on Roadster etc with the ABS box below. If battery could be relocated you'd have ample space. Intake filter...
  8. Claviger

    Turbo Kits currently available?

    I try to keep on top of what’s out there for the R3, but you don’t know what you don’t know, if you know what I mean I’m toying (pretty seriously) with the idea of buying a R3T. It’s going to be modded,that’s a given. I think I want to turbo it as a counter point to my Roadster. I only know...
  9. CaptainCaeruleus

    Captain C needs to Ressurect his Turbo Rocket III

    Hello all, After a several year hiatus, it looks like I am back. I need to resurrect my turbocharged (Turbo Connection) Rocket III which has been sitting covered in a garage for two years. It will need a new battery and perhaps the starter unfrozen/relay. It will also need a fresh dyno tune...