1. Mad scientist, building a R3-powered sports car

    Ooh I love that Rocket III engine! I make DIY sports cars and parts for other homebuilders (google <Locost cars> or go to <kineticvehicles.com> to see what I'm up to) and I fell in love with the Rocket III powerplant, so I bought a bike that had been rear-ended and after riding it a bit, am...
  2. tripX

    car mufflers

    has anyone used a car sports muffler on a R3. was thinking of a ss cannon connected with a ss pipe to the headers. would it work
  3. jjerdonjr

    Anyone go to the Darkside?

    I've been on the fence about going to the Darkside and putting a car tire on my 14 R3T. I can see how it would get better tread life on flat Street roads but I live in Eastern Tennessee and the roads are far from straight. I ride the Tail of the Dragon, Copperhead run, the snake and all the...
  4. Skanska161

    Going to the Dark Side

    Just ordered and new Parelli 205/60-16 tire. Putting it on my 2008 touring. Anyone have experience with it? I’m mostly doing it because now that i have done some mods I can’t keep from burning the back tire. Hopefully the car tire gets more traction? What you guys think???
  5. Delaware rider

    OC car show

  6. Old N' Grumpy

    Anybody Using A Garmin 7" Car GPS?

    If so was wondering how it fit...was it too big...pro's and con's. Thinking about doing this as these old eyes need all the help they can get!
  7. Y62

    Melbourne assistance...

    I hope I´m not intruding on you folks from downunder... My son is in Melbourne with his girlfriend right now. Their plan is to work in Australia for a year. Anyway, he´s thinking he wants to buy a car. I know a few things about cars but nothing of the market and brands you drive. Could anyone be...