1. rainman

    Rare engine

  2. IdahoRenegade

    Looking to buy a Touring, years to avoid, differences in engine output between Touring and Roadster.

    Former Rocket III owner here, I had a 2012 Roadster that I loved. I put a bunch of effort outfitting it for touring, but eventually realized I wanted a dedicated touring bike, with a stereo and cruise control. 500-600 mile days weren't bad, but when I was working and limited for vacation time...
  3. Earthquake

    Can head gasket be down with engine in the bike and are there specialty tools needed?

    Iver never done a head gasket before I’ve done some easy stuff on other bikes primary’s cam covers but never a head looking to tackle this with my brother in law which is a master Hyundai tech trying to figure out what we’ll need for tools and if it can be down without dropping the engine out...
  4. Cushman

    Engine numbers

    2005 classic different engine from start of 2005 to end of 2005 thank you,
  5. CRASH BARS, ENGINE GUARDS, Carbon fiber kit for new rockets

    hi, In case you all wondering about crash bars/engine guard on rocket. I found this guy selling Carbon fiber kit for newer rockets and crash guard. Total cost he quoted me was around 32000 Chinese Yuan which is ~4700 USD for a pair of crash guard. I cant spend that much on crash guard so just...
  6. Benjamin Trakic

    Fan always on and Check engine light on

    I bought a 2011 R3R two months ago and decided to do some maintenance. Change of oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and of course valve cover gasket. When I finished everything, a new problem appeared. The check engine light and the temperature light are on. The fan comes on as soon as...
  7. Any one with Engine expertise here?

    so, this guy is selling mod for 600 euros with air filter and tune, and he is removing SLS and EVAP. He is not replying as he is Germany and I am not so i think it doesnt make sense why he will sell it to me and work remotely to get it done on my bike. now, how can we remove SLS and EVAP from...
  8. hoopla

    any thoughts about engine bumps

    since about mid july, my 2016 roadster will try to cut out. this normally occurs while going over bumpy roads. I can reduce the throttle then roll it back on and things go back to normal. I've replace the fuel filter and the 2 tps, with no results for the better. I can also say that the...
  9. Alban

    Ready to play with engine tune

    I’ve had my Rocket for almost two years now. Have enjoyed it thoroughly in that time. With almost 13k on the clock I feel it is time to wake it up some more. My OBDlink is on its way. Should be here when I return from this long weekend ride coming up. I would greatly appreciate any tips or...
  10. jwillride

    Waterless Engine Coolant

    Has anyone tried this? https://www.evanscoolant.com/
  11. Rocket3R engine shuts off low speed rolling

    Hello, I have penner map flashed. I have ridden 800km on new penner map. After 800KM RIDE ON PENNER MAP I have noticed 3 times in city/parking lot ride that while I am doing low speed ride roll/move/ride in parking lot or road in 1 or 2 or 3rd gear or while changing gear. The engine just shuts...
  12. RIchareno

    HELP!!! Hesitation, engine light, now no power.

    So today I was returning from visiting my sons at college. I was riding about 85-90 on the interstate and suddenly the speedo dropped from 90 to 20 and the bike started hesitating. I had just filled up. For the next 5 minutes or so the speedo would periodically jump back to 80+ and it would run...
  13. Some questions about engine RPM etc

    Hello, I want to know how will someone know that he is messing the piston rings or engine altogether on rocket3r 2020+? I got werkes exhaust at 5500km and now bike is 8500km. After getting werkes exhaust I did intermittent rev bouncing, open close throttle to red line RPM while riding or when...
  14. Minderis

    Oil leaking from chromium cap in top left side of engine?

    In this area (red circle) I see some oil (or other liquid) marks. Question: what is covered under chromium cap? Might be some liquid leaking from this place? What it is, as I do not find any info in service manual?
  15. Wolfganguntoten

    Engine ticking

    Brand new 2022 Rocket 3R, had my 600 mile maintenance done at 700 with the dealership, just over 1,000 miles and I rode her hard and fast for about 3 hours averaging 97mph 140 top low about 67mph. After my trip I noticed it doesnt sound good at idle anymore or at low revs as there is distince...
  16. Kevin frazier

    Engine Build 200hp build.

    gonna share an engine build from cases being prepped to hopefully a successful launch. Step 1. Deck surfaces, 15 thou on head, block flat surface. Install all new bearings on this build as this motor is gonna live in widowmaker, i hope. Lets build one.
  17. Chip

    Engine color

    I’ve always heard that the grey or silver engines were only in the 04 and 05 years. yesterday I saw a 07 posted for sale with the light colored engine. When I questioned the guy he said it was a 07 purchased like that. Any ideas?
  18. Is revving up bad for R3R engine?

    hello R3 owners, I am wondering if revving up engine at 5500rpm to make louder sound by exhaust when bike is not in gear and not in motion bad for engine? Something like what this guy is doing in video but at higher RPMs. If its not good then what could happen to engine if you do it often...
  19. gadget_ho

    Engine Code P0315 error - SOLVED!

    So I loaded the Penner tune yesterday with TuneECU, it loaded fine. I am not sure which version of the instructions I was reading, but it talked about resetting the adaptations, which I did, and now the bike is throwing a crank position code, P0315. It also threw a cruise control code, but the...