1. Eros

    Momentary voltage drop? / check engine light

    My 2014 RT3 has been lighting up the check engine light randomly (but kind of regularly). It will be on for a bit, the ECU will reset it after a bit and then mysteriously it will come on again. Had the dealer check what the issue was and they said its a momentary voltage drop that trips the...
  2. Engine Axle Bolt in a bind during crash bar install

    So... We were installing a new set of German crash bars on a 2018 Rocket III Roadster. We leveled the bike up, put a scissor lift under the front of the engine for support. We tapped out the old rod with the new rod going right in behind it. When the old rod was just about out, it stopped...
  3. vsteel

    RPM for a stock engine?

    I am curious what the experts here think the top RPM that I could run without too much risk for the stock Rocket 3 engine? Current dyno runs on my bike look like it is limited at ~6700 RPM. Would 7K be too much, 7400? I am not sure how much margin they build into these engines.
  4. RazMan

    SAI Delete Kit for 2.5 engine

    I tried to sell this on eBay but they cancelled the auction because of 'ecological issues' - a bit harsh if you ask me ..... Anyway, I have this kit which I was intending to fit over the winter but I sold the bike so it is no longer needed. £40 including postage to anywhere in the UK. Go on -...
  5. Z Man

    Engine Question

    I have had two people tell me if my Rocket is a 2007 it should have a black engine? What do I tell them?
  6. Small Burn Marks on Side of Engine

    Hi, Could anybody tell me if these burn looking marks are normal or not.
  7. Height of Engine?

    I am trying to swap a R3 engine into a 1969 Triumph spitfire and the only person I could find online that posted pictures of this swap sadly passed away last year. These are his pictures and the only ones I could find online. It looks like the valve cover won't clear the hood, and I'd like to...
  8. EBOLA

    The engine turns off when changing gear

    Hi everyone. Happy owner of a 2023 Rocket 3R with 900km on it today, I have a problem. The engine occasionally and suddenly switches off when changing gear, therefore with the throttle at 0 and the clutch pulled. Can anyone tell me something about it? The Triumph workshop told me that for the...
  9. leatal

    Engine Case bolts.......?

    For you guys who have the opened and closed the crankcase, did you replace all the case bolts or did you reuse the bolts? I plan on using new bolts for internal parts, and to save $150, would like to reuse the external case bolts. The external case bolts only torque to 28nm so maybe safe to reuse?
  10. JBacklund

    Unable to switch engine modes.

    For the past month, I have been unable to switch my '22's engine modes. Since new, I have been riding my R3 in 'Sport' mode almost exclusively, but it now seems stuck in 'Road' mode and nothing I do will get it back into 'Sport' mode, which I generally prefer. I did replace the bike's battery...
  11. Kevin frazier

    215hp street build

    Sparky picked up the engine today for this build. Talk about Brotherhood! Sparky dont talk it he walks it! I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without his help. A great big brother. The Man in the tin shed is cooking up some cams for the 10.5:1 JE pistons. Gonna get it home, tear it apart with...
  12. 2008 R3 - Stalling - Engine Wind-out Required

    Hello all, new 2008 Rocket III owner. Drove it to the DMV all good. 5 miles. Return trip, power loss. Could only make it back by "winding it out" and pinching the clutch. Now she won't run unless it is being over revved. bought this from another owner, it had some old gas which has been...
  13. dr.P.O.N.

    Struggling to figure out the cause of misfires

    Hi everyone. My 2008 R3T is driving me nuts. She works perfectly on idle, but misfires start as soon as I open the throttle. Doesn't matter how wide the throttle is open, engine keeps stuttering, backfiring and all that. The setup is Ramair/TOR/Nels tune. I've thrown in new spark plugs, new...
  14. northernrider

    Engine is making oil.

    Well I bought a new to me 2013 roadster last month. I shook it out a bit and had no issues, so decided to take it for my vacation trip. Now I'm over 600 miles from home and it is making oil. My next stop is/was going to be Nashville TN. I'm assuming that it is an injector problem. Are these a...
  15. Koko3052

    Engine end driveshaft lube?

    I'm a newby to the rocket 3 & to Triumph in general, have been riding Harleys for near half a century. I recently purchased an '08 Classic that had no history from the seller. I did know enough to ask the seller when he had a new tire installed on the rear if the driveshaft splines were...
  16. Frosty Rider

    Engine misses intermittently

    Good Day, well for some i guess, I have the RIII Touring, and i get an intermittent miss fire, i'm at a loss, I have been fighting with this bike for over a week chasing down electrical issues, finally got them all, but this one is killing me, so far i have done Changed Cam chain guides, Cam...
  17. rainman

    Rare engine

  18. IdahoRenegade

    Looking to buy a Touring, years to avoid, differences in engine output between Touring and Roadster.

    Former Rocket III owner here, I had a 2012 Roadster that I loved. I put a bunch of effort outfitting it for touring, but eventually realized I wanted a dedicated touring bike, with a stereo and cruise control. 500-600 mile days weren't bad, but when I was working and limited for vacation time...
  19. Earthquake

    Can head gasket be down with engine in the bike and are there specialty tools needed?

    Iver never done a head gasket before I’ve done some easy stuff on other bikes primary’s cam covers but never a head looking to tackle this with my brother in law which is a master Hyundai tech trying to figure out what we’ll need for tools and if it can be down without dropping the engine out...
  20. Cushman

    Engine numbers

    2005 classic different engine from start of 2005 to end of 2005 thank you,