1. r3badboy

    Running engine out of bike

    Howdy, re my last post I have managed to find my spare engine is from a 2016 roadster with only 1600k's on it 😁 My next goal is to get it running out of a bike....( my 06 is running great & dont want to do a swap just to start it) I'll build a stand & have access to a 2010 wiring loom with ecu &...
  2. r3badboy

    Engine number = year?

    Howdy, probably been asked before but anyway of knowing what year an engine is by its number? Bought a spare engine , number is 3717868 was told a 14/15? when I bought it. Has anyone got a number close to it that mite give an indication... Cheers
  3. r3badboy

    Engine number/year of bike?

    Howdy, can you tell what year the engine is just by the number on the side? Number is 3717868 Cheers.
  4. Cav Man

    Engine Running Rough

    This is a repost of an issue that I had inaccurately described and with more information. Was riding Sunday and bike was performing flawlessly. Came out of a stop after lunch and after 10 or 15 miles, could tell the engine was running rough- it was like someone threw a switch. No engine or...
  5. Mike Rocket

    Thread lubrication on engine bolts

    Does anyone lubricate engine and case bolts with an anti seize grease when refitting them after removal and if so what would you use? Copper slip or alumslip (by Molyslip) anti seize compound? Is there a problem with galvanic corrosion when using copper slip on steel bolts threaded in alloy...
  6. brsmits

    Chirps from the engine while under load

    I've tried using Google, the search here, but nothing comes up. While in gear if I give it a moderate amount of throttle a chirping that increases in volume and frequency with the speed starts up. Sounds like a belt, yet the bike is beltless. Clutch? I don't seem to lose power, but I could be...
  7. Mike Rocket

    Black engine paint

    Can anybody recommend a good touch up paint for a black R3 engine. I only seem to find paint that is high temperature and not petrol proof or petrol proof paint that isn't heat proof. I just want to repaint a patch on the timing chain cover where the paint has bubbled up due to corrosion...
  8. Mike Rocket

    Oil pressure relief valve

    Can anybody tell me if I can get access to the oil pressure relief valve by only removing the bottom sump plate with the engine in the frame. It's a 2014 2.3 Rocket. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Mittzy

    Painting a silver engine to black

    Just wondering if anyone has indeed done this? I have a rocket with a silver engine - Should be black and the silver paint is peeling in places - Yes silver engines are painted silver. I am not concerned if your preference is silver or black - I just want to know if anyone has had success and...
  10. Steve Barnes

    Engine Light On, No power

    I was doing general maintenance when I replaced the shroud over the air cleaner. The screw caught a wire sitting just to the front of the opening and I saw a spark. Immediately pulled wire open (four wires in bundle) finding damage to the red wire. Fixed the wire, checked others and bike...
  11. gottagofaster

    Silver engine cleaning

    Have 07 with the silver engine. Trying to clean around exhaust. Have tried WD40 and degreaser but won’t touch it. Any suggestions? Haven’t tried brake cleaner yet. Have a lot of spare time these days so detailing all the nooks and crannies. Thanks
  12. Mike Rocket

    Engine oil level dropping.

    This is my 2nd Rocket 3 and if the bike stands for a couple of weeks the engine oil level drops below the baffle plate in the oil tank. My other rocket done the same so I am assuming this is normal On that bike the oil level dropped out of sight after standing for 3 weeks so as both bikes do it...
  13. legsroses

    lower crankcase bolts replacement

    Hi, each bolt iss oxidized so I want opt for stainless steel.. I would unscrew one for know both depth/screw pitch.. my doubt is if gasket comes loose or leak/yields, so be forced to disassemble lower crankcase too.. could I avoid these risks if I unscrew an oxidized bolt at a time, so for...
  14. R-III-R Turbo

    A look inside the 2020 Rocket 3

    So they've done it again, cut open a Rocket 3 so the tech nerds will get a boner :laugh: Seems to be a new attraction at the Hinckley factory tour? Please someone nearby head down and take lots of photos for us!!
  15. stollydriver

    Engine management light

    This weekend my battery died, replaced with new unit but now when the bike is started - the management light stays on when running. I have not ventured out yet and wondered if this was usual. There were no issues pre battery change. Any advice appreciated..
  16. Pippo

    Engine hot start problem

    Hello everybody my name is Pippo, I type from Italy and this is my first post. I can't start engine when my rocket III is hot. I can start it only when cold. Who can help me? Thanks in advance
  17. R-III-R Turbo

    Rocket III Engine Swap

    Figured having gone to the trouble of swapping engines, i might as well post up a thread about it with a few pics,, someone might enjoy it :) The manual has a section on engine removal and replace, so no need for any additional guidelines, maybe just a few tips here & there.
  18. mexican

    check engine light after a jump??

    Battery was too low to start the bike, used a jumper box and now check engine light is on, it does not seem to cause any trouble but light is there, what cold have caused it,?:unsure:
  19. Darron1117

    Engine guards and windshield

    Hello all, Going to purchase engine guards for my 2012 Roadster and needing to know do they bolt right up to the bike with no issues. Also, are there any windshield options more cost effective than Triumph that gives good protection and is not huge either. Thanks in advance.


    This morning my 2015 Rocket 3 Touring wouldn't start, the battery was real low, I haven't started the bike for 5 or 6 weeks. It was cold out this morning but later when it was warmer it started it. I rode it about two miles and the check engine light came on. I am trickle charging the battery...
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