1. Chip

    Engine warning light

    My 2015 Rocket 3 Touring is showing the Engine alarm light off and on. rpm has no effect. If the low oil alarm is on, the engine doesn’t knock or show any adverse signs. I bought the bike with 2400 miles on the odometer. I rode the bike 2,000 miles this year. If the alarm is on, I can turn...
  2. D

    Engine Guards for New Beast?

    Many years ago I was riding Big Red (2300CC) in West Virginia, rounded a curve on a road with high trees on each side thus hiding round the curve views and a fricking car was stopped on this 55 mph state highway. The result was I did a one and half gainer with full twist through the air with Big...
  3. RickyT

    Engine Guard Placement

    Good day everyone, As some others on here have mentioned, the highway bars are less than stellar! With the flex on both sides, one is much farther forward than the other. I'm just not sure which side is in the correct position. The left side is in the cut out of the rad shroud where as the...
  4. R-III-R Turbo


    "THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT" 2.5L (2472cc) Stroker Package Want a bigger engine and way more torque than the new Rocket 3? Add 10% BHP and 12.5% Ft Lbs to your engine, throughout the entire RPM range. No trade-offs! Premium performance parts, all manufactured in the USA and...
  5. TURBO200R4


    Codes and the Check Engine light - I am starting this thread in hoping that my Rocket friends can help out with the knowledge that they have. I am willing to admit that the dealers have better scanners that deal with the vehicles that they sell. However, most of them seem to lack the...
  6. BearKobber28

    engine maps new rockrt

    Does TFC have different engine map to R & GT?
  7. bernard

    Engine light was on

    2014 Rocket Roadster - Going down highway, bike's running good, engine light comes on, stays on. Headed home, only a few miles away. Bike still ran good at highway speed, but when I got off the highway, it started cutting out at slow speed like it wasn't getting enough fuel. A few hundred...
  8. r3badboy

    Engine start

    Ok I've managed to get engine going...sort of. Running on one cylinder. Hopefully some of you tech guys could help out 🤔 I'm new to this electronic stuff but learning day by day. Managed to download tune ecu on ph & screen shot pics... I haven't got a fall detection switch at all but bike...
  9. r3badboy

    Engine start soon

    Getting closer to start up, a couple more parts & hopefully it's all go....looks a bit rudimentary but it's solid & shouldn't fly off the table 😳🤣 oh & there could be a question or two to ask if I get stuck 😁😅
  10. Woody

    Greenish Liquid Leak Behind Engine (HELP)

    Purchased 2005 R3 from a dealer two weeks ago. Dealer stated he had service records on this bike for 10 years. 31K miles. Absoltely love the bike. On the right side a liquid (appears to be coolent) leaks from somewhere behind motor near battery. Fluid flows down behind exhaust pipes...
  11. Mike Rocket

    When splitting engine cases for access to gearbox if there is a gasket between the jointing surfaces or is it only a sealant that is used?

    When splitting engine cases for access to gearbox can somebody tell me if there is a gasket between the jointing surfaces or is it only a sealant that is used? Thanks.
  12. toolittletime

    Top Front Engine bolt size?

    Anyone know what the diameter of the long, top, front, engine bolt is? The one that holds the top of the crash bars. I need to purchase one a good bit longer, but the same diameter, so as to fabricate my sidecar mount. Thanks......Tim
  13. J

    Mad scientist, building a R3-powered sports car

    Ooh I love that Rocket III engine! I make DIY sports cars and parts for other homebuilders (google <Locost cars> or go to <kineticvehicles.com> to see what I'm up to) and I fell in love with the Rocket III powerplant, so I bought a bike that had been rear-ended and after riding it a bit, am...
  14. J

    Ooh man do I love that Rocket III engine!,

    I build oddball sports cars (you can see what I'm up to at KineticVehicles.com). I have one now that gets 100 mpg, it's powered by a three cylinder turbocharged Kubota diesel and the R3 mill would fit right in there. So I bought a 2004 model that had been rear ended, I've ridden it around for a...
  15. sonnie

    2020 Rocket engine guard heat.

    The right side of the engine gets pretty warm during summer riding season, so to cure 90% of the heat I did the following. Removed the stainless steel heat shields from all 3 headers and lined the insides with exhaust header wrap using silicone gasket sealer as an adhesive. I cut the heat shield...
  16. r3badboy


    Howdy, have a 2010 ecu, wiring harness & gauges (mph) Would this setup be ok to run on a 2016 roadster engine Cheers 😎
  17. r3badboy

    Running engine out of bike

    Howdy, re my last post I have managed to find my spare engine is from a 2016 roadster with only 1600k's on it 😁 My next goal is to get it running out of a bike....( my 06 is running great & dont want to do a swap just to start it) I'll build a stand & have access to a 2010 wiring loom with ecu &...
  18. r3badboy

    Engine number = year?

    Howdy, probably been asked before but anyway of knowing what year an engine is by its number? Bought a spare engine , number is 3717868 was told a 14/15? when I bought it. Has anyone got a number close to it that mite give an indication... Cheers
  19. r3badboy

    Engine number/year of bike?

    Howdy, can you tell what year the engine is just by the number on the side? Number is 3717868 Cheers.
  20. Cav Man

    Engine Running Rough

    This is a repost of an issue that I had inaccurately described and with more information. Was riding Sunday and bike was performing flawlessly. Came out of a stop after lunch and after 10 or 15 miles, could tell the engine was running rough- it was like someone threw a switch. No engine or...
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