1. Wolfganguntoten

    Engine ticking

    Brand new 2022 Rocket 3R, had my 600 mile maintenance done at 700 with the dealership, just over 1,000 miles and I rode her hard and fast for about 3 hours averaging 97mph 140 top low about 67mph. After my trip I noticed it doesnt sound good at idle anymore or at low revs as there is distince...
  2. Kevin frazier

    Engine Build 200hp build.

    gonna share an engine build from cases being prepped to hopefully a successful launch. Step 1. Deck surfaces, 15 thou on head, block flat surface. Install all new bearings on this build as this motor is gonna live in widowmaker, i hope. Lets build one.
  3. Chip

    Engine color

    I’ve always heard that the grey or silver engines were only in the 04 and 05 years. yesterday I saw a 07 posted for sale with the light colored engine. When I questioned the guy he said it was a 07 purchased like that. Any ideas?
  4. Is revving up bad for R3R engine?

    hello R3 owners, I am wondering if revving up engine at 5500rpm to make louder sound by exhaust when bike is not in gear and not in motion bad for engine? Something like what this guy is doing in video but at higher RPMs. If its not good then what could happen to engine if you do it often...
  5. gadget_ho

    Engine Code P0315 error - SOLVED!

    So I loaded the Penner tune yesterday with TuneECU, it loaded fine. I am not sure which version of the instructions I was reading, but it talked about resetting the adaptations, which I did, and now the bike is throwing a crank position code, P0315. It also threw a cruise control code, but the...
  6. Thommo 1123

    Gt3 2020. Check engine light, hard to start..

    Hi guys, looking for some advice. At 850 km my gt3 showed a check engine light. I booked it in for its first service. ( nearest dealer is a 4 hour ride away) 2 days later it was harder to start than normal, and was blowing some Grey/ black some. Check engine light came on again. Rode it back to...
  7. TowBoatJoe1988

    2018 Rocket III Engine Guards (50mm)

    Help finding a product (that I'm not sure exists) in the US! I've been searching for some time now! I know it's been referred to on this site, but all links are down & (as far as I can tell) the sources are international, making procurement basically impossible in this COVID environment. *I'm...
  8. High frequency engine vibration

    My 2020 Rocket 3R engine has been very smooth for it's first 17,000 km. For the last 3,000 km I've been experiencing a high frequency vibration in the handle bars, foot pegs and seat. The vibration can be felt at any revs but is more noticeable from 4000 rpm. Vibration is felt when moving or...
  9. Mike Rocket

    Engine breather pipe

    Good morning people. I have had my 2014 Roadster with 12800 miles on it parked up for 2 months and today noticed a very small oil patch on the floor which appears to be from the breather pipe under the engine. The pipe has an oil mist around it so i assume this may be just normal? I hav'nt...
  10. zendeuce

    Once per hour or so, my engine seems to lose its power by half, starts making extra noises and rattles, and pops and backfires until I turn it off

    If I restart it goes away most of the time. Maybe I have to turn off for a minute or so. I just changed out the ignition due to the jiggle/off known issue. I also recently had it serviced at the dealership and now it drives crooked ever since I got new tires put on. This bike is posing more...
  11. maurice

    Engine Light

    After a nice ride I stopped about 20 minutes from home to clean bike. After getting back on engine light showed. I pulled over, did walk around as bike idled, no leaking, no change in sound. Turned bike off. Checked oil, full. Drove home, at lights trying to tell if radiator fan turned on. Not...
  12. Sepu4

    2005 silver engine remove

    Hi, I'need to remove and split the cases because the bolt from the gear selector rods has fallen. Can you please let me know what triumph special tools are needed for the operation? Many thanks
  13. KC the dog

    Excess Engine Heat

    I have a 2013 R3 Touring and have excessive heat coming off the engine on the Left side. It's as if the radiator is directing the heat over the engine and out that side. Any suggestions on how to redirect this heat as it is hitting the underside of my thigh to the point of causing a blister or...
  14. Engine coolant

    Is it difficult to change coolant in r3 classic??
  15. Truxx1956

    Hesitation and engine miss intermittently

    Hey guys, I got a 2013 r3 touring. It's got PCV, Ram Air, and no cats. 22,000 miles. Been dynod by pro. Ran perfect but has developed a miss going down road. I have the display for the PCV and I can watch when it begins missing around 11 percent to about 20 percent. If I ride harder or less hard...
  16. KC the dog

    Excessive engine heat

    Anyone have a suggestion to block or redirect excessive engine heat on the left side? The right side doesn't seem to be a problem.
  17. Engine dies when clutch pulled in and chnage down

    Hello all I have a 2021 Rocket due for its first service, however I have noticed more than a few times the engine dies when changing down coming up to traffic lights etc, starts no worries, but is a bit of a worry. The bike idles quite well normally. Thanks
  18. Bonzo

    Engine oil transferring into void

    2020 R3GT at dealer for service, 1 year 4,500 miles. refilling engine oil it took about 1.5 litres over the capacity to even register on the dip stick. Triumph tech say the oil is transferring into a void in the engine where an oil seal has been omitted on assembly. Repairing it under warranty...
  19. Rocketeer4life

    CLUTCH cable adjustment SEEMINGLY WORST part of engine SWAP!!!??

    hello all. So I've got my pride n joy on the Virge of taking out for a test run after a lengthy and enjoyable engine swap. BUT this step is baffling me after combing over many many threads of this similar/ exact same issue. With following the captains n gurus step by step words of wisdom....haha...
  20. EskimoPie

    Engine stalls after fill-up

    I live in southern Arizona. It's hot. Very hot. When I happen to fill up on the way to work, and the bike sits in the sun all day, riding home the bike will stall when at idle. I've seen on here that is due to over-filling. It's **** near impossible to not "over-fill" these bikes. After...