1. G-Force Junkie

    Looking for a Shop / Dyno in Ottawa area

    I'm looking for a shop / dyno in the Ottawa area to upload the unrestricted Map, if anyone has any recommendations. (2021 R3 GT) Thanks,
  2. cmintegra

    Valve inspection interval and findings

    Question for iron butt guys with plenty of mileage on their Rockets... anyone has done the valve inspection scheduled for 10k mi or 16k km? Any valve out of specs?
  3. Antek

    How many digits in the engine number?

    Hi folks, need to register my TFC here in California and part of the paperwork requires the engine number, question is how many digits/letters are in it? I can clearly see six digits but there is another symbol/character at the end and I am not sure what it is, I tried taking picture and...
  4. Rocketeer4life

    Advice on slowly upgrading a low mileage o5 engine to a demonic beast one day?

    So my 05 r3 standard engine has a chewed up second gear rattlin round inside but otherwise is still a strong unit, with only 16-17k miles on it. Its out and a 14 roadster unit took its place. Anyone have thoughts of the tedious hastle/ minor cost of crackin into it myself to replace n fix is...
  5. bebsy

    Engine rebuild gone west

    Just had a 2005 engine rebuild for a friend's bike after throwing a valve replaced with a new head and all the dressings complete new oil system new oil pressure sensor and more now this is the ball ache question, when I started it up idled fine oil light went out but when the engine started to...
  6. Rocketeer4life


    Hi all. I have a 2005 rocket 3 standard engine with only going on 17k miles. Runs strong and still spectaculary looks like new. Only issue is the second gear is pretty much gone. But still pieces rattle away in 1st gear or so. So engines been parked up and swapped out. Whats truly a fair asking...
  7. Southeast

    Bike Wobble and Hesitation

    My 2021 with 750 miles has a 1-2 second hesitation and engine wobble when I pull on the throttle with medium to hard acceleration. Also when riding at 80-90 mph I will have a partial loss of power, which comes and goes. Check engine light is now on and during my last ride the traction control...
  8. Inkster709

    Engine afterfire.

    Just recently purchased a 2009 R3 with a few Mods done. Foam Ramair intake MOD CAT delete Custom tune First issue is when coming off the throttle getting lots of after fire. Any idea how to remedy ?
  9. Grey0wl

    Engine noise when slowing

    Hey hoping someone can tell me if I have a issue or not. My bikes a 2004 std. When I'm rolling down a hill or slowing towards a junction using engine breaking I have a clunking type noise, sounds like it's coming from the from of the engine? Kinda sounds like a gear engaging then disengaging...
  10. Rocketeer4life

    2014 R3 roadster engine to a 05 standard?

    Hi all! Still new here, but i recently wrecked my touring model unfortunetly. So now i have my 05 standard still, it needs a new engine. Found a used crate engine online off a 2014 R3 roadster...is this interchangeable? Thanks! N cheers!
  11. F6C

    Engine oil level

    I find that the method of checking the oil level is not easy. On the motorcycle log, side stand, cold engine, run 1mn30 without accelerating, stop then check 3mn later. Do you control like that? or some other way?
  12. Jeff06098

    Front frame to engine bolt torque?

    I’m going to put on new dresser bars so I want to make sure it’s torqued correctly. In my book the only value I can find for this bolt is “See Note”. The problem is I don’t see the note... anywhere in the book. Does anyone know what the proper torque is?
  13. Engine rattle/piston slap query

    The Rocket is 7 months and 13,000klm old. When cold, at 1800 revs there is a loud rattle noise. It appears to stop at 2000 revs and appears to go away when hot. The dealer is yet to investigate ( 4 weeks booking time). Question - has anyone else experienced this symptom?
  14. bzboy01

    2020 Rocket 3R Hot Engine.....

    Hi. I have a 2020 Rocket 3R and I just did the 1000 km service. Recently I have been feeling hot air coming from the engine side. On the right side of the bike where it says Rocket 3R, the engine portion gets real hot. Is this normal? We have hot weather here (35 deg C). Can someone please...
  15. Engine oil and filter

    Would like everyone's recommendations on engine oil viscosity and brand to use. Have an 05 rocket III with approx. 350 miles on complete build. Have always used Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10w-40 and usually a Wix filter. I have read several articles about using heaver viscosity oils and different...
  16. bernard

    Engine Issue

    2014 Roadster. It sounds OK at idle. Off idle to about 2500 rpm there is a distinct miss. It starts smoothing out at 3000 rpm and runs strong and smooth to redline. In addition to the miss, there is an extra noise coming from the exhaust pipe. The pipe is a 3 into 1 baffled megaphone...
  17. EskimoPie

    Check engine light automatic at 600 miles?

    Hey, my check engine light came on today but I looked down and I was at 599 miles. Is it set to automatically come on at 600 miles to tell you to get your first service or do I need to get more concerned it's something real? Bike is running normally.
  18. cmintegra

    Crash bars, engine guards, sliders Rocket 3 R/ GT

    Hello again fellow rocketeers! Does anyone has any knowledge about options to protect the bike in the event of a tip over or a drop? God forbid that one of Us have to endure such a predicament, but even Valentino Rossi had to be prepared for the worst case scenario... I've been searching...
  19. Smash

    Paint in engine.

    Anybody else have engine paint issues? I got them outside and INSIDE the cases. Flaking off. Clogged oil pump screen...
  20. Chip

    Engine warning light

    My 2015 Rocket 3 Touring is showing the Engine alarm light off and on. rpm has no effect. If the low oil alarm is on, the engine doesn’t knock or show any adverse signs. I bought the bike with 2400 miles on the odometer. I rode the bike 2,000 miles this year. If the alarm is on, I can turn...
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