1. Todd salive

    Hi does anyone out there have a good Power commanderV fuel Map for a 09 R3T with K&N , cat delete and D&D pipes

    Hi does anyone have a good fuel Map for a R3T with K@N , cat deleted and D&D pipes
  2. Kim Turner

    Trufuel 4-cycle fuel

    Have been given a few sealed gallons of the Trufuel gasoline as sold in Home Depot and Lowes (92-Octane, no-ethanol, fuel stabilizer). Could this be used in the Classic to help stop fuel separation during the present state of affairs, as opposed to straight pump fuel?
  3. Jallen3.14

    Replacement rubber gasket for fuel gauge.

    I need a rubber gasket for the fuel gauge for a 2005, and I can only find the whole assembly. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. jake shaw

    No Fuel Gauge or Sweep

    Posting for a freind with a 15 Touring. Bike in a cold garage all winter. Dead battery when he went to start it. Charged battery (12.68) Bike started but no sweep of gauges, no fuel gauge or trip settings. We let bike go through numerous hot cycles (fan on) but no gauges. He is taking bike to...
  5. Mike Rocket

    Fuel Type

    Here in England we can now only mostly get E5 Petrol. I cannot see a mention of this in the manual so is it safe to use in our rocket 3 motorcycles? My other bikes can use up to E10 petrol. Does anybody know for certain?
  6. wjb

    Fuel injectors

    This is my first fuel injected bike and I have some questions about it. My supercharged Mustang has injectors sized for the blower it came with. If I were to upgrade to a larger supercharger and add an additional 5+ pounds of boost I would have to upgrade my injectors from 47 lb/hr to 57...
  7. davidr2023

    Dobeck fuel module

    Hi all ive heard the dobeck fuel module helps engine to run better as i have a single pipe and ramair filter fitted but does any1 know if it is suitable for 2018 roadster as my bike seems to be idleing rough and not sure what is the best way to go
  8. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale FUEL TANK Like New

    Still Available 7/4/20. I recently purchased a lot of TAKE OFF items from a 2005 Standard. The Tins came off right away so the accessory ghost flame tins could be installed from new. These parts have not seen daylight for almost 15 years. Here is the FUEL TANK. It is very nice and has the...
  9. MohamedSalah

    Want to Buy Fuel tank

    Hello, I am looking for a fuel tank and gear selector assembly. Is there any available
  10. Darron1117


    Hey guy's, Does this beast run fine on regular fuel or does it thirst for super unleaded. What's the best fuel mileage you've gotten out of it? My right wrist has a twitch which keeps the throttle cranked open most times. Gotta get that twitch fixed. Thanks,
  11. vzrDean1800

    Want to Buy Roadster fuel tank

    Well, my paint project is taking longer than I'd hoped. Really need to retire from working, so I have more time for hobbies! I'd like to run the run rocket to finish up some mechanical mods, such as ram air, and then fool with and learn about tuneecu. Hard to do when your tank is primer in the...
  12. James Wildman

    2018 Rocket 3 fuel gauge not showing fuel

    Hi all, So I went and bought a ram-air intake system for my rocket. Fuel gauge worked fine before installation. Installed the new intake and EVERYTHING is reconnected. Turned it on and did the idle tune as the instructions said. The bike at the time had half a tank left so it looked and sounded...
  13. Tripps

    Another weird Touring issue: fuel gauge

    So I had my bike around 4 years, fuel gauge worked fine, or at least same as everyone else's. Got the Carpenter package, picked it up, filled it several times on the way home, when full it only read 5/8 of a tank. I called Bob and got a party line/ BS answer "we didn't do anything that could...
  14. jjerdonjr

    Looking for a fuel tank?

    A am looking for a new or used undamaged fuel tank for a 2014 R3T. Anyone know of any sites, yards, people etc... that may have one?
  15. Rainey Yang

    What is touring fuel level sensor direction??

    Hi all I need help We lost this Rocket III Turing fuel level sensor direction Anyone know which one is correct?
  16. AmLit

    bad gas. Only meant for a Dutch Oven

    So I pulled my bike out in early March on an unusually warm afternoon. Hit the starter, she roared to life, I ran inside to grab a helmet, while she idled up to op temp. As I walked back out of the house (maybe 2 minutes later) I hear rough idle, coughs a few times and dies. Won’t restart. Bad...
  17. elcanaco

    Fuel tank float arm

    I’m only heading into season 3 with my ‘08 but from day one the low fuel level light would come on after only 70 miles. I read from others that the problem was the float arm and today I discovered how bent my float arm is. I’m taking a LOT of parts to a custom paint shop tomorrow and in the...
  18. ZoneIII

    R3T Fuel level indicator not reading.

    As I was changing all the fluids on my 2015 R3T getting it ready to ride, I noticed that the fuel gauge was reading zero even though the tank is full. If anyone else has had this problem or has any suggestions, I'd like to hear from them. There was no problem with the bike when put away last...
  19. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Want to Buy Fuel sender

    Hi. Does anyone have an used or new fuel sender for sale?? Cheers everyone
  20. Ham42

    Want to Buy Fuel gauge

    I know they are rare but need a fuel gauge to balance out my look. Don't really care if it works!!
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