1. JKrull66

    fuel pump

    i see fowlers is out of stock. ebay has several questionable offers. Whats the go too? I first figured injectors so had those cleaned and calibrated. got the cheapy pressure test kit off ebay. 8 lbs prob a bit short of 43. Thanks John Texas
  2. Protonhound

    Realistic Fuel Mileage?

    My current ride has a 4.5 gallon capacity and I run out at around 140 miles, I probably get around 32-35 mpg realistically. Generally I will fuel up no more than every 120 miles to be on the safe side. I'm getting my R in April and have ran across quite the range of different experiences when it...
  3. Journeyman

    Your Fuel Filter After 10K miles

    I can't find the thread, but someone asked if it was really necessary to change the fuel filter after 10,000 miles https://www.r3owners.net/threads/10k-mile-service-diy-also-spark-plugs-not-tight-wire-boots-not-pushed-on.50018 and someone else asked if I'd cut it open. Well, OK, I did it this...
  4. Vector

    Fuel tank removal.

    It sure sounds like a hassle. Can the tank be partially lifted to gain access to the spark plugs? I thing these engineers design so most buyers have the dealer perform work at $95 an hour.
  5. AirbusFlieger

    Rut-roh Shaggy, fuel capacity/range

    Holy cow I don't know how I missed this one.... for some reason I thought the fuel tank was 7 gallons... I was super pumped to have a motorcycle like the R3 with a fat range... Hmm, I suppose that's how they got the wet weight down, eh? What range are you all getting? I need 200 +reserve, so...
  6. MNC5

    Restrictions Throttle Spark Fuel Throttle Bodies

    Someone told me that even with a tune the R3 still limits power by pulling timing and partially closing the throttle bodies over ruling the throttle table we have access to per 7k revs Wondering if the future holds a higher rev limit similar to the previous version.
  7. RazMan

    Aftermarket fuel gauge?

    I am still on my quest to get my aftermarket fuel gauge working. I fitted a Koso RXF 'all in one' unit to replace the faulty speedo (odometer display dead) and generally update the looks a little. Anyway, everything works brilliantly except for the fuel gauge. The problem appears to be the way...
  8. Journeyman

    The Death of Combustion Bikes

    Don't shoot me- I'm just the messenger.... https://www.cycleworld.com/story/motorcycle-news/united-kingdom-proposes-end-sales-combustion-engine-motorcycles/
  9. RazMan

    Fuel sender question

    I am having trouble fitting a Koso fuel gauge and after contacting their tech support guy, he tells me that their gauge cannot read from the existing gauge signal and needs to go direct to the sender unit in the tank. So which wire is the right one? I am guessing Terminal No 4 -BG A24 which goes...
  10. RazMan

    Fuel gauge wiring

    As part of my new Koso RXF install, I am trying to figure out the fuel gauge part and which wire is the right one to get the level reading from. As far as I can tell, the wires go as follows: RU = +12V GR = ? B = Earth BG = ? So which one is it - BG or GR ? Any help appreciated as always.
  11. stingray

    low fuel warning

    Anyone seen how far it will go after the low fuel light comes on? I got down to Range 1 mile and filled up. All I was able to get in after carefully putting in as much as I could was 4.435 gallons. Man this thing needs a much bigger tank.

    Lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring

    Hi fellow riders Can anyone please help me to provide details where I can buy a lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring please? The internet has got this cap for a 2010 model but not for 2013.
  13. leatal

    Fuel numbers in tune ecu?

    How does the ecm know how much fuel to add/subtract from the fuel ratio shown in the map if the O2 sensor is in open loop? If you change the ratio does the ecm adjust to the new ratio?
  14. mouneet

    Check Engine - adulterated fuel

    Rocket3R purchased in Sep 2020. On my 400 kms trip to Goa, I had to refuel on the way at a highway gas station. When I entered Goa, I got a check engine light, and some of all electronics stopped working - Traction Control, Hill Hold. Luckily, there's a Triumph dealership in Goa and I had to...
  15. FittedBuckle

    Wiring Issue

    Hey guys. Yesterday My dad and I mounted an MTX Road Thunder sound bar to my rocket and everything went great except for a bump at the end. Whenever I had the gas tank up we popped a wire out of place and can't seem to figure out where it end up. I can say that the wire is flat like a casbud...
  16. Journeyman

    Fuel Level Indicator Not Working - Clutch Switch/Solved!

    I've had the tank up and down a lot lately fighting various gremlins. At one point the fuel level indicator stopped working. The low gas warning light still comes on, but the digital display and miles remaining is no longer functioning. I've notice that if I lift the tank it will reset (not...
  17. Winter storage fuel purge

    I need to leave my Rocket III in the Pacific Northwest 'till spring. I have less than a gallon in the tank. Last time I stored it was more than a decade, and I had to replace the fuel pump and have the fuel injector nozzles cleaned. I think I can empty the tank (pull the fuel line off the tank...
  18. Mike Rocket

    Fuel pump and injectors

    If i want to store a bike for a year or more, if i drain the fuel tank completely and then spin the engine over on the starter for a couple of turns will all of the fuel in the pump and injectors be expelled and then they won't gum up? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i am not sure if the...
  19. Draining old fuel from injector rail?

    I got a new fuel pump, pumped the stale gas out of the fuel filter, and all is well except my Rocket won't start (2005 sitting fifteen years). I'm still hoping it isn't clogged injectors, and wondering if there's a way to bleed the crappy gas downstream of the gas tank without pulling the...
  20. After a decade in storage, not getting fuel. Any ideas?

    First of all, it's not the fuel that was left in it; I drained the old fuel by removing the fuel pump from the bottom of the tank, and replace it with fresh gas. It cranks fine, has good spark (it vroomed nicely when I gave it a shot of starting fluid in the airbag, but quit immediately after)...