1. Protonhound

    Realistic Fuel Mileage?

    My current ride has a 4.5 gallon capacity and I run out at around 140 miles, I probably get around 32-35 mpg realistically. Generally I will fuel up no more than every 120 miles to be on the safe side. I'm getting my R in April and have ran across quite the range of different experiences when it...
  2. technoguppy

    Gas Range and Mileage Remaining

    I was down to 2km (two) on my range indication on my display. When I filled up, the tank took 16.8L. Is there a reserve if it hits 0 (zero)? For reference, my wife's Harley goes to 0 THEN a notice appears that says "R 75km" remaining (which she too learned today). I was really sweating the...
  3. Chip

    Tire mileage continued...

    I bought my 2008 R3T with 4,000 miles back in 2011. The bike had Metz on the front and rear. Both were changed just over 5,000. I bought another set. Same thing. Poor handling, and 5,000 miles. I thought about selling the bike, expensive just with rubber alone! Then I read one of the...
  4. Worldwide High Mileage Rocket III 50K & 100K Club Listing

    Standby, error correction underway...
  5. adelaideVMC

    G’day all... advice on high mileage R3 sought please

    G’day Triumph R3 World ... As per my profile .. Have ridden for 35 odd years, currently ride a 98 Tbird Sport and a 93 Daytona 1200... Am looking to trade the Tbird to a bloke in Brisbane QLD ... his bike is schmick, one owner, has allegedly had the gearbox upgrade... however .. 75 000...
  6. xlr8tion

    Want to Buy Low Mileage RIII touring

    Hit me back via PM or T4T8Dr@Atlanticbb.net
  7. Willyone

    Considering buying a 2011 low mileage Roadster

    Anything in particular I should be looking for other than the obvious like tire condition, fluids, leaks, shifing, etc? Are there known possible issues or weak links in the chain with this year Rocket? FWIW I believe the bike is 100% bone stock. Thanks in advance !! (o:
  8. sonny

    Gas mileage after slight Mods

    With the tune from Hanso, Paul's complete three into one system and the Ramair my gas mileage is a little lower but not by much. Daily round trip to work use to cost me around $5.75 a day. Now the average is around $6.75 a day. Nice trade off for the extra performance. Was expecting a dramatic...
  9. R3Rx118

    Down to 20 MPG (8.5km/L)

    Hey guys, any thought on what's going on here? I got a new map to go with the Ram Air and slip on and now I'm running down at 20mpg, or 8.5km/L. That to me is some really bad gas mileage. I don't care about mileage, but I also don't see any reason to be running that rich that my fuel economy...