1. Little advise please for a 1st time Rocket buyer 🚀

    Hi folks… I’ve always wanted a Rocket since running into one at the dealership back in 2005 One has been offered too me reasonably locally and at a great price. 2008 Rocket Classic, 42k on the clock with 12months MOT It only has 1x Key & the owner took the alarm off as it kept going off...
  2. Steamer97

    I'm buying another one

    I have owned a 2012 roadster and sold it. I miss it so I am probably going to buy a 2009. It is my understanding that at 2009 year model all the factory improvements were made, making the 2009 through 2019 virtually the same bike. Is this true? If not please enlighten me as I do not want to buy...


    Hi, guys, I'm looking at buying rocket 3 too, but in Moscow there are only 2011 models and earlier. Yesterday I found a pretty good specimen of 2008. The service center inspected the bike, the gearbox is normal, the frame is whole and level, there are a couple of 'scratches' from falls, but...
  4. Buying 2015 Roadster

    I will looking at buying 2015 Roadster very soon :) any common problems I should be looking for ? Thank you
  5. Guppies10

    Good day and hello

    Hi I'm Neil from s Wales hopefully picking up an r3 classic on weekend am currently riding intruder m1800 the one I'm looking to buy is an 09 with 11000 miles it has had a lot of work done to it custom paint, seat, exhausts, really looking forward to it hopefully it will have big grin factor...
  6. Navigator

    I'm considering buying a Triumph America

    I looked at a 2016 today and it was a beauty that ocal retired guy is selling. It is black, almost metalflake, and in like new condition with about 3200 miles on it. My wife even liked it and thinks I should buy it. I only sat on it and found it to be extremely comfortable. I read some old ride...
  7. Andy Chauvin

    Help with buying Rocket

    I am looking at a 2013 Rocket on eBay but it is 2000 miles from me. It looks good and is a great price but the pictures show a bluing area on the left muffler near the back. Is this something I should be concerned with?
  8. Jan Aarberg

    Fees - buying and keeping a R3 in California

    Hi all! I'm Norwegian and resident in Norway, but plan to buy a Rocket 3 in the United States, keep it at a good friend's in Palm Springs, and use it there when I'm on vacation (about 3 times a year). I'm looking for a 2004 - 2007 model, price range $4-7,000. I have got an offer from Geico re...
  9. Simonb

    Buying in UK from Australia - Ripped off by customs!!!

    So guys - I've just had a bill from our great British customs and excise office telling me I owe them over £211 in charges and VAT for some kit I bought from Australia for £317??? Obviously im going to contest this but has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you deal with it? I'm...
  10. Willyone

    Considering buying a 2011 low mileage Roadster

    Anything in particular I should be looking for other than the obvious like tire condition, fluids, leaks, shifing, etc? Are there known possible issues or weak links in the chain with this year Rocket? FWIW I believe the bike is 100% bone stock. Thanks in advance !! (o:
  11. germ79

    Good deal?

    Ok, I'm on a roll with posts this morning as I'm trying to make sure I know what I need to know before I buy...so thought I'd just ask you fellas about this: I'm looking at a 2014 Rocket Roadster in matte black - not at a dealer. It has all the accessories I want - Triumph bags (leather)...