1. DeltaWhiskyFoxtrot

    New R3R 2300 Owner - Hello from NT, Australia

    Afternoon and hello to y'all from NT Australia. This is my first R3 and have had her since November last year. 2015 R3R with a heap of added bits. No idea what they all are but the bike goes fast and is comfy. A lit different then the super sports and dirt bikes then I used to ride. I've been...
  2. Hi from Newcastle Australia

    Hi All, New member from Newcastle Australia. I just purchased a low km 2020 GT with all the fruit and couldn’t be happier. I bought an R1250GSA Triple Black with practicality and some dirt roading in mind and whilst it’s an amazingly capable motorcycle, i just cannot ‘love’ it. I walk away...
  3. kazjim

    G'day Day from Australia - Ressurecting a wreck!

    G'day all, picked up an '07 Riii 'Touring' a few weeks ago, and slowly repairing it from the previous owner. He had a little crash at the front, and I've replaced the forks, steering bearings, had the triples straightened and doing a few other things. On the lookout for a few last pieces and...
  4. ReBeLSeVeN

    Hello from Western Australia

    Hi I’m new here Anyone else in the Pilbara?
  5. Ishrub

    Rocket III BIG Blue bike lift for sale in Midland, Perth, Western Australia.

    I think these have ceased production and this is a bargain at Au$800 (US$550) as they were much more than this landed in OZ. Midland, Perth, Western Australia.
  6. Hello From Australia

    Hello to all from this fine community
  7. Hi from Perth, Western Australia

    Hi there, first time Triumph owner, just picket up my Rocket 3 GT last week. Should have bought one years ago! Would love any info on modifications anyone has done and are particularly happy with. Especially starting with an exhaust! Can't wait to unleash some noise from her!
  8. Hodge1974R3

    Tune ECU rocket3 GT for Australia.

    If anyone needs help hit me up.
  9. Ian w

    Triumph Rocket111 Roadster 2004 in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

    hi Guys, I started my bike up the other morning and had to wait for a mate so turned it of, when ready to ride I tried starting it but nothing, the headlights don't come on but the lights on the instruments do I can here a click at the relay switch and the battery is all good, I read that the...
  10. Hi from Gold Coast - Australia

    Hi All, New Rocket 3 Gt owner and here it is..

    Hello from Sydney - Australia

    Howdy Fellow Riders I'm from Sydney Australia. Privileged to be in the company of Triumph Bike lovers. I'm expecting to own my own second hand Rocket Touring in another 3 weeks. Having ridden a Honda Shadow, Suzuki Boulevard C90T and an M109R, I thought Ill try out the Triumph Rocket III...
  12. Slartibartfast

    Cobin Saddlebags in Australia

    I'm about to become the proud new owner of an R3 and have been researching saddlebags. The best I've been able to find has been Corbin's offering however they won't ship to Australia -and I shudder to think what the price would be if they did. Anyone know if it's possible to get Corbin...
  13. Jaytee

    Hi... NSW Australia

    2021 R3 GT 3000km on it now looking for a front fairing like the Corbin but 6000 AUD to door (with audio) seems excessive? anybody have one are They worth it Thanks :)
  14. Any brand rocket owners in Australia?

    Can anyone in Australia tell me how many keys came with your new rocket R or GT 2020 model? Dealers tell me it only comes with one ….. then I said it says two in the book and they said that’s international wtf?
  15. brusa

    Gday from southern Australia

    Hi all, just signed up as part of my research as I’m looking to buy a GT in the future. Hope to learn heaps. 👍
  16. Micksan

    Shipping Alternatives To Australia & Elseware

    On another thread, we were talking about the high cost of shipping parts to or from overseas. Everyone agrees it is outlandish. I also believe in the old saying about more than one way to skin a cat. I recently shipped a package to Brisbane Au. From Oklahoma City. 4KG 24 X 6 X 5 inches The...
  17. Arbi

    Ryan From Australia

    Hey everyone, from the land down under here. My first triumph the rocket 3 gt. So far loving it. Would eventually like some nice exhaust but that can wait.
  18. TATA4

    Hello from Brisbane Australia

    Hello fellow Rocketeers! It's taken me a while to get forumed! I Ride a 2014 Roadster. Always wanted one ever since I sat on one of them way back in 2006 at a motorcycle expo. It has been an amazing journey this far. Nice to meet you all. 🖐
  19. New Member from Australia

    Hi Everyone, Brett from Brisbane Australia, buying a 2014 Rocket iii Touring.
  20. Sully

    Brisbane australia

    Hello from Brisbane australia. Sully here 2017 rocket 3 touringing Any from military brotherhood