1. TATA4

    Hello from Brisbane Australia

    Hello fellow Rocketeers! It's taken me a while to get forumed! I Ride a 2014 Roadster. Always wanted one ever since I sat on one of them way back in 2006 at a motorcycle expo. It has been an amazing journey this far. Nice to meet you all. 🖐
  2. B

    New Member from Australia

    Hi Everyone, Brett from Brisbane Australia, buying a 2014 Rocket iii Touring.
  3. Sully

    Brisbane australia

    Hello from Brisbane australia. Sully here 2017 rocket 3 touringing Any from military brotherhood
  4. Nitrox72

    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Hi all. I'm watching videos, joining forums, all because my GT won't arrive until August/September and I'm super impatient. Luckily perfect riding season here in Sydney is 365 days a year and I have my 2019 Honda Goldwing Tour Premium to keep me amused in the meantime. I could have the bike...
  5. Rusty Bojangles

    Lithium battery Australia

    Hey everyone, been an owner for a few years now and have referred to this site a few times but only just joined. I'm from Australia and noticed much of the discussion of batteries here wasnt relevant to what's avaliable in oz. I've had ongoing issues with my batteries and it's fair to say...
  6. Gordy Bear

    New member from Western Australia

    Hello all. Just recently purchased a used 2017 Triumph Rocket Touring. Looking forward to tapping in to, and contributing to, the shared knowledge and passion for the mighty Rocket.
  7. OldDog

    Gday from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

    Gday Everyone, Bill here from sunny Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. I just picked up a 2010 Roadster about a week ago and haven't stopped riding it since. Great bike and really enjoying all this power! Cheers
  8. Andycapp

    Hi from Western Australia.

    Hi all, just upgraded from a pocket rocket to a nice real one. She is an 08 with under 10k on the clock. The bike shop advertised her as a Classic but I think the previous owner just added all the parts to make her one. I just have to get used to riding relaxed now which I don't mind at all...
  9. ehh

    Ipswich (Australia) Toy Run 2019

    We just attended the 2019 Ipswich Toy Run with about 800 bikes attending. I saw 8 Rockets there. This video is filmed from my Rocket. It's great! We get to run red lights and Stop signs right in front of the Police, for free!
  10. Pitty

    Hi all from Sydney Australia

  11. Ishrub

    For Sale Perth, Bunbury, Devonport , WA, Australia cash and carry only

    TRIUMPH ACCESSORIES CLEARANCE! COST PRICE!!! | Motorcycle & Scooter Accessories | Gumtree Australia Bunbury Area - Davenport | 1220725815 Millard Marine & Motorcycle Centre 13 Halifax Drive Davenport, WA 6230 Quite a few other Triumph bits but these are R3 ones. Note: R3 Pillion backrests are...
  12. adelaideVMC

    G’day all from Australia

    G’day all Trumpy owners, from Adelaide Australia. I have been riding since 1982, on a farm in SA. 28 years in the Army MP’s. Army riding instructor..... Have had a number of bikes, mainly a 1998 Thunderbird Sport for the past 15 years, and recently too, (last 4 years), a basket case 1993...
  13. bopa54

    Western Australia Mechanics/Tuners

    Ok, it's time to ask the question again to All Western Australia based R3 owners. Who do you use and recommend to Tune / twirl the spanners on your R3's, whether you have modified your bike or left it standard. Do they work with aftermarket equipment such as PCV or Tuneboy? Dave in Toodyay is...
  14. Brennus

    Want to Buy Rocket X, or post 2010 Roadster, Australia.

    Looking for a Rocket X or Roadster post 2010, in Oz. I'm in Sydney, let me know what you have. Perfect time to cash out your X and make way for your TFC! Can do cash, also have a 5.6M Quinnie classic with walk through front screen and 100HP Yamaha 4 stroke in VGC, loaded with extras, setup for...
  15. G

    Hello from Australia

    Hi all and hell from Australia
  16. Mittzy

    TFC - 25 Only coming to Australia

    Got a call just now from Olivers Motorcycles telling me I am one of the lucky 25 that are getting one of these maybe by the end of this year...... Pretty Chuffed ATM
  17. Ishrub

    10-12 May 2019 RAT rally in Bateman's Bay NSW organised by Triumph Australia

    Batemans Bay RAT May 10 at 8 AM – May 12 at 11 AM The Triumph Australia national RAT Rally is an event that brings together Triumph riders and enthusiasts to experience new models, epic rides and exclusive immersion in the Triumph Brand. This year, we're excited to announce the 2019 Triumph...
  18. CanberraR3

    Australia Day 2019

    Today marks the day in 1788 when this great land commenced English settlement. In some eyes it marks an invasion but to anyone with any sense it marks the beginning of an era that has seen this fantastic country develop into the compassionate, friendly, easy going, generous and fun loving nation...
  19. JOCK

    Hello from Melbourne Australia

    Hi Guys & Galls I have just sold my Storm, and put a deposit on a 2006 Rocket Classic and can't wait to pick it up later this week!
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