1. CanberraR3

    Australia Day 2019

    Today marks the day in 1788 when this great land commenced English settlement. In some eyes it marks an invasion but to anyone with any sense it marks the beginning of an era that has seen this fantastic country develop into the compassionate, friendly, easy going, generous and fun loving nation...
  2. JOCK

    Hello from Melbourne Australia

    Hi Guys & Galls I have just sold my Storm, and put a deposit on a 2006 Rocket Classic and can't wait to pick it up later this week!
  3. Skunk

    Hi from Brisbane Australia

    I can remember as a young guy 2 of my uncles had triumphs and I would go around there place and watch them work on and polish them So naturally I become a triumph guy. I've had a few triumphs but now I ride my dream bike a 2016 Rocket roaster. It's big it mean and it puts a smile on my face...
  4. Sonashu

    Hello from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

    Hi all, I've just purchased a new Rocket 3 Roadster and new to this page. This is my third Triumph. First was a 2013 America, a great bike to get back on the road after 20yrs of not riding, the 2nd was a 2015 Thunderbird Commander, another great bike but after sitting on the Rocket 3 in Perth I...
  5. Jeffro

    Hello from Central Queensland, Australia

    About time I introduced myself, have been lurking couple of years since buying R3T. Wife and I flew over to Perth bought bike and rode back to Rockhampton October 2015. Took us 11 days with a bit of sight seeing in between, 7500 kms overall. Nullabor Plain [Esperence to Ceduna] 2 days stopping...
  6. Eclipse

    G'day from Victoria Australia

    Been riding mostly 'big bikes' for 40 years, got my first Triumph - a 2013 Rocket Roadster in December. OMG what a powerhouse, I'm hooked!
  7. Rock It

    Tyres in South Australia

    Hi, does anyone know of a good tyre supplier and fitter in South Australia?
  8. Dean0

    No more Rockets for Australia

    Triumph Australia have removed both the Roadster and Touring from their line up. The last few come under the offer section and or what is left on
  9. xlur8

    Hi from Australia

    Hi everyone just picked up a 2008 classic love the ride
  10. Simonb

    Buying in UK from Australia - Ripped off by customs!!!

    So guys - I've just had a bill from our great British customs and excise office telling me I owe them over £211 in charges and VAT for some kit I bought from Australia for £317??? Obviously im going to contest this but has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you deal with it? I'm...
  11. Bigjaype

    Dynamometer - planning a trip to Victor Harbour, South Australia

    I have been in discussions with Neville, who runs a Dyno service. He uses TuneECU and comes in quite reasonable to do a dyno tune. He was recommended by one of Mr Viking's mates from across the ditch in the land of the long white cloud. Not sure if I can post the cost here without breaking...
  12. Big T

    Hey guys I'm from Brisbane Australia

    Love Triumph all ways have since a kid, two of my uncle's had one each I use to go around and jump on the bikes and pretend I was hitting the highway. That's were the love of all things Triumph started.
  13. finalrideman

    Anyone need a FINAL RIDE?

    Ok shameless plug - sorry. Hi - ALL. I'm in Adelaide South Australia and have bought and am finally fitting a coffin deck sidecar to my R3T15. Yup - AUSTRALIA'S ONLY ROCKET III HEARSE!!! (Not sure if it's the only one globally - maybe you all can tell me that). It debuts at a the Rotary...
  14. Veneficus

    Hi from Central West NSW Australia

    Well I just rolled my r3t out of the shed to get ready for summer and was looking for some info and found the forum, so here I am.
  15. Ishrub


    Probably old news to many but I just bought the latest 6th edition. Australia Motorcycle Atlas 200 Top Rides A new 6th edition of this unique atlas, packaged in a durable plastic sleeve includes 2 books, and a wall map. Split into two books, volume 1 contains the 200 Top Rides while volume 2...
  16. Pumbaa

    For Sale Dave Platt - Performance Exhaust System (Slip-Ons) - Free Shipping

    US$ 500 (Including Shipping) AU$ 650 (Including Shipping) - YES I WILL pay for the SHIPPING From the same company that designed the Shorty Exhaust comes this beautiful setup for the Triumph Rocket III Roadster. Made entirely of 304 marine grade series stainless steel and polished to a mirror...
  17. Pumbaa

    Rocket 3 - Perth Australia

    G'day Have owned my 2015 Roadster from new, I was always a sports bike man, but as I got a bit older and heavier I thought I would slow down and get a cruiser, so I did the sensible thing and got on a Rocket (yeah that's how I sold it to the wife).. I am just a big kid at heart, Originally...
  18. The Kiwi

    For Sale Rocket 3 seat and pillion backrest Australia

    Removed from '06 Classic, both in very good condition, surplus to requirements, make me a sensible offer, postage arranged. Cheers, Mal the Kiwi.
  19. Turk

    My Triumph Australia experience sucked. How bad is it in other countries?

    Hi guys After reading the forums I can clearly see that I am not the only person who suffered from bad gears and stuff in past history but interestingly it is still an ongoing problem. I bought a brand new Roadster in 2010 and at 2012 the drama started. My 2nd gear started to play up at...
  20. Ishrub

    For Sale Not sold yet - Good price for Australia - bike lift

    AUD$399 (US$300) Pickup Sydney/Melbourne NEW ARMORBILT HYDRAULIC MOTORCYCLE LIFTER Motorbike Lift Stand Table Jack Hoist