1. Micksan

    Saddlebags & Mounts but no installation instructions.

    My bags & mounting orders arrived today. They look great. I wanted to start installing it tonight. But when I inserted the Part Number A9510690 into the search box it came back as no parts found. I called the dealer's parts dept. he tried it and got the same results. Does anyone happen to...
  2. JamesBondRocket3

    Corbin Saddlebags

    JamesBondRocket3 The Corbin Fleetwood Saddlebag mounting bracket is not shaped correctly for the Rocket 3. The result is that the holes on the bracket do not line up with the holes on the frame. The Corbin installation video glosses over this fact. After failing myself, I hired a...
  3. Vector

    2023 R3GT saddlebags.

    Does anyone other than Triumph make bags that fit the Triumph mounts?
  4. dalaughingbuddha

    Long time lurker first time poster

    Hello rocketeers. I'm looking for luggage options to replace my worn out leather bags for my 2008 classic . Any recommendations? I'm near Sydney NSW Australia
  5. Ishrub

    USA made Rocket III saddlebags and luggage system new to me.

    Anybody used or heard of them? I picked up a used set of these in Oz and had never heard of them before but seems they are an aftermarket supplier in the USA A few styles and sizes and different screen pouches etc. NOT CHEAP new US$695 for bags and brackets...
  6. Slartibartfast

    Cobin Saddlebags in Australia

    I'm about to become the proud new owner of an R3 and have been researching saddlebags. The best I've been able to find has been Corbin's offering however they won't ship to Australia -and I shudder to think what the price would be if they did. Anyone know if it's possible to get Corbin...
  7. Journeyman

    Saddlebag Therapy

    My Triumph leather bags were looking pretty sad, so I ordered the Saddlebag Stiffeners from Flipmeister and I am super impressed and satisfied with the results. They look way better and I believe they now hold more gear than in their previous limp state. The instructions are well-written, just...
  8. j.hanshaw

    New Rocket Owner

    Grew up on my dad‘s 1976 Boneville 750 and have finally purchased my own 2014 Rocket III Roadster. Got lots of questions, first of which is where the best place to purchase bags is... Jeff H. Huntsville, AL
  9. Saddlebags for 2020 Rocket

    ok finally got a big enough bracket made and found some used bags that are made by Leatherworks. The bags are heavy leather that will hold their shape. The bags have taken away some of the beauty of the bike but the bags are very handy. I was going to take them off and only use them for long...
  10. new backrest and rack and saddlebags

    so, I've had this little saddlebag/backrest/rack system on my 03 honda shadow spirit 750 for some years, and now I've got it modified to fit the rocket. it's not a perfect fit, but considering it only took about 2-3 hours to install, it ain't bad. gonna need it for my upcoming 1500 mile trip...
  11. mickm7

    For Sale k-drive saddlebags in Australia

    k-drive bags for give dimensions...right side bag has I stick on heat shield put on underside.. can be removed and a bit elbow grease to clean...bags have k drive brackets..but no other fitting hardware.have keys.not sure what worth.make me an offer.willing to trade for other rocket...
  12. vindex1963

    Viking Saddlebags

    I removed the aged and basically shot factory saddlebags and replaced them with Viking bags. I used the OEM bag frames I just removed the chrome outside rails. The bags are side and bottom supported and rock solid. 2006 Classic.
  13. Rockmonster

    Want to Buy Triumph Roadster saddlebags UK

    After the above In very good condition please! Anyone want rid of a set? Thanks
  14. REBLX136

    Easy brackets on kriega saddlebags!!

    So probably a brain fart but worth a shot I think, I’ve got a set of Kriega saddle bags but dislike the throw over style fitment and I’m thinking of mounting them to easy brackets by way of a aerograde alloy stiffener inserted inside the bag, now correct if I’m wrong but providing that I put the...
  15. Stillserving

    Rear Dresser bars and saddlebags

    First, what's the deal with price? Bike bandit and a dealer in Miami want $75. Most other places want $250. Next, I'm putting Tsuyaka strong bags on my '17 Roadster and am curious how far the bars hang back and if they are gonna be in the way of the bags.
  16. EM549

    Want to Buy R3T Inner Saddlebag Pouches

    I am interested in purchasing Right and Left side saddlebag pouches. Please let me know if you have a set available for purchase or if you know of a place where I might find a set.
  17. Alex Dem

    Decals on saddlebags.

    Hi, guys. I looking for chrome decals on top of saddlebags. Chrome moldings or stripes or sort of that, like on the picture. Any ideas? :)
  18. Akbusa1

    For Sale Easy Brackets for saddlebags

    Selling Easy Brackets of of my 2015 Roadster, I have all of the hardware to attach to the saddlebags, but you will need the docking hardware that bolts to the bike, forgot to retrieve before I traded it in. They are in great shape and I have both keys. Price 60.00 plus shipping. Let me know if...
  19. Rocket Scientist

    Saddlebags, anyone used these ?

    Due to the rarity, exorbitant price and fit issues with Corbin Beetle Bags, I'm exploring other options. Don't get me wrong, I like the the Beetle bags, but have never liked the way they fit with the Maddog exhausts. The Beetles angle up towards the back to match the up sweep of the stock...
  20. AussieMick

    Easy Bracket Attachment for Triumph OEM Saddlebags

    Well I went and bought Easy Brackets for the Triumph Saddlebags a few weeks ago as I was sick to death of bolting them on for going to work during the week and unbolting them to look cool on the weekends. I took a few photos during installation and added a few words to them in case someone else...