1. Noidea

    Corbin seat

    Yo fellas I’m looking at buying a Corbin dual seat and wondering if anyone has one with the stock backrest on? Wondering if the backrest will be to low with the corbin being higher.
  2. ArizonaKid

    Corbin Gunfighter Seat

    I always ride solo on my R3GT and so took the backrest off and had installed the Triumph finishing pieces and the padded infill piece. I didn’t like the way the seat felt with that arrangement, so I ordered a Corbin Gunfighter solo seat. The hardest part was deciding on materials and colors and...
  3. Gateway77

    Corbin Dual Tour Seat on Rocket 3 GT?

    Hi All - looking for some feedback on anyone who has the Corbin dual tour seat installed so a few thoughts to the collective. 1. Never ridden a bike with a rider back rest - I feel as though this might be good for comfort on longer runs / touring? 2. The larger Pillion sissy bar will clearly...
  4. NvisblMan

    Corbin Fairing

    Hiya Rocket 3 owners!
  5. Battle1965

    Corbin Europe

    Hi folks, It appears that Corbin Europe in the UK has gone bust. I ordered a new seat in September. 6-8 weeks for delivery which hasn't happened. Did some research and it looks like they went into administration 15/11
  6. tino19625

    Corbin Gunfighter for sale $500

    I had to purchase a dual seat so the wife could ride with me - with that, I'm selling this Corbin gunfighter seat that I just picked up this spring. I will take $500 USD [$200 off what I paid a few months ago] and will discuss shipping - PM if you're interested - thanks! I'll show receipt for...
  7. livin4cars

    Corbin Fairing

    Has anyone out there bought and mounted the Corbin Fairing. Would like to get your input how it is working out. Short screen or tall?
  8. MCDVX

    Corbin Seat wont latch-in

    I got the new seat — but it won’t latch-in, I’ve tried everything (and I’ve owned 5 previous Rockets with Corbin seats) but I did look carefully at instructions just to be sure I wasn’t missing anything: • I slid the saddle into place nose first to engage tongue — That’s also as secure/far...
  9. Namikuz

    Mustang seat on 08 and older

    My VERY expensive, older Corbin seat split, will cost as much to repair as a new Mustang seat BUT...Mustang seats start at 09 and goes up, anyone try to put one on an 08 or older standard/classic? I've seen tour seats swapped with a few simple mods....but same year bike/seats.
  10. MonkeyMan

    Corbin side cases / panniers for R3

    After tearing up two zippered bags from Triumph, had to do some thing different. I have two rockets, a 2020 R3 and a 2022 R3GT. (The GT is primarily for my fiancé.) Didn't like the expense of the Corbin option, but went with it for the GT. I have read a lot of posts that the triumph bags are...
  11. Msmitch459

    Selling Corbin seat, fairing, and beetle bags

    Guys, Corbin seat, Corbin fairing, and Corbin beetle bags... These are great items. Please PM me if you are interested.

    Hello to all I live in France and I have a rocket " classic of 2008 I would like to equip the motorcycle of a head of fork corbin, but impossible to find a distributor in France the only distributor found sale the head of fork has3000 euros thank you for your help and sorry for the...
  13. pica

    Corbin seat vs oem r3 gt break in

    Well, it has been 4k miles so far, I don't think this oem seat it's going to be any different with more riding time to break in. I had a Corbin before in a different motorcycle (warrior) and it was stiff, but better because I can ride the whole day without feeling anything. For the ones...
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    My new R3GT
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    My new R3GT
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    My new R3GT
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    My new R3GT
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    My new R3GT
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    My new R3GT
  20. 20210705_094703.jpg


    My New R3 GT with Corbin seat.