1. Lamonster

    New Corbin Saddle

    I think it looks great. https://www.corbin.com/projects/new-product/rocket-iii-dual-touring-saddle/
  2. Griff

    Corbin Seat questions on 2015 R3T

    Hey all, I bought my 2015 R3T with a Corbin seat installed. Backrests for both rider and passenger. I'm not sure whether these are the same ergonomics as the standard Triumph seat and backrest setup. I'm 6' 3" tall and I've worked out that to have the bits of my back that need to be supported...
  3. wjb

    Corbin bags for GT coming soon

    I think they are soon to be available. What do you think?
  4. Lamonster

    More concept drawings from Corbin- Saddles

    From Mike Corbin "Vince is still "sheltering in place" working on renderings for our Rocket III seat offerings. We're making plans now so we can get these done ASAP. Enjoy the ride!"
  5. Ishrub

    Corbin Rocket 3 stuff on the way

    I am not following this forum so this may be old news to the cognizant! ;):D Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | Online Shopping | 800-538-7035
  6. Lamonster

    Concept Fairing from Corbin

    Mike and his team have been playing around while they are in lockdown. Mike picked up a new GT and has started to concept some parts for it. I'm excited to see what they come up with. I've worked with Mike for many years and have my own branded saddle for the Spyder with him. He's a great guy...
  7. Gregger

    Cloned Corbin Beetle Bags??

    I just noticed this on Ebay. Does anyone have any feedback on these bags. Made in the Russian Federation. 2 postings on Ebay. One for gloss and other for matt. There are some interesting other fiberglass bags also shown. Only $1200 bucks American with free shipping. Who's the first to try...
  8. RocketmanBristol

    Corbin Fastgun seat pin

    As above, anyone have a spare or know if I can use a standard Rocket one they look very different in the pics I,ve seen plus the Triumph part is riveted to the base my Corbin base just has a hole where the pin should be.
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **SOLD** Corbin Backrest with Glove Box

    I have a Corbin Backrest with Glove Box for sale. It can be used in the Pillion position or in the Riders position if your Corbin seat has both receptacles. Good Condition. $140 Shipped Domestically.
  10. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **SOLD** Corbin Young Gun Seat

    Corbin Young Gun Seat $225. + Shipping. Good Condition. Some pulling in the rear seat seam.
  11. Arealrider

    Corbin beetle bags 1750 or best offer

    In perfect condition
  12. Arealrider

    For Sale Corbin Black beetle bags 1800 obo

    Perfect condition Corbin bags 1800 obo All parts included
  13. Dalan

    For Sale Corbin Beetle bags and Cee Baily screen for R3 Roadster for sale

    Have Beetle bags and screen for sale. Bought them used. Never installed. Guy I bought them from did not send bolts or keys. I made minor repairs to the bags. I have the install brackets. Other bolts and nuts can be had at NAPA or elsewhere. I have a parts list from Corbin. I paid $400...

    Want to Buy Corbin Fleetliner Fairing

    Anybody want to sell there Fleetliner Fairing? Let me know :):thumbsup:
  15. GreasyGeorge

    Corbin solo seat

    hi everyone just wanted to show off my Corbin seat which I received just in time for Americade 2018 in lake George NY. I rode there from Boston and gotta say that I absolutely love the seat. It’s a night and day difference over the stock seat. My back and rear end felt great on the ride. Highly...
  16. Danvitt

    Annoyed with this Corbin dual tour

    Finally warm enough to take a ride providing I can get my seat bolted up. Then I find the bracket doesn't line up with the seat eye holes. The whole thing is kind of off center and the round rubber feet don't seem to be placed in the correct spot. So hard to find any real quality any more.
  17. Danvitt

    side by side of stock vs corbin

    Got my seat today, day earlier then expected. Too bad its 10 freaking degrees out. The worse thing you can do to me when I buy something like a seat is to give me options. So after gawking at every single rocket / corbin photo on the internet here is what I ended up with. Natural black and...
  18. FOR SALE: Corbin dual touring seat

    FOR SALE: Corbin dual touring seat

    Tan Corbin dual touring seat. Part number t-r-3-dt. Includes backrest. Can send more pictures. Cost about $800 new. Great condition. Located in Shreveport, LA. Can ship lower 48. $500 OBO
  19. tribal

    Funky new Corbin Solo seat arrived

    Well, my new self-designed Corbin Solo seat arrived yesterday. I'm not 100% in love with the looks but Corbin did warn me that the configuration tool was only for reference. I should have gone with all-leather as the side panels are REALLY shiny (unlike their photos). I was trying to match...
  20. Ishrub

    For Sale Corbin Classic Solo seats with backrest options

    Corbin Classic Solo seats with backrest options. These fit with or without the stock pillion seat fitted. I have three to choose from: Black Leather with Studs and matching studded backrest options available Black Leather and some black backrest options available Brown Leather - my...
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