1. Rocky Raccoon

    Convert HD aftermarket Fairing to Rocket III T...?

    I have a really nice batwing fairing I picked up and need to know if there are resources for the quick release brackets used on the removable windscreen that came with my bike. Also could use some sort of a template to figure out where the bracket should mount as the HD bracket width is 14"...
  2. Vladimir the Sinner

    Batwing fairing with music and navigation.

    Been looking through the threads and could not find any particular information. Has anyone any idea where you can buy a batwing fairing with music and navigation for a Rocket 3 Roadster?
  3. Earthquake

    Roadster lower leg fairing question

    So I just bought this roadster still waiting on deliver it has a batwing radio I’d like to ad lower leg fairings with speakers has anyone ever mounted any? And if so what ones fit the stock crashbars? Also post pictures if you have them
  4. charliek

    2022 Rocket 3 fairing

    Hello all new to the forum. Recently purchased a 2022Rocket 3 GT. I love the bike but have noticed a lot of wind buffeting on my chest. I installed a Madstad windshield. I have adjusted it and spoken with the company who are very helpful. I am still not satisfied and was looking at the Corbin...
  5. NvisblMan

    Corbin Fairing

    Hiya Rocket 3 owners!
  6. livin4cars

    Corbin Fairing

    Has anyone out there bought and mounted the Corbin Fairing. Would like to get your input how it is working out. Short screen or tall?
  7. Msmitch459

    Selling Corbin seat, fairing, and beetle bags

    Guys, Corbin seat, Corbin fairing, and Corbin beetle bags... These are great items. Please PM me if you are interested.
  8. William (Bill) Monroe

    Convert dual headlight to single headlight to put on fairing

    Hey guys, I have a 2005 Rocket III. This is the standard that came with the double headlights. I'm thinking of putting a fairing on that would require the conversion to a single headlight. I'm not a mechanic; more of a parts changer guy who can do some limited trouble shooting. Any one done...
  9. Bouyy93


    Is anyone on here able to identify what fairing this is? It came on the bike when I purchased it, but I am not really big on fairings so it is now collecting dust in my house. I am likely planning to sell it but have no idea what it is and there are no markings to be found on it
  10. BigBoris

    Bottom fairing and flyscreen

    Hi crew I'm chasing a belly pan/ fairing and a good looking flyscreen for my Roadster 2013 I'm in Oz (Melbourne) Any websites I could look at? Would the belly pan cause any overheating issues? Cheers-
  11. tman

    Fairing for R3 touring

    any recommendations on the best fairing for R3T?
  12. Lamonster

    Concept Fairing from Corbin

    Mike and his team have been playing around while they are in lockdown. Mike picked up a new GT and has started to concept some parts for it. I'm excited to see what they come up with. I've worked with Mike for many years and have my own branded saddle for the Spyder with him. He's a great guy...
  13. Navigator

    Batwing Fairing on my Indian Scout

    Since I parted with my beautiful 2008 Touring and opted for an Indian Scout to placate my tired, beat up old knees, I've been setting it up for touring. It's a fun bike and I'm gradually getting there. I recently ordered a Memphis Shades batwing fairing and had it painted at a local friend's...
  14. Rajesh

    Issues with Batwing fairing on R3

    I recently bought an used 2007 Triumph Rocket 3, which has custom made Batwing fairing with short windshield from previous owner. (see the pic below). Ever Since from my first ride on this bike on the highways over 60 MPH, I noticed that my full face helmet rattles and the wind blows from the...

    Want to Buy Corbin Fleetliner Fairing

    Anybody want to sell there Fleetliner Fairing? Let me know :):thumbsup:
  16. For Sale 2009 Rocket 3 Touring with Fairing and GPS

    Hey guys. I've decided to sell my 2009 R3T. It has an awesome fairing, four speakers, two little tweeters and a cd/usb/mp3/bluetooth/GPS stereo in it. Bike is stock. Oil always changed and I got new tires about 4000 miles ago. Bike has 11,500 miles on it. Asking $7,500. If interested, please...
  17. Gleeb

    Anyone in MN have a Roadster with a Corbin Fairing??

    I'm looking to buy a corbin fleetliner fairing for my 2012 Roadster. Looks like they could block more road vision than I may like. Would LOVE to find someone in MN who would chat with me and let me take a look at theirs.
  18. Gleeb

    Want to Buy Corbin Fleetliner Fairing

    Looking for a used Corbin Fleetliner fairing for a rocket 3 roadster. Anyone?
  19. BigNorm

    Hoppe's fairing

    Has anyone here installed a Hoppe's fairing on there R3T? I like that it uses the stock windshield brackets. I'd like some pics if you have some.
  20. jtanc39

    Another proud owner of Tsukayu box, fairing, and trunk

    Totally loving the my new fairing and trunk!