1. sonny

    2020 Indian Roadmaster Darkhorse.

    Been looking for a new bike for well over two years now. Believe this is it. Fit form and function. Finding info on bike seems to hard. Most folks who own them do not play on the net. They seem to spend most of there time riding. With this one believe i can go back to riding even in the middle...
  2. sonny

    116 cc Indian motorcycles

    Anybody have a clue as to the actual horse power at the back wheel. Can not find it anywhere. Stock not stage one through three.
  3. Navigator

    Batwing Fairing on my Indian Scout

    Since I parted with my beautiful 2008 Touring and opted for an Indian Scout to placate my tired, beat up old knees, I've been setting it up for touring. It's a fun bike and I'm gradually getting there. I recently ordered a Memphis Shades batwing fairing and had it painted at a local friend's...
  4. Sparky59

    For Sale Bad Decision: Indian Scout Bobber W/O blessing

    My friends 21 year old had a 2019 Indian Scout Bobber follow him home while his parents were on a cruise (vacation). His Mother about flipped out:mad::mad::mad::mad:. He knew better, tried to get his way:(.Lost...was informed "It's either You or the Bike" Indian has 200 miles on it, comes with...
  5. rangerbob56

    New Indian Leather Jacket For Sale

    I won this in a raffle. I love everything about it, except for the logo!
  6. Jvheli

    Indian FTR1200S

    Just curious what yall think about this bike? I for one, think its great that something exciting (at least it appears so) is on the market.
  7. PTT

    I'm no mechanic...

    I recently got new tires (Metzler 888's) and rear brake pads put on at the dealership where I got my 2011 R3T a year ago. I had ordered Rivco risers and a new extended clutch cable (Barnet cables) as well as picked up oil and a filter with all intentions of taking care of myself. Well, I...
  8. Laverada

    First Spring ride, Video with 2016 R3R and Indian Dark Horse

    Check out my latest video, had fun finally getting a good ride in! Let me know what you guys think
  9. JamiePT

    Considering a Rocket vs an Indian

    Hello, I am about to venture back into the world of motorcycling after a 10 year absence. I have owned Harleys, Hondas, a Yamaha and a BMW K bike. I am looking hard at a Rocket Roadster. There are a few new and used around at two different dealerships in my area. I am also strongly...
  10. rayjay

    Calling Indian Jim

    Hi Jim Noticed in another thread that you said you have had a couple of warranty issues Please tell young Brave ;) RJ
  11. M

    New potential R3 owner from Indiana

    Hello Everyone, My name is Matt. I am from Indiana in the states. I am looking in to buying an R3. I want to see what it would take to convert the look into something different. I hope you all can help me in my coming thread(s). Have a great day everyone.
  12. bruce aussie

    Australian Indian Museum

    Finally got around to checking this place out. Been open for about 12 months @1olbull you might like these Computer is slow loading photos I'll put on some more later
  13. N

    New from Indiana

    Hey guys how's it going? Figured I'd join up and get some Info about the R3, might wanna jump up from my Warrior!
  14. Mike

    New Avons and Indian Scout

    I had new Avons mounted yesterday, initial impression is positive. I will know more after the RAAX trip. Dealer in town is a 'most brands' shop, not Triumph but generally does good work but can not balance the Rocket rear wheel assy, his shaft is too short.:rolleyes: We installed balance...
  15. Macrider

    New Indian

    Nice ! If I had the money I would get one to add to my stable!http://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-us/chief-dark-horse-thunder-black-smoke
  16. George Acosta

    Big hello from Indiana .

    Hello , I am new to this and I do like all the networking a good forum can provide. I'm in Indiana and just purchased a 2014 rocket 3 roadster . Interested in advise for after market pipes. Meet a brother in Lafayette triumph store today and he said to post something, so here it is... " something."

    R.I.P..Indian Larry

    We lost Crazy Larry ten years ago today.. I met Indian Larry and Billy Lane at the Boston Bike Show awhile back. Sad what fate lie in store for them....:(
  18. BIKER

    new indian scout

  19. MCN

    Indian Chief 2015 colour changes

    Indian has shown off the first of the new 2015 models with a raft of colour changes including red, blue and green with cream contrasts for the Chief and Chieftain range of three bikes. Two tone colour schemes seem to be the order of the day and they will be available in Autumn in the UK. The...
  20. Elvis

    Rode The 2014 Indian Chiefton Today

    Well as usual the bike felt extremely small but outside of that I liked it better than any V-twin I have ever ridden including all metric bikes, Harleys, and Victorys. That motor is great and there is alot of surprising high end torque. The bikes are beautiful! I would not give up my Rocket...
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