oil change

  1. cskals

    Fork oil change, any DIY manual out there?

    Hi all. Thinking of changing the oil in my front suspension, but the manual says it requires a lot of special tools and the forks of the bike as well. Is that really necessary? Or is there an easier way? Thanks in advance.
  2. Journeyman

    2.5 oil change

    I just did the 600 mile oil change and thought I'd share a few thoughts for those of you who've never done an oil change on these bikes. The long kickstand on the 2.5 makes a tip over waaay too easy, especially when pulling on a wrench from under the bike. Do something/anything about it...
  3. kipper

    Oil Change

    Just done oil and filter change for the 10th time ,next will be fitting new tyres 11th set, bike still running great. :)
  4. oil change and how to do a search on forum

    changed my oil yesterday put in 4.8 qts checked the level by the owners manual it was below the minimum mark so I put the rest of the last qt in and it barely went past the minimum. Are you guys going with more oil than the manual says? Also how do I do a search on this forum?
  5. Jdon317

    Oil change. Wrong bolt drained to impeller gulley

    Hi looking for some advice. 2014 Roadster I did an oil change and made a basic mistake undoing one of the bolts to the oil gulley to the scavenger impellers. The one just behind the front sump plug. Oil drained out I then completed the normal oil change with the correct three drains and filter...
  6. Tripps

    Oil change question

    Maybe dumb, except my mechanic called me once and wanted to know why it only took three quarts, then said, oh ****, I forgot to drain the oil tank. How do you drain the oil tank?
  7. laraza

    Bevel box oil change

    Just to get this right as there seems to have been a few snapped bolts. Drain plug tighten to 15nm and filler plug to 60nm as per the manual?
  8. Timbo

    Oil change - that old chestnut again

    Hey all, Buying a write off I didn't get any paperwork like a manual with the bike, done a search on here and found different answers, but what's the right quantity of oil when refilling? Seen posts in quarts which mean nowt to me over here ;) Is 5.5 litres correct? I don't even know what a...
  9. geno

    2005 r3 oil change!

    I have an 05, must be an early one because their is only one 8mm plug up front with an o-ring and a washer on it, do i need to remove the front and rear plugs which are totally different because they come out from the side of the pan like housing? mine is like a jigsaw puzzle and nothing like...
  10. Journeyman

    Weird Oil Change Experience

    After fully draining the oil I added 5.5 quarts, as usual, and it nearly overflowed the oil tank! I went inside and searched the forums looking for an explanation. Someone mentioned a similar experience, but it was determined that instead of one of the drain plugs he accidentally removed one...
  11. Jeremy

    Oil Change

    I am a guy that has always done his own maintenance. I have read the manual and i am not sure what it is about it, but the instructions for the oil change seems to be much different than i am used to on a vehicle or a V-Twin. Does anyone have a write-up or solid video of changing the oil in a...
  12. Nat67

    Time for an oil change

    Attended a funeral the other week of a young lad of 22 that I knew well . He was on his way home from work , when passing an Aldi store on a busy main road , an 83 year old pensioner stepped out in front of him . He clipped the pensioner and left the bike , only to bounce head on into an...
  13. PTT

    I'm no mechanic...

    I recently got new tires (Metzler 888's) and rear brake pads put on at the dealership where I got my 2011 R3T a year ago. I had ordered Rivco risers and a new extended clutch cable (Barnet cables) as well as picked up oil and a filter with all intentions of taking care of myself. Well, I...
  14. kcc11

    Calling all Carpenter Captain's

    I just purchased MarvinM's Carpenter Rocket. It is a 2012 with 4100 miles on her now. I have only been able to put a few hundred miles on it so far. Need to replace both tires and change the oil. Also need a list of accessories to match my well used 2005 ( which I am keeping ). I have some...
  15. Ted Gross

    R3T Oil change and filter

    How come the dip stick show over fill when I only add 4 litres? Road all day and still showing overfill. What am I missing? Manual call for 5.4 L
  16. kenne

    bevel box oil change

    Just doing a service on the bike, coupla questions The fill point at the top just unscrews (lefty loosey)? Is there any other oil type recommended, or as long as its the same ratio.
  17. Bull

    Oil change after new clutch and gears?

    Hi all. Do you think it's necessary to do an oil change after a new clutch and gears? I.e. put a few 100 miles on it or let it go the full service interval? Thanks again.
  18. hoopla

    First "self" oil change

    First change was at 571 miles, second at 1490 miles. Found the oil to look quite dirty, much more so than I expected. It should be noted that at the Triumph dealer first service they didn't drain both sumps and put only 4 3/4 qts in the bike. I called them about it, they said it was OK. I...
  19. Oil Change. First report in!!!

    Guadalupe by JamiePT posted May 8, 2017 at 6:19 AMGuadalupe Peak by JamiePT posted May 8, 2017 at 6:19 AMThirsty ***** by JamiePT posted May 8, 2017 at 6:19 AM I went for a ride yesterday with friends from El Paso. We rode out To Cornoudas Texas on to Guadalupe Peak, out to Van Horn and back...
  20. Boony

    Oil change problem

    I am half way through changing the oil. I have removed the three sump bolts and the oil filter. The oil was flowing from each hole and the filter hole. I removed the oil filler plug and the oil level is showing as full. I estimate only about half of the oil is in the pan. I have turned the motor...