1. NotSoHiddenFox

    Gen 1 fork fixings fit the 2020R

    Just sayin'. Kinda regret giving away my extra fixings. I can't think about what could be neatly attacked there though. The directional and headlights are in the way. Go lower and you bump into the reflectors.
  2. smordue1

    Fork Mounted LEDs - Cool or Not-Cool?

    A buddy of mine had a set of 2" diameter, fork mounted LEDs on his BMW. They were very cool and I wanted a set for the new R3. Company is here: Clearwater Lights LED Motorcycle Lights and Off-road Vehicle model is Darla. I sent them an email asking if they have, or planned to make, a bracket for...
  3. Walking Tall

    Progressive Suspension 444 shocks and fork springs

    Has anyone on here swapped the stock shocks and fork springs for the Progressive Suspension units? Thoughts?
  4. Stillserving

    Fork Spring Tool question

    Can someone with the fork spring tool take some measurements for me? I've got access to plenty of 6061 AL thick wall pipe and was just going to cut a piece and drill/tap two holes. I would like to know what the inside diameter the circle portion is, so I can select the right size piece. Also, I...
  5. TheKid

    Want to Buy T2045502, Right fork assembly

    Anybody have a right fork assembly for a 2007 Standard? My mechanic says 2004 through 2009 Standards and Classics, and the 2007 Classic Tourer will fit. Any leads will be as helpful Thanks
  6. chrisw

    Fork seal madness - need sanity check

    Hi changed a fork seal, but still leaking. immediate thought I done it wrong. Pulled apart, no scratches on fork tube or stantion, bush seems ok, seal seems ok. can i get a check on orientation of seal? seal: flatter edge with writing and chamfer points up towards the headstock ? washer...
  7. Too Tall Texan

    Hoping for a better fit

    Just got my R3 Touring. Bought in from out of state. Was hoping that it might fit better than my VTX1800R. Like my 1800, I've put handle bar risers which bring the bar higher and closer, but I put them on backwards pushing them out. That helps. I've also gone with extended hi way pegs...
  8. Mike Rocket

    Adaptor front fork cyl tool

    Does anybody know what the what the adaptor front fork cyl. tool is for, part number: 3880090-T0301 listed on the triumph parts website?
  9. MohamedSalah

    Fork seal kit

    Hello distinguished Gentlemen, What are the fork seals dimensions for the 2007 rocket iii (pre roadster) OR Do you know the SKF part number?
  10. Kojack1970

    Progressive fork spring install general question

    For the fork spring replacement going to progressives, is is necessary to fully remove the forks from yokes or can the spring swap be done with the fork tubes still in the yokes? I know many other bikes can be done with the tubes still in the yokes, but it looks to me like that approach on the...
  11. CCjon

    Front fork extensions

    Has anyone installed fork extensions on their Rocket? Maybe doing a trike conversion? How long where the extensions and where did you buy them? How difficult was the install? Did you have to buy longer throttle and choke cables or brake hoses? Thanks for any feedback.
  12. Jag

    Lower fork bushing!

    So got back from a ride and look at this! Any idea what causes this and any easy way to fix without totally rebuilding the forks? Thanks guys!
  13. GreasyGeorge

    Fork seal. Getting correct fluid capacity?

    Hi everyone I’ve replaced my fork seals on my 11 roadster. I haven’t disassembled the spring though. I know the manuel has you take the spring apart to accurately measure the amount of new fork oil. One fork wasn’t leaking so I let It drain overnight to try to get a accurate oil measurement...
  14. ratsidecar

    For Sale TORS silencers, radiator and guards, fork protectors, header covers,mirrors

    Selling a few parts here. All prices are plus postage, Removed from a 2006 Rocket III with 20k miles on it. Triple TORS silencers including exhaust brackets and heatshield covers. These are in decent condition, there is a scrape and some cracking of the chrome on the underside of the bottom...
  15. RocketmanBristol

    Front fork changes

    As per title, does anyone know the changes made if any from an early fork leg and the Roadsters?
  16. Tbone

    Fork Seals

    Where are you guys buying replacement fork seals from? Got some Progressive springs and 7 weight coming so thought I might change the seals as well.
  17. Mike188

    Progressive Fork Springs

    Well one of the fork seals is leaking and since the beast is due for a service I thought, might as well get Progressive Springs for the front at the same time. They arrived in record time (Thanks J&P Cycles, purchased on Tue 26/03 and arrived Mon 01/04, so less than a week USA to Oz). Question...
  18. Journeyman28778

    Progressive Fork Springs

    Update: manufacturing glitch. I talked with someone at Progressive and after seeing my photos, they seemed pretty sure that's what happened. ***Read on if you are replacing springs or servicing forks. I hope others will have better luck. I couldn't wait for a replacement, so I put the original...
  19. leatal

    Front fork yoke bolts

    Got a slight shimmy in the front and seem to have a little play when testing forks for play. Before I start, I need to get the proper tools so I need the sizes of the chrome top nut, locknut, and adjuster nut. Anyone want to share this with us? Also, any other guidance to make this maintenance...
  20. tribal

    Wilber Front Fork Springs - Q on lowering standard R3

    Hello, I ordered Wilber fork springs part number 600-0404-02 for my '05 R3. The on-line description states "For lowering 20 mm incl. reduction bushings" My mechanic opened the box today to install them and says there are no bushings in the box and that the instructions aren't clear?? Has...
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