1. cskals

    Fork oil change, any DIY manual out there?

    Hi all. Thinking of changing the oil in my front suspension, but the manual says it requires a lot of special tools and the forks of the bike as well. Is that really necessary? Or is there an easier way? Thanks in advance.
  2. RIchareno

    Fork seals and bushings

    Noticed after a 2 hour ride that my right fork was dripping oil. Time for new seals. What are the best seals/bushings and do you guys have a parts site you use? 2009 Rocket III Classic Thx
  3. fork clamps for 2014 for flyscreen a9738051 and bike table lift

    Hi All does anyone have the oem fork clamps? also has anyone had or have a table lift that is suitable for the Rocket ? i am a bit over laying on concrete ! the significant other keeps on thinking that I am dead on the ground :) i am located in South Australia Thank you in advance A9738051
  4. Changing fork oil

    Rebuilt front forks on my 05 rocket III about three yrs. ago, so now I'm changing oil from forks and looking for what members recommend for oil viscosity, general riding. I had used with 5 weight previously. Thanks
  5. Jay

    Trying to ID Plastic Part on Fork Damper Rod

    I am changing the fork oil in my 2013 R3T and decided to dismantle them to inspect the fork innards. Unfortunately I broke the little black ring on the damper rod in one of the forks. I am assuming this part aids guiding the damper rod and affecting the fluid flow by the way it is shaped. I...
  6. Cushman

    How much fork oil do each fork hold

    How much fork oil does each fork hold
  7. Gregger

    Leaking Fork Seal Fix

    Recently I noticed my fork seals were starting to leak. I ordered seals and was going to replace them when I adjusted my valve clearances last month. Ending up adjusting the valves, replacing the engine oil and filter, replacing the front and rear tires, final drive oil and greasing the...
  8. TonyRussell

    Fork inner tubes r3t 2010

    Does anyone know of a replacement part for the front forks inner tube for a 2010 touring? I have tried everywhere but am having no luck. Thanks Tony
  9. CycledAgain

    Fork bushings

    Does anyone have a source for the fork bushings in the upper portion of the fork leg? The lower ones just north of the seals are damaged Ordered some for a touring edition by mistake and the OEM doesn't show it as an available part in the parts diagram.
  10. Jcjetty

    Are progressive fork springs worth the $

    I'm getting ready to put new fork seals in my 05. What's everyone's opinion about dropping in progressive springs while I'm in there? Thanks
  11. golly

    Front fork height

    Hi all, has anyone raised or lowered their front forks yet? Mine were set at 7mm proud of the top clamp from factory, and I raised them to 10mm proud, an increase of 3mm. I felt a small difference when turning in to corners and on roundabouts, i.e. less vague and felt a little more connected...
  12. atomsplitter

    Bobber Fork Internals Replacement

    My son-in-law Tom and I started our quest to replace the OEM fork internals with an Ohlin's FKS-219 kit and a set of 9.5Nm/mm springs on my 2020 Triumph Bobber. Tom was helping with the dismantlement of the front end and he assumed the Rage indicators were flexible so he tried to spread it off...
  13. albertaduke

    Fork clamps for roadster

    I have four fork clamps used to hold the short sport visor on my 2013 roadster I have now a R3 GT I no longer needs these clamps to give away you only pay the shipping I guess around $40 approx
  14. Journeyman

    Fork Shield Brackets for Accessory Lights - Roadster

    @smordue1 posted a photo of these brackets. He's not been on the site for a while and just wondering if anyone might know who makes them. I need something similar for my Roadster that would attach to the fork shields. The spacing is probably different, who knows. The lights are Clearwaters, but...
  15. albertaduke

    Fork clamps from a 2012 rocket3 roadster

    still have 4 forks clamps from my 2012 roadster , used them to hold the short fairing anybody wanting them $40 + shipping currently painted black all in good shape
  16. Mr G

    Upper Fork Yoke Roadster 2014 removal

    I plan to fit Rivco risers to my Roadster and instead of taking off the clutch cable and rerouting the throttle cables to behind the upper yoke I am thinking of just removing the upper fork yoke and tucking the cables behind it . Am I right in thinking that the yoke comes off by loosening the...
  17. Zutt

    Oil residue on right fork!

    Since I got the bike, whenever I come to clean or wipe down the bike, I find an oily ring on the right fork. I wipe it off, but a few days later (just by coincidence) I find that same oily ring is back there. It's usually in the middle of the right fork. No oil dripping or anything like that...
  18. ant

    Fork legs are pitted....Poor chrome ?

    So i have noticed that the lower part of the fork tubes are slightly pitted..It's only on the very lower part and is about 1 inch or so up from the casting. But it's only going to get worse. The plan is to get the tubes re-chromed and get the top tube and the lower casting powder coated...
  19. Chariot

    Chariot leading link fork project

    At long last the fork conversion has been road tested and apart from getting the new front mudguard painted it is ready to come home. I am also getting the belly pan painted to match the front mudguard. Paul ( Lumley Engineering ) has second set of forks almost ready. They would require shocks...
  20. Chariot

    Leading link fork conversion.

    Sorry these are not in the right order lol. Next step is to attach callipers and bottom spring mounts, then get brake lines ordered.