1. Tal

    Fork Alignment

    Has anyone had issues with fork alignment and if so have you any tips which may help in correcting this...cheers
  2. alexwasserman

    Broke a front fork

    So, one of my front forks got crunched in a recent crash. It's the right-side outer tube. Am I better trying to replace just the outer tube and rebuild the fork (sounds more than my ability), or, should I just get a whole in-one fork? $400 vs $1200 on bike bandit + labor. Also, any issues...
  3. Bob R

    Fork Dust seal, ride without?

    After a nice ride yesterday I spent some time today doing other things and then turned my attention to the bike (2013 R3T). I found a broken plastic ring hanging out on my right fork tube. From looking at the manual I figured out it is the dust seal. What is the consensus on riding for a bit...
  4. gharger

    Fork fluid capacity

    For all you who have searched for fluid capacity for the R3 forks and found nothing. Here it is 19 to 20 oz. I just changed fork seals and oil from the bottom by removing the dampner rod bolt, lowering the leg, replacing seals and refill from top. Use an impact so the rod doesn't move during...
  5. sonny

    Bel-Ray 7 weight fork oil

    Anybody use this stuff with the progressive springs? $16.00 Dollars a liter it better be some good stuff.
  6. WyldCFH

    Fork Leg Caps

    Question for those that changed their own springs... Can the Fork Leg Caps come off without the fork guts coming out? Does the upper circlip hold everything in? My mechanic marred one of mine, looks like the wrench slipped and started to round out the hex. Thinking of replacing it. Thanks
  7. concours

    Has anyone swapped the USD fork from a Roadster onto a Touring?

    I liked the USD forks since the R3 came out, and have considered retrofitting them to the Touring. Has anyone gone before me on this endeavor?:cool:
  8. Ishrub

    **SOLD** Used Jet Black flyscreen, brackets and fork fixing kit

    I'm, selling my new custom black kits for Au$400 (US$310) with fork fixing kit. For Sale - New Phantom Black OEM Flyscreen & Custom Black kits Au$250 (US$195) + postage for this all OEM Triumph complete kit with chrome brackets, bolts and fork fixing kit. New they look like this: There is...
  9. albertaduke

    For Sale fork clamps

    got a set of 4 fork clamps do not need them anymore .. just seating on a shelf $50 + shipping
  10. Ted Gross

    Want to Buy R3T 2012 Shroud Fork cover

    Part# T2045407
  11. Allan S

    Suspension gurus-zero weight fork oil?!

    My service manual for the 2016 roadster tells me on page 24 under "general information - suspension" that the spec fork oil is Kayaba 01 (SAE0W).. Is that possible given that the common wisdom on the forum is that stock weight is 5? If stock is 5 I want to use 7 to slow damping but if its zero...
  12. Allan S

    2016 Roadster fork spring change

    I'm about to change out the fork springs in my 2016 roadster and somebody told me that the frork springs in the 2016 roadster are already upgraded to progressive rate springs and that I will be wasting my money by swapping out for something I already have (progressive rate springs?). I am doing...
  13. motolink

    Noticed the right fork seal is leaking

    Was about to go for a ride this morning and while checking the tyre pressure I notice some oil on the front tyre. A closer look and I saw right side fork seal leaking. Removed the fork seal dust cover and gave the fork a good wash and clean. How difficult is it to dismantle the fork and...
  14. barbagris

    Maxton Fork comment.

    Those of us with Maxtons. Had a mail from Richard advising to reduce the Air Gap. Last year they advised 170mm - Now advising 140mm and he's suggested that maybe I should even drop to 110. I mailed explaining I've had a bit of an issue bottoming out (braking down hill and a speed bump near...
  15. ThisGuy

    Help Me Understand Fork Bushings

    I'm trying to understand all I can about the anatomy of the forks before I overhaul them. I understand that basically no one touches the bushings. Nonetheless, I'm learning a lot about forks from dirt riders, since they're seriously into this stuff, and they have a lot to say about bushings...
  16. ThisGuy

    My Experience Using A Seal Mate

    After starting the bike for the first time in three years, the next day I took a thirty mile ride. Several hours later I noticed my front forks were leaking. The right one was leaking a bit, enough to drip down onto the tire. The left one was more severe, leaving a puddle about the size of three...
  17. KY_Rattler

    Fork Spring Upgrades

    Hi Y'all... I've been having some nose-dive issues lately with my 2007 R3C. Just seems like the fork springs are from a Sportster or something half the size of these big Rockets. Are these springs available on NewBonneville.com any good? Are the progressive springs from...
  18. laraza

    Fork Lowers

    The fork lowers on my 09 Touring are now losing their lacquer and looking a bit sorry. I'm thinking about either polishing them or painting them myself but don't really want to take them off (happy to remove the front wheel to do the job). Have any of you guys done this? if so what was the...
  19. G

    For Sale MF Cycle 59mm fork clamps. Black! M10 stud size

    MF Cycle 59mm fork clamps. Were polished aluminum when I bought them. New they were $129. I had them powder coated in black. Decided I want to go a different route with my turn signals. Make me the right offer and I'll pay the shipping to get em to ya. (In the USA). They do separate so you...
  20. Anomaly

    Front fork bag

    Been wanting to get the stsereo system for my bike setup and have been trying to figure out precisely where I'm going to put the amplifier so i added a front fork bag above the headlight. Any anyone else was wanting to add a bit of storage to the front, the clamp bar for the cable management...
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