1. Francisco

    Want to Buy Fork Oil Seal T2045556 FOUND THANKS

    Need two of these. If anyone has it in stock please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Pete

    Brisbane Fork Specialists

    Does any of the SE Qld riders have a preference for shops that supply and install Progressive fork springs. I've been speaking to Rollies Speed Shop to supply "Progressive" for $130 + $90 freight and also talking to Team Moto to supply & install but they don't sound like they've heard of...
  3. coneye

    Help regarding forks

    I took my bike to have the fork oil changed today , Rocket tourer . Anyway there was nothing wrong with it , just the time frame was up , and i want to keep on top of the bike . Anyway coming out of his drive , it bottomed out , riding the 3 klm home it was hotrrible its like the front...
  4. D

    Fork Dust Seal

    The dust seal has slipped down onto the inner tube of my clutch side front fork. I assume it's a dust seal-it's a white plastic ring about 1/4" wide. What's involved in fixing/replacing it? Does it need to be done soon? Thanks.
  5. Loanstar

    Wobble & Fork Seal - Related?

    So for a little while I have had some light wobbly wobbersons at about 60-70 km/h, usually on decel, but I also noticed that my right fork is weeping oil. If I keep both hands on the bars, it is certainly not an issue. I am going to get the fork seals done over the winter but what are the...
  6. Micksan

    For Sale Front Forks ( Roadster)

    New Progressive fork springs, seals ad fluid were installed approx 4000 miles ago. Only pimple are the set screw marks from the Windshield brackets. Not real noticable. This item is from a 2006 Roadster. I am sure that it will fit many other years and models. The motorcycle had 40700 miles on...
  7. Calboy

    Fork Brace for 2005 Triumph Rocket III

    Is anybody making a fork brace for the Rocket III?
  8. Torque addict

    For Sale Brand new never installed right fork

    I have a band new right fork that I bought thinking I needed it to repair my front end after going down but ended up not needing it. My forks ended up being fine. The upper and lower yokes were simply out of alignment and straightened up just fine. Triumph part# T2045502. Fits all years. This...
  9. 1olbull


    We just finished installing Progressive fork springs and 15w fork oil in my 2012 Roadster. Everything went great (especially with the special tool). When everything was back together and ready to ride, I was sitting on the bike holding the front brake, and pumping the front suspension. We...
  10. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Trying The Fork Seal Job Myself

    So the Triumph dealer wants an hour labor per fork tube to install new seals if I bring in the tubes. $82 per hour. Going to do it myself. Ordered the seals and the special tools today. Tools only cost me less than $40. I have done regular fork seals several times. What do I need to know...
  11. S

    fork seals

    Been riding my 2006 R3 for a few years and its time for some fork seals. Did i read something about a spring tool that's needed to do them.I also thought there might be a way you can change then with the forks still on the bike without any special tools?
  12. S

    For Sale Progressive Fork Springs (New) in US

    Progressive Fork Springs for Triumph Rocket III Years 2004-2010 Brand new, factory sealed. $70 Shipped
  13. TOMCAT

    Front fork spring swap.

    Anyone know if the Standards and Roadsters run the same front fork spring ? Are the Roadster fork springs progressive like the springs on the Roadsters rear shocks ? .. thanks.
  14. A

    Fork tool needed?

    Can front fork oil seals and springs be put on without the Tool "Front fork filler/evaculator tool #3880160-t0301" and one more is the "Fork tube rod tool # 3880085-t0301". I have the spring compressor tool. I know, probably not, I'll have to buy them. Just checking..
  15. A

    R3 front fork tools

    Looking for a tool for the front fork spring & oil seal replacement? Tool # is 3880160-t0301 and one more is: 3880085-t0301. They are used in replaced front fork springs and/or oil seals for the 06 Triumph Rocket 3. Thanks,
  16. CanberraR3

    Fork bushes

    Anyone know what fork bushes fit an 09 Standard? Triumph has no listing (wtf) and I need some urgently - bike in bits. Do some from some other bike fit? Apologies if this covered somewhere already but can't search on my phone.
  17. Powder Monkey

    manufacturers weight fork oil

    Anyone know what trumpy put in? Wanting to put my new springs in and maybe go up a weight in fork oil too for less squishiness - btw that's a very technical term!!
  18. Bubba

    Front Fork leak ?

    Hello . another small issue I hope .Just noticed a small oil leak bottom of front fork. Anyone ever have this issue ,and is it hard to fix ?? :D
  19. A

    Front fork progressive springs install question

    I will be putting the front progressive springs on my 06' R3. Do I need the front spring compressor tool part #T3880067 (t-handle looking) to install the new springs? Do the spacer in the forks come out and stay out, or are they reused? Are the new springs longer? Can it all be done from the top...
  20. A

    Front fork springs length stock/upgrade

    Reposting this: Are aftermarket progressive front fork springs longer than the stock springs on an 06' R3? Not necessarily making the bike higher, but maybe more travel? Just a guess.. They were on my 02' Bonneville. 06' R3
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