1. Triple Trouble

    Easy fork upgrade

    I've finally got the details ironed out for a fork upgrade. This info is courtesy of Wayne Tripp and I'm just passing along the information. The first is a very simple spacer which is placed under the spring and helps control the damping. You need to cut the top pre-load tube by the same amount...
  2. dbutton12

    Corrosion on lower fork tubes

    My 08 has (had) corrosion under the clear coat on the lower fork tubes. I did finally find a product that will remove the clear coat without damage to the aluminum. The product is Martin Senour Paints #6802. However, it will not even begin to work until you heat both the fork tube and the...
  3. S

    Bent shift fork

    I had been having a problem with my 11 roadster hopping out of gear,so 2 weeks ago i tooh it into the shop. Triumph told them to check the detend spring,well yesterday they called and that wasn`t it. Today they called and said they tore the tranny apart and it a bent shift fork and will be about...
  4. rash_powder

    air forks

    I am going to be replacing my rear who is with a set of air shocks. I like the adjustability at the touch of a button, like Gold wings run. That got me thinking, how would an air fork be? There has to be a bike out there, like a goldwing, running air forks I could either directly swap...
  5. TRath


    I've noticed a slight leak coming from my left fork seal so it's looking like I've got a job to do. Question is, how big a job am I looking at? Anybody done a how-to? Admittedly, I'm not much of a wrench, but I'm also remarkably cheap so I'd rather do the job myself if possible.
  6. B

    Super fork upgrade!

    Hi guys, Thought I'll share this with you guys coz I haven't seen anyone talk about it yet in any topics (unless I'm totally blind for which I apologize in advance) I've been looking for ways to improve our R3's suspension setup so that it not only corners better but rides plusher. I've...
  7. Evil Mitch

    Fork tube cap

    Hi everyone A friend of mine is desperatly chasing a forktube cap for there rocket but triumph australia are out of stock Does anybody have a second hand one in good nick that they would be willing to part with or know of somewhere they could get one? Also they are chassing a steering dampner...
  8. Micksan

    How To On Fork Spring Changeout

    OK I have the fork seals, and 7.5 wt oil. Springs are on the way. After reading all of the posts I could , found people are good with the progressive. Plus $68 shipped from Amazon is also good. I do 99% of my own work. Have a good shop. In the manual it calls for a special to compress the...
  9. Micksan

    Old Fork Springs

    I am going to try and get Sonic Springs to make me up a set of fork springs. To save time and a lot of trouble ,I would like to ask if anyone has a set of old OEM fork springs laying around. I need the length , diameter, and thickness of the spring wire. It would be a big help. I have had them...
  10. Micksan

    Fork Oil Question

    I just got out of my manual. Fork oil is listed as 667 ccc of 5 SAE. Which is OK if I was going to use standard transmission oil. I always use specific oil for forks. Question . What is the proper oil for our R3 forks >> In fork oil bottles . 5, 10, 15 ect. I normally use PJ1 Also it calls for...
  11. JohnnyCanuck

    Fork Oil Advice

    I'm having Progressive springs installed this weekend. Any suggestions on fork oil? Triumph manual suggests 0W in specs section and recommends 5W in the front suspension section. I was thinking maybe going up a tad to a 10W for better handling. Any thoughts?
  12. D

    Upper Fork Diameter

    I know the Rocket 3 has 43mm inverted forks, however NOWHERE can I find the diameter of the upper fork tubes. I am looking at having Custom Dynamics make me some custom wrap-around LED turn signals, and they insist that my tubes (which measure 8.5 in around) are 57mm, but my math puts them...
  13. Ugarte

    Fork seals

    My left fork seal is blown again. I guess I must have helped it along with the uncontrolled wheelies I did right after getting the gipro, but it was seeping even before then. This is the second blown seal, and again it is on the left. Anyone else having trouble with the fork seals? I will...
  14. Jfcroni

    Fork Oil

    I just had the seal replaced on my right fork. I'm going to change the oil on the left as the right now has a fresh change. I have the fork off and ready to work on. Any advice on emptying the old oil and refilling....to match other fork. If full compression is required...are there any tricks...
  15. M

    longer forks

    hi all i guess i'm gunna get ragged for this but in all the pics on here i haven't seen any bikes with extended forks . i know what ya gunna say.... why ruin a fine handling bike by doing that . well i have ridden a least 4 bikes over the years with longer forks and they are not that bad to ride...
  16. Elvis

    Front forks seem to bottom out alot

    Went to a couple of bike rallies today and those bumps in the highway where water has froze made my teeth chatter a few times. It sounds like they are bottoming out but there has been no leaks. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix?
  17. Rocket Ronnie

    Fork end lacquer, All Blacks and American football

    My 07 Rocket has got deep scratchmarks in the lacquer of the fork ends. My bike (which is now triked) was previously owned by Marty Holah who was capped by the All Blacks about 50 times - for our US colleagues that's in Rugby - which is like playing American Football without a crash helmet and...
  18. T Evans

    Fork Plug's ? ?

    I have successfully destroyed the front springs on the front of my Rocket trying to learn how to keep the front end up. Butt with out much success. I have been trying to purchase a new set of Progressive springs with out any luck. I even went to Progressive directly to find that they are out...
  19. hooky

    Chromed fork lowers fitted

    As promised pics of chromed fork lowers fitted, all fitting done free of charge under warrenty.:cool:
  20. hooky

    chromed fork bottoms

    Fork bottoms back from chromers , very happy with them they did nice job. I will put photos up when fitted to rocket.
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