1. Gateway77

    Corbin Dual Tour Seat on Rocket 3 GT?

    Hi All - looking for some feedback on anyone who has the Corbin dual tour seat installed so a few thoughts to the collective. 1. Never ridden a bike with a rider back rest - I feel as though this might be good for comfort on longer runs / touring? 2. The larger Pillion sissy bar will clearly...
  2. Hatata

    For anyone wondering the sports tail pack looks like and how to tour on the R

    I got myself ready for a 3000km round trip. I added the backrest so I could install the luggage rack for the trip and ordered the sports tail pack as well for the things I need while riding. I found a really nice bag with lots of loops to secure to the rack. Will use a bike lock to secure the...
  3. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Triumph Best of British Tour

    A night out in downtown Atlanta for the Triumph Best of British Tour.
  4. Timbo

    Triumph Factory Tour 2012

    Was going through my old Photobucket account and deleting stuff as they now want to charge me for having stuff on there and found some pictures from Triumph Live 2012. This was where you went to Mallory Park circuit for the day and part of it was a tour of the factory. Thought some might like...
  5. Ralsmith

    Triumph Tour Los Angeles

    Does anyone have any insider info on where the Best of British Tour will be in LA, the website still does not have a location posted and this is supposed to be on Jan 10th. I hope this event is still coming to LA, most locations I checked for other cities have a firm address and venue.
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Best of British Tour Boise

    The Best of British Tour came to Boise on Wednesday evening. Got an extra hour off to attend the reveal party of 6 new 2020 Triumph bikes. Well 7 actually. Free jumbo shrimp and chicken on a stick was served. The event was held at the Boise Depot. They used a projector and splattered...
  7. BillyIndiana

    Best of British Tour

    Triumph is doing a tour around the states on their new bikes. I went to the Brutal Bobber Tour a couple of years ago and had a great evening. If you are interested in registering here is the link. Best of British Tour
  8. Joesmoe

    For the ride: Union Pacific Big Boy grand tour of the southwest

    I suspect there are a bunch of captains within riding distance of all the planned stops. UP: Steam Schedule UP4014 Big Boy When you go, photos a big plus.
  9. Namikuz

    Will an '14 tour engine go in an '05 standard

    Life got rough on us while in Jackson Hole Wyoming and a Toyota truck turned dead in front of us, I veered right, we clipped to rt fender and bumper, did not go down. Anyway, banged up the engine and cleaned off the left side of the bike, I need an engine, I found a '14 tour with 17k for a...
  10. BlackSails

    On a long tour & engine sputtering

    I had my 20k miles service a few weeks before departure last week and the bike was running great for a trip out west. So all was good when I left Nashville but started sort of hesitating and sputtering. It accelerates ok, but holding any speed below 75 or 80mph. It sputters. This mostly...
  11. Roderick.pola

    King Tour Pack

    Hello everyone. I have had my 08R3T for a few months now and have bought a King Tour Pack top box from Avanblack. As they Make these for Harleys I may have to manufacture a base plate. Any ideas would be great.
  12. rocketrookie

    anyone installed a tour pack?

    Who has installed a tour pack? What brand did you get? Did it come with all of the mounting hardware needed? I'm thinking about this Tsukayu. Tsukayu Fairing, Hard Saddlebags and Touring Trunk
  13. Danvitt

    Annoyed with this Corbin dual tour

    Finally warm enough to take a ride providing I can get my seat bolted up. Then I find the bracket doesn't line up with the seat eye holes. The whole thing is kind of off center and the round rubber feet don't seem to be placed in the correct spot. So hard to find any real quality any more.
  14. 1BigDog

    Rolling Stones Geezer Tour

    Just scored two tickets for the Stones here in Jax in April. At 99 bucks each it was not too bad with decent seating. I owed my wife. 20 years ago she sent me out to get tickets when they were in Gainesville and I came home with ZZ Top tickets. Life was hell for a while.
  15. jake shaw

    Converting Tour Pack lights to signal lights

    Can anyone shed some light on converting my tour pack lights to operate as signal lights, along with the Running and Brake lights they are presently wired for.
  16. DodahMan

    Nice 08 R3 Tour for sale

    In Monks Corner, SC. I test rode it today and it is like showroom new. Can't put the deal together just now but I thought one of you here might want to check it out. Very nice. Nicest one I have seen in the two years I have been looking at them. Here is the CL listing. 2008 Triumph Rocket...
  17. Ishrub

    Corbin Dual Tour with heating system

    I wonder if any Aussies ever get to appreciate the heated seat? - I have never had a cold arse where it touches the seat while riding. The bits that are not touching may get a little cool but never really noticed. Any ideas on a fix for the scuff in photo below? Link Removed
  18. germ79

    SOLD! Corbin Dual Tour Saddle for 2004-2016 NON-Touring

    Friends, I’ve switched my saddle over to a Corbin Fast Gun, as I’ll always be riding solo. So now I have the Corbin Dual Tour seat available for sale. I almost kept it, as they seem difficult to find used, but I think I’m going to quite enjoy the solo saddle and hopefully someone else can...
  19. DodahMan

    Any advice on a 2009 R3 tour review?

    Seriously considering a 2009 R3 tour with 12k miles. Dealership owned, two prior owners, clean title checks (no wrecks or accidents). It looks really good and the price is right, $6k. Any advice as to what I should look for when checking it out?