1. Dr.D

    A British Trifecta

    Rolling out for a day ride and just thought they make a nice trio. No the best photo just off the cuff shot.
  2. 7Sevens

    RIDE ON | Triumph Best of British Tour

    A night out in downtown Atlanta for the Triumph Best of British Tour.
  3. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Best of British Tour Boise

    The Best of British Tour came to Boise on Wednesday evening. Got an extra hour off to attend the reveal party of 6 new 2020 Triumph bikes. Well 7 actually. Free jumbo shrimp and chicken on a stick was served. The event was held at the Boise Depot. They used a projector and splattered...
  4. BillyIndiana

    Best of British Tour

    Triumph is doing a tour around the states on their new bikes. I went to the Brutal Bobber Tour a couple of years ago and had a great evening. If you are interested in registering here is the link. Best of British Tour
  5. Ishrub

    British engineering and assembly methods

    Novel factory assembly process for Sunbeam Tiger so stop *****in' about our R3's guys.;):D Sunbeam Tiger - Wikipedia
  6. VABird

    Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    Blue Ridge British Bike Rally 3 Friday 9/21/18 through Saturday, 9/22/18 Rally start both days will be at Peaks of Otter Visitor center (NOT the lodge); milepost 86 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Kickstands up @ 10:00 A.M. Sorry this took so long, guys & gals, but I had to struggle with either...
  7. late2ride

    stainless Silencers from British Legends vs TORS

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my 2017 rocket III in a way that will be compatible with a future TTL stage 1 or 2 supercharger yet still not get me arrested for excessive noise. I picked up these sound clips of each. http://www.britishlegends.fr/en/stainless-silencers-rocket-iii.htm I like the...
  8. germ79

    Grief about owning a British bike?

    Friends, I'm in the market for a used RIII and will likely be picking one up tomorrow. I've owned two bikes, both Kawasakis. I had initially wanted an Indian as I began looking for a bike again (as I like the idea of an American bike) but the Rocket caught my eye and hasn't let go. Not to...
  9. rocketjohn

    Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    The 1st Annual Blue Ridge British Bike Rally (BRBBR) - Jack-Be-Quick
  10. rocketjohn

    Mark your calendar. Blue Ridge British Bike Rally

    The 1st Annual Blue Ridge British Bike Rally (BRBBR) - Jack-Be-Quick
  11. BigNorm

    British torture device.

    I am currently about half way done with my maiden voyage on the R3 Touring. I bought my R3 from the Boise Indian store. ( They sell a brand of MC called an Indian. You can not purchase live Indians native or otherwise. That is called slavery. Slavery is bad.) Anywho as I devour the miles on...
  12. Navigator

    Maryland British & European Motorcycle Show

    I just wasn't sure where to post this so thought the RAA forum might be OK. I'll be heading back to Maryland this month to attend the 15th Annual British and European bike show to be held on May 21st. This is the successor to the very famous Olney, MD Brit bike show that I attended throughout...
  13. MajorTom

    Hello from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

    Been dreaming about a Rocket for the last year and finally picked up the perfect one today for a great deal! Was riding a 2011 Kawasaki Versys before (light, great handling) to get used to riding/learning. 2012 Rocket 3 Roadster with Corbin Fleetliner Fairing, Corbin Beetle Bags, Heated Grips...
  14. D

    British Fuses Different?

    I read that the rating system for fuses used in Britain is substantially different than for fuses used in the USA. British fuses are rated based on the amount of current that will cause them to blow instantly while USA fuses are bases on the the amount of current they can handle forever. The...
  15. veemax

    british bikes

    what if somebody was to start a thread that was nothing but pics of cool ass british iron?
  16. idk

    British & European Motorcycle Day

    Is anybody else going to this on Sunday? http://classicmotorcycleday.org/
  17. C

    British Customs sale

    BC is have a sale for black friday. As part of that sale ignition relocation kits are a paltry 20 bucks, including new harness extensign and cylinder mounting bracket. Get em while you can! There are other things on sale but that struck as the best deal for R3 owners. Pazzo other name brand...
  18. bruce aussie

    British triples rally Ballina.

    This was on the same weekend as Leyburn. 44 registered bikes this year. Longest distance ridden from Albany WA 10,000 Klm return. I would like to get down and have a look at these bikes one year
  19. mcather

    Baxter Cycle British Bike Rally

    Anyone going to Baxter Cycle for the bike rally? Demo rides, old iron, and general bike fun. I was hoping to get my BSA Lightning up and running but no time this year... See one of these before:
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